Glitchless Rule Set

Arie2929 Aug 5th, 2014 669 Never
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  1. Glitchless rules
  3. The way glitchless works in mirrors edge is different in the way it works for most other games.
  4. While some things that are done in the glitchless run may be considered a "glitch," as a community we have decided to keep the rules simple to attempt things from getting convoluted.
  6. Also there are very thin lines and it could be argued back and forth whether something is a glitch or not so if you are unsure about a potential glitch, refer to the current wr time because this will most likely be the most accurate measure to go by.
  8. The rules are as followed:
  9. No OOB (Out of Bounds)
  10. No KG (Kick Glitching)
  11. No SG (Slide Glitching)
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