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  1. Luxray  pushes Umby's front against Belle's front. "You take her from here. I'll get behind. If she works up herself enough, I think we can both fit into her at once."
  2.     Luxray  "Remember that rule about how you can't focus enough to catch a Pokemon in a double battle if both of them are alive? Yeah, we're about to show her why."
  3.     Trainer_Belle   o///o
  4.     Trainer_Belle   ..W-well alright. >//> I dunno how late everybody is sleeping, but~
  5.     Luxray  "If the sound of your moans wakes them up, all the better." he simply states as he trots around to her backside. "Now get rubbing against Umby. Let's get the little guy set so we can put this show on the road. And in your rump."
  6.     Umby`   gives a playful little giggle, nodding at Luxray before shooting a warm smile to his trainer. "Ehehehehe, well, it's only if you want to, Belle, of course... Though if you did want to, we'd be able to give you and anyone else who sneaks on past one hell of a show~"
  7.     Trainer_Belle   gives in, nuzzling into Umby's tummy and curling up a teeny, tiny bit. Her hands start to scritch at his fur, blushing faintly as Luxray traipses behind her. "I-if you say sooo...."
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  9.     Rav`    belle!
  10.     Luxray  "That's it, work him up real nice for us, Belle..." he continued to praise, subtly easing her forward and on top of the Dark-type as he enjoyed that wonderful view of her backside. "Might as well take off those pants and let him get a good waft of your scent, huh? Get that ass nice and high for me, and I'll even help you along."
  11.     Rav`    (hugs then leaves the two alone)
  12.     Umby`   purrs softly as his belly was nuzzled at, stroking Belle's cheek softly and reassuringly, his purring beginning to increase steadily in volume. "Don't worry, Belle.... we'll take good care of you, sweetie~" He says with a calming tone, his hindpaw poking playfully at Belle's belly. "Hehehehehe~"
  13.     Trainer_Belle   arches her back a little bit at the playful poking, unconsciously reaching a hand back to her derss and tugging it up in response. Her hat slides forward and onto Umby's belly accidentally as she starts to nuzzle in lower, a deeper blush spreading over her cheeks.
  14.     Rav`    ...well i'd love to stay up but..eh sleep beckons
  15.     Umby`   (Hehehehe, okay, night Rav :3)
  16.     Rav`    hugs and kisses everyone ...including belle who he'd still love to spend some sort of time with at a later date
  17.     Trainer_Belle   (Nightnight! :3)
  18.     Luxray  "Thaaat's a good girl..." came the purring tone from behind, followed swiftly by the hot rush of a heated lion breath running down her crack to brush against the already-moisture-spotted slant of her slit. "Why don't we get this spot nice and wet, hmm? Get you dripping and leaking while it's hovering right over Umby's growing length.
  19.     Luxray  I'm sure he'd *love* to get coated in your aroused juices, slickening his shaft before pushing it into you along with myself while we work you over in a true Double Battle banging." Moments later, a textured muscle of lion tongue met with flesh as his muzzle pushed itself against her pussy,
  20.     Luxray  long and slow laps dragging the barbs against the crease of her folds as the thick scent of her feminine nature filled his nostrils with the same desire he assumed would get to Umby fairly soon. It didn't take much for his own erection to sport, purrs rumbling against her as he watched in anticipation for her secretions to begin falling onto that waiting crotch below.
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  22.     Umby`   's purring slowly turns to a soft growl as Belle nuzzles in lower, clinging on tight to his trainer's beret in both his paws and his maw. Pretty soon, his length began to spring to life under her touch, scooting lower and lower down her body to see the treatment Luxray was administering to his trainer, squirming around a little as he bagan to trail kisses down the human's belly, her feminine...
  23.     Umby`   [Continued] scent hitting his nose causing him to shudder a little in anticipation. "Mmmmm~" [End]
  24.     Luxray  >End
  26.     Luxray  (*pats on backs*)
  27.     Umby`   (Oh shoosh >.>)
  28.     Rictini (hands Lux a pamphlet on living with ED. Now the two cute-fuckers can cute-fuck.)
  29.     Luxray  (I don't need your goddamn pamphlet, my first professional job was narrating an entire AUDIOBOOK on dealing with ED)
  30.     Luxray  (216 pages, motherfucker.)
  31.     Luxray  (I came before the end of page 8)
  32.     Trainer_Belle   wriggles and tries vainly not to lower her hips, letting out a soft sigh and repeated whimpering gasps from the licking. She curls up a little, head nuzzling lower on her Umbreon, lips kissing at anything and everything they can touch, one hand reaching back and facilitating Luxray, the other clenching in Umby's fur, her body already heavily stimulated.
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  36.     Star_the_Raichu So uh... what I miss?
  37.     Umby`   (Not much~ ;3)
  38.     Star_the_Raichu oh... uh... ok
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  40.     Star_the_Raichu is bored, laying on my stomach
  41.     Trainer_Belle   (Aw Furret ;w;)
  42.     Luxray  The visual before his eyes was certainly invogorating as Luxray watched the length of Umby's organ slowly approaching Belle's waiting entrance more and more with each pulse that expanded his base, the thoughts of his own member slipping inside her, gliding against his impromtu partner's cock as they worked to fuck her raw together greatly stirring his own senses.
  43.     Umby`   (>implying he isn't that sexy)
  44.     Luxray  "Mnh... whenever you're ready, Umby..." he informed aloud, taking a final, deep whiff inside Belle's cunt before bringing himself forward to mount against her back, feeling the barbed tip of his taint brush against the upper half of her opening. "We gotta do this at the same time if we're both going to fit inside,
  45.     Luxray  so you let me know when you're set by pushing yourself up to touch with me, past my barbs, and I'll use them to guide us both in so we can start pounding this eager bitch like I know she wants to be."
