Anomaly 1.5 (Features)

Dec 25th, 2018
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  1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Anomaly 1.5
  2. - Started: 2018/9/10
  3. - Finished: 2018/12/24
  5. List of Features
  8. Story:
  9. ------
  10. - Integrated "Lost of the Zone" storylines addon into Anomaly. A set of 3 storylines surrounds old and new characers and events:
  11. 1. Part 1 - Living Legend: a famous stalker has returned to the Zone. Pursue him in order to obtain his invaluable knowledge.
  12. 2. Part 2 - Mortal Sin: a sinister faction emerges from obscurity to take over the Zone. You are the only one who can stop them.
  13. 3. Part 3 - Operation Afterglow: the Zone attracts a lot of attention. However, some people believe that its many secrets are best kept hidden.
  14. - "Mysteries of the Zone", "Lost to the Zone" and DRX Questlines are all merged inside Story mode so the player can play what he wants. They are not available for Warfare and Azazel mode.
  15. - All storylines won't be available at the start of the game. Ask stalkers around for new information or rumors. Some are willing to give you leads.
  16. - Tasks to disable Brain Scorcher and Miracle Machine will be given to the player upon purchasing good/bar psi-helmet from prof. Sakharov, not at the start of the game.
  19. Dialog and Quests:
  20. ------------------
  21. - Added new 3 dynamic quests, given by common npcs:
  22. - Deliver important packages from stalkers to their friends in far locations
  23. - Take measurements of anomolous fields using a special device (ecologists, clear sky)
  24. - Search and find the missing squad, report back with your findings to their friends
  25. - Added new task from Griffin to investigate Lab X8 to gather documents
  26. - Added new task from Aslan to clean Dead City from Mutants
  27. - Added new task for freedom, duty, military leaders to pull undercover agent out before he get exposed.
  28. - Added tasks from Hermann to plant Anomaly Scanners (CoP)
  29. - Expanded the items pool for all fetch quests.
  30. - Added new dialog for traders to borrow money. You can't trade with the trader you own him money unless if you pay off your debt + %50 interest
  31. - Added new dialog for many traders to buy extra equipment, the player can buy a set of items at once (medical / food / ammo) if he has a hight rank
  32. - Updated (unlock map routes) dialog. It no longer shows you every hidden route available. Only the ones you can reach them from discovered maps.
  33. - Bounty tasks will show info (name, faction, location) about targets before accepting them. They can show up to 3 different targets
  34. - Task givers won't ask you to target someone in monolith areas (CNPP, Generators, Pripyat, Radar)
  35. - Guide Job has been updated: the player will no longer need to have or pay money back for failing. He will lose rep upon canceling the task, and will get half the reward after reaching the distination too late.
  37. Faction Bribe:
  38. 1. Many special characters have connections around the zone, talk to them and provide a payment to bribe an enemy faction temporarily.
  39. 2. You can bribe a faction for 2 or 4 days, then things will return to the old way.
  40. 3. During the bribe, members of the enemy faction won't shoot you at sight. On the other hand, you better keep your distance.
  42. - Added new dialog for medics. You can choose between healing wounds, radiation or both
  43. - General escort service: you can ask natural npcs to join your company and provide protection for a fee, the service is offered for a day or two. The escort squad will decline if you travel to abounded locations or monolith areas.
  44. - Added new dialog for companions for item swap. The player can let his companion carry their items as long as items don't exceed the max carry weight.
  45. - Added more information dialog for common npcs
  46. - Hip's dialog has been re-written for better story telling
  49. A-Life:
  50. -------
  51. - Massive changes to alife scripts to improve squads behaviour in general
  52. - Added the (Offline combat simulator): A new feature\option that allows squads in other levels to engage in battles with nearby enemies.
  53. - Sometimes, faction members in the other parts of the zone will send news regarding their true situation and who they are fighting with.
  54. - When (Dynamic Faction Relation) is enabled, the battles in other maps affect the relations between different factions instead of being player-focus.
  55. - Squads will travel more usually to the other parts of the Zone
  56. - On high ranks or really bad reputation, you'll attract enough attention. Someone might end up putting a bounty on your head.
  57. - Added the "blind zombie". A new high-tier, rare zombie type with psi ability.
  58. - Underground and labs levels will foreseen more dynamic mutant spawns.
  59. - Monolith squads relations among themselves has been changed to "friend"
  60. - Monolith members will not send chattery dynamic news, only important news like enemy warnings and shootouts.
