The Wizard of Ponyville Ending

Aug 8th, 2014
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  7. Chapter 7:
  9. >Day The Wizard of Ponyville Chapter 8 in Equestira.
  10. >You stand in front of Twilight’s house, waiting for the purple princess.
  11. >There was a time when you could have stopped all of this.
  12. >Twilight offered you a way out.
  13. >All you had to do was give up magic.
  14. >Would you agree if she made the same offer?
  15. >To live in peace.
  16. >You shake your head.
  17. >Things have gone too far for that.
  18. >You have to see this to the end.
  19. >The air is clean and fresh.
  20. >Everything is so different from Tartarus.
  21. >The guard you threw is stirring.
  22. >He places two hooves on his head to stop the spinning.
  23. >After a moment he looks up.
  24. >His eyes open wide as he recognizes you.
  25. >Maybe he thought it was a bad dream.
  26. >His eyes dart toward his spear, and then back to you.
  27. “Don’t,” is all you say through clenched teeth.
  28. >Realizing that he doesn’t have a chance, he scoots over to his left into some shade.
  29. >You almost feel sorry for him.
  30. >He never signed up to face a magic wielding hairless ape.
  31. >After a few more wiggling movements he stops.
  32. >Then he lays his head back down, still facing you so as to keep a good view.
  33. >You ignore him and return to facing Princess Twilight’s house.
  34. >What is taking the grey Pegasus so long?
  35. >He should have only taken a minute or two to find Twilight.
  36. >And then you have your answer.
  37. >A wisp of green magic escapes from an open window.
  38. >Shit.
  39. >Twilight probably warned the princess.
  40. >You assumed that she would keep this quiet.
  41. >Surely she doesn’t want Celestia to know about her failure.
  42. >Unless of course, she lied.
  43. >A second wisp of green magic.
  44. >You don’t bother trying to guess where that one went.
  45. >Most likely both are letters asking for help.
  46. >You take this time to adjust Trixie’s hat again.
  47. >Showmanship is part of any wizard’s arsenal.
  48. >”How did you escape?” A voice asks from the balcony.
  49. 1/12
  50. >Twilight steps out wearing her regalia.
  51. >The golden crown with the element of magic embedded in it sits atop her head.
  52. >A gilded purple cloak billows as she takes another step.
  53. “It’s good to see you too, Princess,” you say with venom in the last word.
  54. >One of her eyes twitch.
  55. >”You didn’t answer my question.”
  56. >Again you ignore her.
  57. “Where’s Trixie?”
  58. >”I don’t answer to traitors or liars.”
  59. ”Traitor? I never swore any oaths to you.”
  60. >”But you did lie,” she accuses.
  61. ”Are you still upset about that? I’m willing to let bygones be bygones. Just give me the girl, and you’ll never see us again.”
  62. >”I should have killed you when I had the chance.”
  63. “But you thought Tartarus would be more fitting. I thought Princesses never make mistakes.”
  64. >”You were supposed to lose your powers!”
  65. >You nod slowly in agreement.
  66. “Yeah. Turns out there is no such thing as virgin magic. Where’s Trixie?!”
  67. >”She safe, unlike you.”
  68. >Twilight leaps from the balcony and slows herself with her wings just before she lands.
  69. >Your arms shoot out on their own to your sides, spreading your cloak open.
  70. >Both hands flick to form fire and barrier respectively.
  71. >Twilight just smiles at this.
  72. >”You’ve gotten better. Last time you could barely use your hands together, and now they can form magic independently.”
  73. “I had a good teacher.”
  74. >Twilight presses her lips together, and looks away as she thinks.
  75. >”Tirek?”
  76. >That’s Scorpan’s supposedly evil brother.
  77. >You never had a chance to meet him, so you can’t be sure.
  78. >Maybe he was just as evil as you are, which is to say, not at all.
  79. >You doubt Scorpan wants ponies to know that he can travel to and from Tartarus.
  80. “It doesn’t really matter does it?”