  46.     Rose    ( Oh son of a... double pen. going on and I'm too tired to stay awake, |3; I want a copy of this if someone wouldn't mind doing so )
  47.     Umby`   (Hehehehe, alright~ :3)
  48.     Rose    ( Thank you :3 )
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  50.     Umby`   lets his trainer's scent fill his lungs once again before exhaling deeply, drawing in her pheromones once again and repeating the process, his length beginning to leak pre, his knot beginning to inflate slowly; a sure sign that he was ready for action. "Mmmmm... w-well, I'm ready if you're ready, Belle......" He said down towards the human, still watching intently as Lux continued do work...
  51.     Umby`   [Continued] her. With a gentle giggle, he lines himself up the way the lion told him to do so, pressing himself against his barbed prick with a loud growl, slipping past it just a little as the tip just slightly plunged itself into her. "Nnngh... g-good to go~" [End]
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  54.     Umby`   (Hiya Vap :3)
  55.     Vaporeon    (Hey Umby :D)
  56.     Trainer_Belle   waves at Vaporeon, panting slightly and swallowing as she nods and braces heself, placing both hands on either side of Umby. She closed her eyes and breathed in slowly, waiting for it, squeaking and shivering top to bottom as she felt the two pokemon preparing to enter her. Blushing furiously, she bit her lip and managed a whiny "Y-yeah, ready~" for the both of them.
  57.     Luxray  "Sounds good... let's show her that 2 on 1 isn't always an unfavorable condition.~" With a hefty grunt, Luxray proceeded to shove himself forward as he felt the textured ridge around his tip bump against the underside of Umby's own erection, pushing the both of them into her hole at once as he felt the sudden tightness of her tunnel grinding his girth back into the flesh of his male counterpart's cock.
  58.     Luxray  He had to take extra care with the insertion, constantly reminding himself that it wasn't just his own ligament being shoved into her expanse as he felt the wetness of them both adding to his own minor secretions. However, he could feel her willing body beginning to give way as it expanded much in the same way he imagined she did for the Eeveelution's knot,
  59.     Luxray  helping push them along into her depths until their bases met at her entrance, stopped by the sheer fact that even the most diligent of Trainers probably couldn't handle both his base and Umby's knot without prior practice. "*Ngh...there you go, big guy..." he informed the evolved Eevee, giving a half smirk as he felt his lungs straining for air amidst the pleasure.
  60.     Luxray  "Now just...start thrusting. As long as you don't get too greedy and fall out, I'm sure our favorite female human horndog here will be able to handle the alternating penetrations juuuuust fine."
  61.     Spaffy  (sup Vaporeon)
  62.     Vaporeon    (Sup Spaffalilly)
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  64.     Spaffy  (...Spaffalilly?)
  65.     Spaffy  (That's a new one.)
  66.     Umby`   nods with a soft and playful growl, giving a soft whine as he was guided along with Lux into his trainer's passage, feeling the lions throbbing length against his own. Belle was definitely a lot tighter than he remembered her being, not helped much by Lux's impressive girth, but nonetheless, he soldiered on with the help of the big-in-more-ways-than-one cat, before finally the two hilted...
  67.     Umby`   [Continued] themselves inside the human girl. "A-ahhhhhh~" For a little while, he just say there to help Belle accustom to the feeling of being filled before more than happily beginning to slowly thrust himself in and out of her. It took all of his self control to not just drill her here and there, she had another, much meaner length to deal with, after all. "L-like this?" [End]
  68.     Umby`   (Sorry, got pulled away there for a little while)
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  70.     Luxray  "*Hahh* Y-yeah, just like that.... don't worry about hurting me, I've handled Hauntelle being a *lot* tighter by choice than this. I'll be just fine." His focus returned to Belle soon after, purring voice combining with the flexing of his paws as his claws clenched against her clothes and skin. "But as for you, not so little lady..."
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  73.     Luxray  In tune with Umby's own movements, he find himself easily slipping into his own pace, dominating the upper roof of her internal tunnel as his slicked shaft pounded her relentlessly right off the bat, rubbing raw the tender patches of muscle and flesh that lined her walls as he worked with the equally-black Pokemon to spread her well apart.
  74.     Trainer_Belle   shivered the entire length of both of them, already twitching and forcing herself not to buck forward as Luxray entered her with his barbed length. She bit onto one of her knuckles and leaned forward, lowering herself nd shivering as Umby entered, letting out sharp gasps with each thrust. The intake making her moan
  75.     Trainer_Belle   just as much as each tug out, causing her to automatically rake against Luxray's barbs each time. "Ah, yesss..!" She cranes her neck back and moans sharply with each thrust of his counterpart, back arching and insides clenching oh so carefully against the smoothness and barbs of each pokemon inside of her. All she could do was try to stifle moans, lest she lose control of her hips~
  76.     Umby`   (Oh man, how is it even physically possible for me to keep up with you two, I mean seriously? ;-;)
  77.     Trainer_Belle   (That's what I keep thinking ;_; I'm so bad with long posts aaaah~)
  78.     Umby`   (It's alright, at least it makes good practice...)
  79.     Luxray  (Would you prefer if I dropped out?)
  80.     Umby`   (No, it's okay :>)
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  85.     Luxray_ (Well there goes any log chances I had)
  86.     Luxray_ (I missed anything posted after Belle's last posts)
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