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  1. Here are the key components and best practices for your reference:
  2. 1. Problem statement- be clear and concise, we see teams spend too much time here and not able to show the actual solution.
  4. 2. Your solution - what it is, who is the target audience/user, how it address the problem. Having a demo (best) or screenshots of the solution to show how it works will be the best. If you have live demo, make sure to have another person getting it setup and drive it while the presenter is talking and help drive it. This way you won’t waste the precious time setting the demo. If you are competing for multiple prizes, make sure you show how/where you are using the specific company’s technology.
  6. 3. Competition- why is it better than what is already out there? This is where you show your innovative idea.
  8. 4. Impact- can the solution be deployed for more than one user, one industry or one use case? Any stats or data from studies out there to show the need for this solution? How will your solution benefit them?
  10. 5. How you plan to roll out the solution? What can achieve in phase 1, and the subsequent plans.
  12. 6. Your team! Who you are and your experiences and expertises.
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