  81. >Twilight shakes her head.
  82. >”It does. When I’m finished with you, then I’ll go after him too.”
  83. 2/12
  84. >It's not nice of her to threaten your friends.
  85. “I guess you’re going to have to force it out of me.”
  86. >”Yeah.”
  87. “One more thing…”
  88. >”Hmm?”
  89. “Who did you message just now?”
  90. >Twilight shifts her weight as she decided whether or not to tell you.
  91. >She'll probably just lie to you.
  92. >You have to beat her quickly before help arrives.
  93. >”You’ll see soon enough,” she smirks.
  94. >She flies above you, her horn charged, and forelimbs spread.
  95. >Her left hoof forms a double barrier.
  96. >The right makes the motion for light.
  97. >”I felt sorry for you when I beat you last time.”
  98. “Felt sorry for me?” You let your head roll to the side to exaggerate curiosity. “You should ask me if I’ll feel the same.”
  99. >She raises an eyebrow, weighing your veiled threat.
  100. >”I seriously doubt you'll win.”
  101. >You grit your teeth at her.
  102. “Let’s find out.”
  103. >A hand flies forward and fire springs forth.
  104. >Her eyes open wide as if she wasn’t expecting you to make the first move.
  105. >She tries to dodge but the flames reach her too quickly.
  106. >Her double barrier shimmers as it absorbs the attack.
  107. >The force pushes her back in the air, and you jerk a wrist for lightning.
  108. >Twilight flicks her right hoof and deflects the twisted strands.
  109. >Not wasting any time she extends a hoof to respond with light.
  110. >You leap to avoid her attack, and levitate yourself to meet her.
  111. >The princess anticipates this and the beam follows you.
  112. >Your hexagonal shielding wavers as it takes the energy.
  113. >Twilight dashes forward, twisting in the air to kick you and you drop the barrier to block with your arms.
  114. >You see a smirk as she keeps rolling and lightning bolts erupt from her right hoof.
  115. >Thunder cracks and pain shoots through your body.
  116. >You get a good view of the clouds as you fall backward.
  117. 3/12
  118. >Somehow your left hand remembers to do its part and it double cancels the attack.
  119. >Still it comes too late and you crash on the ground.
  120. >Without thinking you roll to the left and you hear hooves slam into the cobblestones beside you.
  121. >You throw a leg out to trip her, but Twilight jumps over it.
  122. >Using the momentum you get to your feet just as ice narrowly misses your head.
  123. >With both hands you bring up another double barrier which absorbs the next blast.
  124. >You pass it to your left and throw her back with your energy.
  125. >Twilight tumbles in the air, but catches herself about ten paces away from you.
  126. >She gently lands, still facing you.
  127. “You tricked me,” you say through bared teeth.
  128. >”Awww, Tirek didn’t teach you about feints?” She asks as she makes a crying motion. “So sad.”
  129. >You look around.
  130. >A few brave ponies have poked their heads out of open windows and doors to see the fight.
  131. >The white Pegasus guard remains motionless, but you can tell that he is waiting for his moment to strike.
  132. >You don’t know where the grey Pegasus is, but you assume he is also watching.
  133. >”Give up, Anon,” Twilight says with an air of superiority.
  134. >She shouldn’t have been able to trick you like that.
  135. >You should have seen through it!
  136. >What would Trixie do?
  137. >>”That’s why we wear protection, Anon,” you remember her saying.
  138. >But a cloak doesn’t help when you’re blocking a physical attack.
  139. >>”Your technique is terrible,” Scorpan chastised you when you showed him what you knew.
  140. >You should have grabbed the fabric to cover yourself as you defended.
  141. >Or maybe held the barrier and only blocked with one arm.
  142. >Your cloak is ragged.
  143. >Burn marks line the fist sized holes.
  144. >It helped during your escape, but you doubt it will last much longer.
  145. >Even your suit is struggling to maintain its shape.
  146. >A few strands of thread is all the keeps your sleeves in place.