  61. - Everytime you start a new game, the static items you usually see around will be randomized. And their availability is tied to the progression difficulty you choose.
  62. - Stalkers will stop looting when they exceed the weight limit in their inventories (60 kg)
  63. - Restored "Lukash" instead of "Miklyha" as freedom leader
  64. - Companions will be auto-healed 10% of their health every 10 seconds
  65. - Added glue under Hermann's shoes so he doesn't keep moving and rotating inside Jupiter mobile lab like the little bitch he is.
  66. - "Doc" will camp at one location (the hideout in north-west of Great Swamp) to avoid him being free dog food as usual.
  67. - Removed Yanov Station, Mobile Bunker and Zaton ship from non-combat zone (need logic test)
  68. - Miracle Machine, Brain Scorcher and Generators will be turned off outside of Story mode
  69. - Fixed a case with the mercs in Outskirts being hostile even after messaging the player, however they will stay enemies to duty, military and monolith players.
  70. - Fixed cases where special characters send general news.
  71. - Fixed a problem with Yar and Cashier in Outskirts where player can't talk to them.
  74. Visuals and Atmosphere:
  75. -----------------------
  76. - The weather and lighting has been completely revamped
  77. - Added FXAA support (DX9+)
  78. - Added HUD Inertion when aiming with weapons.
  79. - Enabled tree swing in storm and rain weather (DX9+)
  80. - Added new small flickering light effect for flashlights
  81. - Improved a lot of textures related to trees, terrains, bushes, grass and more
  82. - Improved rain visuals and added dynamic rain and wind sound effects
  83. - Updated dynamic mask overlay textures
  84. - Fix display on HUD of transparent surfaces
  85. - Added glow effect for Fruit Punch and Electro anomalies
  86. - Updated the loading screen, all shots are taken from the game
  87. - Enabled and modified muzzle fire for all weapons
  88. - Reduced radiation screen effect power for less noise overlay
  89. - HUD effects on bleeding and low health (such as blackout) will play on worse health conditions, this has been done to make them less spammy in general
  90. - Added new checkboxes in weather settings to enable/disable new atmosphere effects
  91. - Fixed M4 model (removed ironsight from front of scope)
  92. - Modified and fixed axes (new textures, fixed model sizes so if you drop them they are not tiny)
  95. Warfare (WIP):
  96. --------------
  97. - Warfare has been ported to Anomaly as a new optional mode
  98. - The mode simulates a war between factions in a dynamic fashion, and allows the player to take control over his faction
  99. - It can be toggled from new game menu. Not compatible with Story mode.
  100. - Added new squads for warfare (bartenders and medics), they can fill jobs of dead characters with similar rules in captured locations
  103. Disguise System:
  104. ----------------
  105. - Updated the disguise system with a whole new dynamic system.
  106. - Your disguise is determined by your general equipment and behaviour, and affected by NPCs memory, awareness and other details.
  107. - While disguised, a small bar will appear on the HUD that represents the "suspicion" level coming from surrounding NPCs.
  108. - All disguise factors are controllable in-game (extra options). Technical values are controllable through a small config (configs\plugins\disguise.ltx)
  109. - You can't disguise as a monolith member (balance and exploit reasons)
  111. General:
  112. --------
  113. - Expanded the (Progression Difficulty) options for more customization. And added (Stamina Loss) factor to control player's power loss by movement and weight.
  114. - Companions will catch up with the player by a running animation when they are far away
  115. - Azazel mode will give a fitting outfit for the possessed npc
  116. - Added new map markers for traders and bartenders to distinguish them from other special characters of different rules
  117. - Restored location discovery, with better script and less hooks (disabled in Warfare)
  118. - Radios around the zone will play tracks from Zone FM channel synchronously
  119. - You won't receive dynamic news from the network if the PDA is unequiped or on low-power
  120. - Campfire save mode will no longer need you to interact with campfires to save. Simple get close to a campfire and save normally
  122. Accessible PDAs:
  123. 1. PDAs found on corpses can be viewed by the player to dig the messages inside
  124. 2. Messages related to the dead stalker can be about anything, search for any important info you can find.
  125. 3. Sometime you will come across encrypted PDAs. Talk to mechanics and they will solve the problem for a small fee
  127. - Added new 4 achievements (Infantile Pleasure) (Recycler) (Artificer Eagerness) (Unforeseen Guest)
  128. - Changed "Mechanized Warfare" achievement reward: Bonus items used in repairs are more effective.
