MGE Side III Spirit Fields

May 29th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Spirit Fields
  2. Please take a look to your right~♪ Over there, you can see a traditional Miran landscape, a spirit field♪
  3. Ufufu, it’s just, when I’m guiding people around in a boat like this, I can’t help but want to say that♪
  4. Many of the households in Mira have a paddy field that draws water from a stream near the house, look, the water is spread out and shiny like a mirror, right?
  5. It’s a little difficult to tell because the sun is still out, but pure spirits are still lightly flying around the paddy fields.
  6. It’s much easier to see at night, you can clearly see the pure spirits faintly glowing in gentle pink, yellow-green, azure, and yellow colors, as if they were dancing, and the pure spirit’s light is reflected on the flooded fields, making everyone’s fields so sparkly and beautiful...!
  7. I want you to properly see it at night too, so I’m going to keep you company until night falls♪
  9. Mira has long had very good harvests and has been able to grow a variety of crops due to the spirits visiting these paddy fields.
  10. The spirits are vital to Mira’s fields, and the reason these paddy fields shine like a mirror and remain clean and clear is because they have received an Undine’s blessings.
  11. In a similar fashion, the other spirits also help out... Oh, I just saw one, look at that “waterwheel” over there♪
  12. In Mira’s streams, there are many waterwheels like this made from wood collected in the forests, and they spin around making a delightful sound.
  13. That’s where Sylphs often go for walks, and when they turn the waterwheels, clean water flows into everyone’s fields♪ That’s why when you go sightseeing, the course that follows along the waterwheels is called “The Sylph’s Path”♪
  14. Of course, the fertile soil that forms the foundation of the fields is thanks to the Gnomes, and when the rain has been falling for days and the fields have gotten too soggy, Ignis shine warm weather on the fields, making them even more cheerful than usual.
  16. Many of the spirit fields of each family are fields that have received the mana of monsterized elementals, and the most popular crops are “Melting Vegetables” (WG2-p.48) and “Melty Fruit”, which is a subspecies of melting vegetable.
  17. But lately, with the help of dark elemental mana, there are also fields popping up that grow monster realm crops with more lewd effects to serve in special night-only menus at bars♪
  18. I too was thinking it would be wonderful to cooperate with a dark elemental to make a prisoner fruit orchard... Ufufu, in that case, I’ll have to prepare lots and lots of mana for the dark elementals, ufufu♥ May I ask for your cooperation♥
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