  147. 4/12
  148. >You look up at the princess.
  149. >She stands tall, waiting for your next move.
  150. >You won’t fall for her trick again.
  151. >”We could have been happy together, Anon,” Twilight reminds you.
  152. >Your back makes a few cracking sounds as you roll your shoulders back to get into the correct stance.
  153. “But, isn’t this more interesting?”
  154. >Twilight’s brow furrows as she considers your question.
  155. >After a moment she offers you the slightest smile.
  156. >”Yes.”
  157. >You reform your barrier and hold your right hand at the ready.
  158. “Good.”
  159. >Your hand casts fire and Twilight blinks away.
  160. >She appeared behind you last time, so you leap into the air.
  161. >Lightning sears the air below you.
  162. >As you twist around you double cancel her attack.
  163. >Twilight swings her hoof twice, fruitlessly trying to shock you.
  164. >With both arms you shoot out an inferno.
  165. >You smell burning as her cape desperately tries to stop the attack.
  166. >You hear a blinking sound, and the fire burns the ground.
  167. >This time she doesn’t appear behind you.
  168. >She is standing on her balcony, summoning a red cage.
  169. >Her face scrunches as she forms the magic bars with her horn.
  170. >Your fingers snap out a thin beam of energy, but she deflects it away.
  171. >You hear a groaning sound and you know the cage is complete.
  172. >Fuck.
  173. >You can’t let her touch you with it.
  174. >Unlike other forms of magic, red cages are themselves cancels.
  175. >They were designed to teach evil unicorns their place.
  176. >You’ve only seen them twice, and for good reason.
  177. >Only the most powerful unicorns can form them.
  178. >”Not so confident now, Anon,” Twilight taunts.
  179. >Last time she used a blue cage on Trixie.
  180. >Your teacher was at the bottom of top tier magic users.
  181. >Unlike her, Twilight must see you as truly dangerous.
  182. >Maybe even… an equal…
  183. “This changes nothing.”
  184. >Twilight takes a deep breath.
  185. >”We’ll see…”
  186. 5/12
  187. >Twilight jumps forward, her hoof primed with light.
  188. >The red cage sails to your right, matching Twilight’s speed.
  189. >It can’t touch you!
  190. >You twist both arms in place and blink away.
  191. >You dry heave twice, trying to ignore the effects of teleportation.
  192. >Below you, a flash of light, then you hear the magic bars slam into the ground.
  193. >Cobblestones crack at the impact.
  194. >The cage sizzles as it absorbs the princess’s wasted attack.
  195. >Half a second later, she realizes you're gone, and she instinctively throws the cage behind her to scoop you up.
  196. >Before she notices you flying above her, you form a fist and knock her back.
  197. >She motions to cancel, but hits the ground before she can stop you.
  198. >Your other hand flicks to the left, and you snatch the cage from her magic grip.
  199. >Twilight’s eyes open wide.
  200. >Now you are the pursuer.
  201. >You fly forward dragging the cage behind you.
  202. >Twilight shoots ice and you swerve midair to dodge it.
  203. >You throw an arc of fire at her from the right, and swing the cage around the opposite.
  204. >She times a cancel perfectly and jumps toward the attack.
  205. >You try to pull the crimson back to scoop her from behind, but you’re too late.
  206. >It harmlessly falls behind her.
  207. >Again you yank your arm to move it.
  208. >Twilight motions and you feel her energy adding to yours.
  209. >She unbalances your magic and all you can do to dodge the uncontrolled cage is to drop yourself.
  210. >It sails over you.
  211. >Not wanting to waste the initiative Twilight drops the cage and bursts the ground below you.
  212. >You spin twice in the air, head over heels.
  213. >Your ears ring, but there is no time to waste.
  214. >Hands move on their own to engulf everything around you in flames.
  215. >In her haste Twilight brings up a single barrier.
  216. >A single barrier!
  217. >As you land you throw both hands out.
  218. >With all your strength you force out two blazing streams.
