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  1. They take photos and post them online so carelessly. They need the affirmation that we give them. Ayn Rand was right. They revel in the glory of their social superiority because we are here. Of course I recognize this. I understand my own privileged upbringing, at least compared to the poor fucks who are born black and into destitution. But then there the layers above me who live in unimaginable luxury and who regard it as the norm. That I suppose, is how the poor fucks would see us too.
  3. But that's besides the point. These vain motherfuckers need the confirmation that we gave them. They need to know that what they're doing is exceptional, that they're enjoying the night of their lives—while we sit here and wither.
  5. And so they post it, targetted to no one in particular. Of course their friends will "like" it and say some anondyne thing to acknowledge their posting, in hopes that the poster reciprocates. And then the rest of us sit here, in front of our lonely computer screens, our faced masked with indifference and illuminated by the blue-white light, but heart wrenched and our dicks suffocated. They live off of this. And that's the point. If what they was the norm, then the distinction in doing it was gone and so they stop and find something else to do. The jock culture only exists because its opposite exists. The party culture only exists because there's the silent minority of kids who masturbate to Pornhub videos fantasizing that this was their girlfriend or teacher or sister or whatever they have a fetish of.
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