  129. - The player will receive 2 F1 Grenades in the 7th Arena fight
  130. - Bunker doors in Jupiter and Yantar will work individually, this should revolve problems regarding npcs stuck between them
  131. - Changed the crosshair into a small white dot
  132. - Added (Random Location) option for Faction Select menu
  133. - Expanded the craft pool to include the new items
  134. - Expanded the encyclopedia to include articles about the new content
  135. - Nerfed the "Lurker", it's less tanky now
  136. - Choosing Azazel mode in new game will unlock all routes, this has been done to prevent cases of possessing someone in a blocked map.
  137. - Removed mine fields in Limansk and Cordon
  138. - Replaced the loading screen tips from Misery
  141. Inventory:
  142. ----------
  143. - Added New dynamic slots (knife, binoculars, detector, grenade, backpack, PDA, headlamp and bolt)
  144. - Backpacks are essential equipment to increase the carry weight while equipped
  145. - Hold CTRL and double-click stacked items to move the whole sack
  146. - Added The "RF Receiver" device. A general-use/quest detector that can be set and used to catch nearby radio signals.
  147. - RF transmitters are set around the zone by many stalkers for various purposes. With the right frequencies, the The "RF Receiver" might come in handy for catching signals and tracing RF sources.
  148. - Reworked the battery system as the following:
  149. - Removed the UPD, all devices will work independently based on their own power
  150. - The amount of power left in devices and batteries is represented by condition bar.
  151. - Drag and drop batteries on a device to put them in
  152. - You can extract batteries from a device by the new (unpack batteries) option
  153. - All devices have their own power consumption. Better devices tend to consume power faster than their older variants
  154. - Replaced (Use Battery) option with (Battery Power Consumption) factor, values range between 0.1 to 10
  155. - Better batteries variants have been removed, they no longer have a purpose (along with empty ones)
  157. Updated the "Geiger counter" as the following:
  158. 1. GC is now a detector with its own model
  159. 2. Using it will show the radiation value on the HUD (near health bar)
  160. 3. GC has 3 modes: Active (show current values only when held) - Continuous (show current values always as long as its in inventory) - Toggle (show value upon pressing a keybind as long as its in inventory)
  162. - Added new 2 PDAs, better PDAs have better GPS module that can show nearby npcs locations with better range (Remove GPS Tracker, it no longer has a purpose)
  163. - Added new 3 types of head lamp (come with Nightvision). All unnecessary NV upgrades for outfits and helmets have been removed.
  164. - Added new special weapon (TOZ-34 "Bull"), Nimble sells it (created by Akinaro)
  165. - Added the FAMAS to the game, can be bought from Skinflint
  166. - Restored the Pathfinder suit in Clear Sky trader's profile
  167. - Looted money will no longer appear as news. Instead, its an item that can be looted from corpses. Looted money will be automatically added to actor's wallet
  168. - Amount of looted money varies between npcs/ranks. Using it will add the money to player's wallet
  169. - "Old Coins" are usable, the player will earn few rubles in their wallet.
  170. - "Box of Matches" can be bought from barkeepers instead of local traders
  171. - "Hunter's Kit" acts as a backpack. Equipping it will give carry weight and a chance of looting bonus mutant parts
  172. - Added a new item action (details), shows all details regarding the selected item in a GUI window. Details can be about: condition, ammo, attachments, components, compatible repair kits, upgrades, upgrade parts and many others
  173. - Changed disassembling tools (Swiss knife, Grooming kit, Multitool) to have condition instead of uses. When they are used for disassembly, they will degrade.
  174. - Disassembling tools can be repairing using "Sharping Stones"
  175. - Reading an anomaly map will open all routes connected to the said map
  176. - Using some medical items will give an empty syringe back
  177. - Added faction patches for Sin and ISG
  179. Bolts management:
  180. 1. Added the possibility of having limited amount of bolts. The feature is optional and enabled for Survivalist difficulty by default (Progression options)
  181. 2. Bolts have 2 variants: vanilla bolts and empty bullets. They can be found everywhere.
  182. 3. All traders sell bolt packs, every pack contains about 20 to 30 bolts.