  219. 6/12
  220. >Twilight’s shield makes a horrifying sizzling sound as it desperately tries to absorb the magic.
  221. >You see the hexagonal grid shudder just before it shatters.
  222. >The fire forces its way through and you can smell burning fabric.
  223. >”Aaaahhhh!!!” Twilight screams.
  224. >To your right your battle moon springs to life.
  225. >You jerk your head and a spear dematerializes, only inches from your chest.
  226. >The white Pegasus!
  227. >He doesn’t have time to react before your magic throws him in a convulsing fit.
  228. >A white unicorn with an absurd hairstyle cancels the attack.
  229. >You’ve seen her before…
  230. >The town tailor…
  231. >Beside her are four other ponies.
  232. >A blue Pegasus with a rainbow mane.
  233. >Another one with a yellow coat tries to hide behind her pink hair.
  234. >The other two you know.
  235. >Pinkie and Applejack.
  236. >Fuck!
  237. >The elements.
  238. >That’s who she -
  239. >Two hooves kick you, and as you fall back the red cage flies toward you.
  240. >With both hands you slow it.
  241. >Twilight takes another step forward.
  242. >”You’ll pay for what you did to me!” Twilight yells.
  243. >”We don’t take kindly to rapists,” Applejack says as she stands over you.
  244. >That’s what she told them!
  245. >And she said you were a liar!
  246. >Applejack moves to stomp you.
  247. >One hand holds the cage back, the other gives Applejack the shock of her life.
  248. >She rolls on the ground.
  249. "Aagh!"
  250. >Rarity zaps you with-
  251. >You don’t know.
  252. >But it’s enough to make you drop your magic, and only instinct lets you narrowly escape the crimson.
  253. >The blue Pegasus charges at you, but you deflect her into the cage.
  254. >Both tumble beside you.
  255. >”Don’t hurt my friends!” Twilight shouts.
  256. >You fling fire in all directions and the yellow and pink ones do all they can to avoid being burnt.
  257. “Too scared to face me alone!?”
  258. 7/12
  259. >Twilight flicks the bars to release the rainbow pony.
  260. >Another burst of lightning stuns the princess and you throw her with your magic.
  261. >She slams into the blue one and drops into the now open enclosure.
  262. >A muted twist later and she is sealed behind the bars.
  263. >”No!!!”
  264. >She throws herself against the prison but it’s no use.
  265. >You hold both hands outstretched and the other ponies take a step back.
  266. "Who's next?!"
  267. >The town fountain explodes.
  268. >Now what!?
  269. >When the dust clears you see four guard ponies.
  270. >The fifth is different.
  271. >His coat is white, and his blond mane billows in the wind.
  272. >He wears a shining cuirass under a gilded purple cloak.
  273. >Unlike his armor it does not bear his cutie mark.
  274. >In its place is a wilted white flower.
  275. >No.
  276. >It couldn’t be.
  277. >He practices black chineighs magic.
  278. >The darkest kind.
  279. >”Kill him! Kill him!” Twilight yells.
  280. >The unicorns spread out to cover you on either side.
  281. “I have your princess! I just want Trixie!”
  282. >You rattle Twilight’s red cage beside you, and she bounces around.
  283. >”Princess!” One of the guards yell.
  284. “Give me the girl and I’ll leave!”
  285. >”Kill him!” Twilight repeats.
  286. “Shut up!”
  287. >You shoot electricity through the bars and Twilight convulses.
  288. >”Aaagh!”
  289. >”You heard her! Kill him!” A guard shouts.
  290. >Both hands flick to form fire and lightning respectively.
  291. >You stand ready for them.
  292. >”No!” Their leader shouts.
  293. >One of the guards look at him with his mouth agape.
  294. >”B- But Prince Blueblood…”
  295. >He waves a hoof and the unicorn stops his protests.
  296. >”Give you who?” He asks feigning indifference.
  297. ”Trixie! Twilight took her from me.”
  298. >”Don’t listen to him! He’s a liar! He raped me!”
