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May 28th, 2017
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  1. T 1495526434 18<kilbith> you'd have a long, long list of "active contributors" if you add people like Vanessa
  2. T 1495526449 18<kilbith> who are not contributing to the engine
  3. T 1495526454 20<Zeno`>30 I hate editing these credits FYI
  4. T 1495526463 20<Zeno`>30 e.g. moving Sokomine
  5. T 1495526469 20<Zeno`>30 it makes me seem an enemy
  6. T 1495526474 18<kilbith> move Vanessa back please
  7. T 1495526498 20<Zeno`>30 it's not easy for me to make any of these decisions. But I will consider your stance, ok?
  8. T 1495526500 18<kilbith> last time I ask
  9. T 1495526526 20<Zeno`>30 it's not going to be merged today. I'll take your objection into consideration (I promise)
  10. T 1495526551 18<kilbith> I just want you apply my request now
  11. T 1495526582 20<Zeno`>30 I don't want to do it now though. But I have taken what you've said on board and respect your comments
  12. T 1495526604 18<kilbith> if you don't move her back, I'm not talking to you anymore
  13. T 1495526608 18<kilbith> I'm serious
  14. T 1495526612 20<Zeno`>30 seriously, editing this credits list is HARD
  15. T 1495526643 20<Zeno`>30 please. I respect your stance, so can you please respect mine for now?
  16. T 1495526649 20<Zeno`>30 I'll probably move her back
  17. T 1495526654 20<Zeno`>30 but not this moment
  18. T 1495526668 18<kilbith> there's no respect to have, you're blatantly breaking the conventions
  19. T 1495526703 18<kilbith> I really hate that
  20. T 1495526704 20<Zeno`>30 give me an hour
  21. T 1495526725 20<Zeno`>30 I need to think on what you've said ok?
  22. T 1495526737 18<kilbith> there's no need to think about it
  23. T 1495526748 20<Zeno`>30 just give me an hour? What's the rush?
  24. T 1495526809 18<kilbith> stop being a support of the -hub crew, Craig
  25. T 1495526831 20<Zeno`>30 I'm going to move it back
  26. T 1495526835 20<Zeno`>30 just not this moment
  27. T 1495526858 18<kilbith> ...
  28. T 1495526912 20<Zeno`>30 surely it's not so urgent that it must *immediately* be changed hehehe
  29. T 1495526926 18<kilbith> oh you moved her quickly
  30. T 1495526940 20<Zeno`>30 yeah because I was actively working on the file at that time
  31. T 1495526950 18<kilbith> git reset --hard
  32. T 1495527042 20<Zeno`>30 heh
  33. T 1495527056 20<Zeno`>30 I know how to use git :P
  34. T 1495527083 20<Zeno`>30 which is surprising because you'd think I was too old
  35. T 1495527093 20<Zeno`>30 I can't learn new things remember
  36. T 1495527136 18<kilbith> I'm not gonna be laughing with you as long you don't move her back
  37. T 1495527151 20<Zeno`>30 I will be moving it back
  38. T 1495527335 18<kilbith> last warning until I talk about it in -dev
  39. T 1495527350 18<kilbith> you move her back now.
  40. T 1495527369 20<Zeno`>30 talk about it in -dev. I'd prefer that
  41. T 1495527378 18<kilbith> ok, your decision
  42. T 1495527383 20<Zeno`>30 you know me well enough to know that I cannot be bullied
  43. T 1495527411 20<Zeno`>30 I've already said I'd move her back but maybe it's better discussed in -dev
  44. T 1495527415 18<kilbith> please remember we cease being friends if you keep her in that section
  45. T 1495527460 20<Zeno`>30 that's what I mean about bullying. Don't make threats like that please? I consider you a good friend but I don't react well to being pressured in that way
  46. T 1495528240 18<kilbith> well you shouldn't consider as a good friend anymore, bye
  47. T 1495528247 18<kilbith> consider me*
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