  184. - Updated Binoculars icon to be more fitting
  185. - Changed AUG ammunition to use 5.56 rounds, and Renamed a lot of weapons names to match real-life equivalents
  186. - Reduced the radiation output from Oasis and Compass artefacts, they can be contained in AAM containers now
  189. Technical:
  190. ----------
  191. - Organized all game files
  192. - Fixed cases of quests failing immediately after accepting them
  193. - Fixed bugged Arena dialog that keep rewarding the player with infinite rewards
  194. - Fixed a case where knives don't degradate upon looting all mutant parts
  195. - Fixed a case where crows might prevent the actor from fast traveling #_#
  196. - Fixed a crash related to Azazel mode (fail to generate proper outfit)
  197. - Fixed a case with dropping tents getting deployed.
  198. - Fixed a typo in Meeker's dialog that prevents you from acquiring Merc SEVA
  199. - Fixed some weapon upgrades related to Handeling showing negative values
  200. - Fixed a lot of issues and typos with outfits and their upgrades (Credit goes to Just Monika, koray79, Namelesswonder )
  201. - Fixed readings of missing sky-boxes textures
  202. - Fixed crashes related to MLR and Hip quests
  203. - Fixed cases of finding old repair toolkits in stashes
  204. - Fixed cases of finding "Black Spray" artefact on cats
  205. - Fixed a issue with Loner guide (Zaton) not showing dialog to travel to Yanov Station
  206. - Fixed broken dialog for Mercenary guide (Zaton)
  207. - Moved all Fast Travel and Backpack Travel options into (Extra Options Menu). They have their own tab.
  208. - Moved (Weapon Degradation) option to (Progression) options menu
  209. - Removed (AIdie in anomalies) option to avoid AI issues with npcs.
  210. - Removed (Loot money on corpse) option, it became an integerated feature
  211. - Removed (Debug Autosave) option for being pointless
  212. - Moved (Thirst Simulation), (Use Battery), (Dark Mode) from gameplay options to be under progression difficulty options
  213. - Updated achievements script, and fixed all broken achievements.
  214. - "Doc" smart terrain is switched off to prevent other mutants/stalkers from reaching it
  215. - Fixed a case with G3 not being able to fire regular 7.62x51 AP rounds
  216. - Added supressor hud model for the FN57 (changed the supressor used from the gemtech to the sil_57)
  217. - Removed duplicated ammo sections in weapons files
  218. - Fixed Mison scope
  219. - Moved (Disguise System) option from gameplay options to be under disguise menu options
  220. - Fixed issues related to Lurker, Psy-sucker and Karlik classes that might cause errors and log spam in the console
  221. - Fixed Bandit trader in Truck Cemetery having limited amount of money
  222. - Faction patches found on corpses appear only if they're killed by the player
  223. - Increased "time_factor" from 4 to 6 for faster time and events.
  224. - Fixed a case where player gain goodwill with special traders
  225. - Fixed fetch supplies tasks not working properly with multi-use items
  226. - Fixed a case with "Putinka Vodka" can't be gathered as multi-use item
  227. - Fixed a case where special characters won't give other tasks after you accept DRX Questlines for them
  228. - Fixed a case of having duplicated "AWR selling parts" dialog for mechanics
  229. - Fixed Ak-12 using 7.62 silencer instead of 5.45 variant
  230. - Fixed an identical section inv_name for Galil 4.0x scope
  231. - Fixed second death sounds
  232. - Added a blacklist for unreachable stashes (this works on new game)
  233. - Fixed weapons with 9x39 cartridge being repairable with 5.45/5.56 repair kits
  234. - Fixed the "Monolith" artefact not being visible when dropped
  239. Developers:
  240. -----------
  241. - Searge (Project Lead, Engine)
  242. - strelocc (Scripting and logic)
  243. - meatchunk (Visuals and atmosphere)
  244. - Tronex (Scripting, Sounds)
  247. Credits:
  248. --------
  249. - Akinaro (textures and models)
  250. - SarisKhan (Lost to the Zone creator)
  251. - Werejew (Warfare creator)
  252. - Davyd McColl (Stalker weather tweaker)
  253. - Red Forest Cake (grammer and improved dialog)
  254. - PYP (Weapon fixes)
  255. - Killeon (improved strings)
  256. - ѪBob (organized xml profiles)
  257. - DesmanMetzger (new message for pdas)
  258. - Grey (real weapons strings)
  259. - Just Monika (fixed upgrades)
  260. - Salty (new information dialog for npcs)
  261. - Acinu (Improved strings for outfits/weapons desc)
  262. - Хрона (weapon fixes)
  264. Special thanks to Call of Chenobyl, A.R.E.A, Dead Air developers and Skygod for inspirations and assets. And to Exo-Stalker for the great Discord server and community.
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