  299. >One of the guards steps forward, shaking as he does everything in his power to stop himself from attacking you.
  300. >”We have to save her!”
  301. 8/12
  302. >”Princess Celestia ordered us to stop this monkey, and here he is… stopped…”
  303. >As if on command both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna descend behind him.
  304. >There’s no way you can stop all of them.
  305. >But you have to stay strong.
  306. >It’s the only way to get your teacher back!
  307. >”You can still stop this, Anon,” Celestia says through clenched teeth.
  308. >You redouble your magic so you can barely control the inferno.
  309. “Where’s Trixie!?”
  310. >”Don’t listen to him!” Twilight pleads again.
  311. >”She’s here! She’s here!” A voice calls from your right.
  312. >The grey Pegasus guard pushes out a blue cage holding Trixie.
  313. >You spared his life twice.
  314. >Maybe he saw this as a chance to repay that debt.
  315. >”Let me go!”
  316. “Trixie!”
  317. >Her eyes meet yours.
  318. >”Anon!”
  319. >She fruitlessly tries to break the bars.
  320. >Princess Celestia’s horn glows and magics your teacher beside her.
  321. >”No! They’re both liars!” Twilight cries out.
  322. >Her eyes are red and she is trying to keep from crying.
  323. >Celestia shakes the cage and Trixie is let out gently.
  324. >”You never said you took a prisoner…” Luna says to Twilight.
  325. >”The’re both evil! I had to protect Ponyville!”
  326. >”No. Twilight loved Anon.” Trixie interjects.
  327. >”Nooo!” Twilight weeps.
  328. >”He learned magic to stop her."
  329. >Trixie's eyes plead with the princess to believe her.
  330. >Twilight tries to dispute the claim, but it’s hard to understand her between sobs.
  331. “I had to protect myself. When Twilight found out I knew magic, she saw it as her chance, and she raped me.”
  332. >Celestia and Luna look at each other.
  333. “She sent me to Tartarus without even a trial. Is that Equestrian justice!?”
  334. >This time Twilight manages to squeak out a few words.
  335. >”He learned magic. Only unicorns c-can do that.”
  336. >Celestia furrows her brow.
  337. >”That hasn’t been enforced for…” she searches for the answer. “Three hundred years?”
  338. >Luna offers only a shrug.
  339. 9/12
  340. >She was only recently released from banishment.
  341. >”B-but it’s the law…”
  342. “I just wanted to live in peace…”
  343. >Celestia ignores you.
  344. >”Twilight, you never said any of this in your letters.”
  345. >”I-I meant too…” she says weakly.
  346. >”And the rest? Is any of that true!?”
  347. >Twilight doesn’t answer the princess.
  348. ”We both thought that taking my virginity would stop my magic. She said it would be a fitting punishment.”
  349. >Prince Blueblood smiles, clearly imagining it.
  350. >”It’s true, princess,” the grey Pegasus says. “I heard it all while I was guarding the door.”
  351. >Celestia frowns.
  352. >She shifts her weight uncomfortably.
  353. >Her eyes dart between yours and the others as she tries to make out fact from fiction.
  354. >”Twilight wanted us to kill the monkey the moment we landed… It would be an easy way to silence him…” Blueblood offers.
  355. >You lower your magic.
  356. >At this point it’s better to not look like a threat.
  357. >You can feel your heart thumping.
  358. >With a single word, Princess Celestia could have this all swept under the rug.
  359. >But with the royal guard in town, some of the locals come out of hiding.
  360. >”Is it true, Twilight? Did you lie to us?” Applejack asks her friend.
  361. >Twilight looks away.
  362. >Celestia shakes her head.
  363. >”You were supposed to be my protégé…”
  364. >”I’m sorry…” Twilight says just over a whisper.
  365. >And with that you know you’ve won.
  366. >With all these eyes and ears Celestia can’t make this disappear.
  367. >She has to deal with her student.
  368. >”Blueblood?”
  369. >He takes a step forward.
  370. >”Yes, Auntie?”
  371. >She presses her lips together.
  372. >”Take her away…” Celestia says with sadness in her voice.
  373. >Blueblood motions for a guard to help him.
  374. >Another unicorn stands at the opposite end of the red cage, and all three blink away.
  375. >Celestia picks up the element of magic.
  376. >She weighs it in her hoof.
  377. >You know what she is thinking.
  378. >Who can bear this burden now…
  379. 10/12
  380. >”I’m sorry about what happened, Anon. I’ll make sure you are taken care of for your trouble.”
  381. >Luna nudges her sister.
  382. >Her head cocks slightly toward you, urging Celestia to do it.
  383. >You have to strain your ears to hear.
  384. >”He isn’t ready.”
  385. >You heard that before.
  386. >>”Do you think I’m ready?” You asked Scorpan before you escaped from Tartarus.
  387. >>He frowned at you and said, “No.”
  388. >But you proved him wrong.
  389. >”He can learn…”
  390. >Celestia makes the slightest nod.
  391. >”Anonymous.”
  392. >You straighten up as she addresses you.
  393. >”Equestria faces many dangers. The elements are only useful when they have someone bear them…”
  394. >A hoof stretches out toward you, holding the crown.
  395. >”If anyone is capable of using the element of magic, it would be you.”
  396. >You let the words linger there for a moment.
  397. >Celestia helped you when you first arrived here.
  398. >Twilight was your enemy, not Equestria.
  399. >You look at Trixie.
  400. >You’ve never seen her smile so widely.
  401. >”It also comes with a handsome stipend,” Luna adds.
  402. >This makes you laugh.
  403. >Not five minutes ago you were fighting for your life.
  404. >Now you are being offered the opportunity of a lifetime.
  405. >And it’s all because you chose to be a virgin.
  406. >You take the crown from Princess Celestia’s hoof.
  407. >You can feel the power emanating from the gem.
  408. >With this, anything is possible.
  409. >Celestia again extends her hoof and you return the magic object.
  410. >"Of course, you will have to learn more before we can bestow this honor," Luna explains.
  411. "I'm not going to leave Trixie."
  412. >"Nopony said anything about that."
  413. >"You can stay here, and we will send you books to study."
  414. "That's all?"
  415. >"Well, you will have to send friendship reports from time to time..."
  416. >At least they aren't treating you like a child.
  417. >You can do what you want, as long as you bow to their throne.
  418. >It beats the hell out of dying in Tartarus.
  419. ”I’ll do it.”
  420. 11/12
  421. >Trixie leaps into your arms, nearly making you fall over.
  422. >She pulls you close for a deep kiss.
  423. >It feels like forever since you’ve held her.
  424. >She squeaks as you squeeze her.
  425. >”Congratulations, Anon,” Celestia says. “I’ll visit you tomorrow to discuss the details.”
  426. >She motions for the others to leave, and in a flash they blink away.
  427. >Luna stays back and opens her mouth to say something.
  428. >After a moment, she decides better of it and chomps the words away.
  429. >She says simply, "You'll do."
  430. >And then she disappears.
  431. >You look down at the little pony in your arms.
  432. >There are so many things you want to say and ask.
  433. >But all those things can wait.
  434. >The only one that matters is Trixie, and you don't want to keep her waiting.
  435. “It’s time you and I tried out my bed.”
  436. >You try to kiss her but she pulls away.
  437. >”Ponies are watching, Anon.”
  438. >By now most of the town is around you.
  439. “Let them.”
  440. >You pull her in for a deep kiss.
  441. >Trixie struggles for half a heartbeat, before melting in your arms.
  442. >In that moment all of your troubles are gone.
  443. >Trixie nuzzles into you, trying to get as close as possible.
  444. >”Now you really are,”
  445. >She breaks the kiss to look up with beautiful half lidded eyes.
  446. >”The Wizard of Ponyville.”
  447. fin
  448. 12/12
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