Murder Mystery in a Timely Manor - Session 5

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  1. [13:46:05] <@sophos> A familier tone resonates through the manor and rings in the ears of the Ungulates surrounding the dining room table. The air is crisp for once-- and the candlelabra is topped with three, still flames.
  2. [13:46:38] <@sophos> Ace sits in low light, resting his cheek on a hoof. His eyes scan over the various journals strewn over the dining room table.
  3. [13:47:45] <StellarAscent> Ascent stretches himself and yawns. "Huh... w-what? Did somepony knock me out?"
  4. [13:48:03] VioletReverie blinks blearily, tugging her face from the page of her book. "The hay happened?"
  5. [13:50:12] <PrettyWreck> Pretty wearily opens his eyes and with a quiet, drowsy muttering he pulls himself back to his legs, the book on his forehoof dropping with a thud.
  6. [13:50:20] Mistress_D stirs awake wipeing a small trail of drool from her mouth, she always hated forced sleep it didn't give her enough time to look fresh lifting her head to the others she look around the room for what could have knocked them out.
  7. [13:52:55] <@sophos> The glass vial is gripped tightly in Mayhem's numb hand.
  8. [13:53:11] <StellarAscent> "Apparently... not..." He whispered, noting that everyone else got knocked out as well. "What was the last thing that had happened?"
  9. [13:53:27] <Mistress_D> "Was Knock out gas funneled into the room..ho-" she quickly straightens up holding her head as if she forgot something "..I......wait the time....does anyone have the time."
  10. [13:54:44] Mayhem lies groaning on the floor. "Dun wanna get up..."
  11. [13:56:04] <@sophos> "I'm pretty sure it has something to do with that vial," Ace says around the bobby pin in his mouth. "I couldn't get it out of your hands though, Mayhem."
  12. [13:56:50] Mayhem is still lying on her back and puts her free hand on her face, groaning again.
  13. [13:56:51] <PrettyWreck> "I don't... sorry." the greaser stallion stretches his forehooves: "... have you been awake all this time, Ace?"
  14. [13:57:13] VioletReverie grumbles and fiddles with her mane, attempting to ger her curls to lay properly. "Thought I heard that bell thing when I woke up. S' possible I was wrong."
  15. [13:59:39] <Mayhem> "When I open my eyes I better still have all my clothes on"
  16. [14:01:27] PrettyWreck walks up to Ace and sits down wearily. The abrupt sleep hadn't been very restful. The stallion covers his own mouth while yawning. "Ace, I hope you've been busy with the journals while we were out cold."
  17. [14:03:15] Mistress_D the large mare wobbles to her hooves "How long were we even out. being on a time limit makes this situation a concerning one."
  18. [14:04:48] <@sophos> Ace lifts his head and sits upright, revealing a red horseshoe on his cheek. "Yeah, I also found a terminal upstairs in the library but... I didn't want to get locked out," he says to PrettyWreck. "I've just been reading over these since."
  19. [14:06:17] <@sophos> Ace turns to Mistress_D and says, "Judging by the bell, I'd say it's eight o' clock."
  20. [14:06:26] PrettyWreck answers to Ace with a short nod and motions at the journals with his right hoof: "Mind if I take a look? I haven't read all of them yet."
  21. [14:06:29] Mayhem slowly leans up into a sitting position
  22. [14:08:27] Mayhem opens her eyes and lifts her hands to rub them, only to realize she is still holding the vial.
  23. [14:10:03] Mistress_D Quickly fixes her mane and nods to Ace breathing a sigh of relief "We didn't lost to much time, and I guess it is lucky it was just a type of knock out gas and not something of a more deadly nature." she does a few quick muscle exercises to see if all of her motorfuctions are still in one piece before looking at the vial in Mayhem hand "Miss Mayhem may I see that?" she points to the open vial "I wish to examine it.'
  24. [14:12:25] Mayhem tries to open her hand. "Eh...hehe, wish I could."
  25. [14:13:11] Mistress_D blinks at Mayhems statement. "What do you mean dear? Just open you hand."
  26. [14:17:00] Mayhem holds her hand towards her. "I can't"
  27. [14:18:02] Ace_Moonlight cocks his head at Mayhem. "Well, that explains why I couldn't get it out of your hand..."
  28. [14:18:50] <StellarAscent> "A terminal...? I could give it a try..:" He still mumbles, sleepy like before
  29. [14:20:52] Mistress_D nods and takes Mayhem hand "Maybe your muscles have tightened up from the gas...let me massage it for you, maybe that will loosen your grip." to which she tries to relax her hand if that is the problem.
  30. [14:21:32] PrettyWreck eyes scan the nameless journal entry for some time, before rising his head and looking at the group: "... Well, that den this person is talking about might be worth checking out."
  31. [14:21:57] Mayhem shrugs "You can give it a try at least."
  32. [14:22:46] <Ace_Moonlight> "Think you can do it, Stellar?" Ace asks, visibly excited.
  33. [14:23:57] <StellarAscent> "I am not an expert, but I have a decent enough understand of computer technology if I may say so myself."
  34. [14:24:17] Mistress_D nods and massages the bovines hand to the best of her ability she's not use to such dense muscle, while doing so she looks at the Vial to see if there is writing or a label to determine what it was.
  35. [14:25:15] Ace_Moonlight begins to bounce around in place. "C'mon! It's this way. I wanna see what it's hiding!" he says, just before bolting into the library.
  36. [14:26:17] VioletReverie canters off along with Ace, sparing a worried glance at PrettyWreck as she leaves.
  37. [14:27:12] <StellarAscent> "Mayhem, Mistress, will you come too?"
  38. [14:28:05] <StellarAscent> "Oh wait!" He exclaims, giving the broken radio or what it was another look.
  39. [14:28:15] <PrettyWreck> PrettyWreck gives Mayhem and Mistress_D a heads-up: I'm going there as well. Join us after you've got this... underhoof, I guess? Mayhem, can you take the journal entries? It might be the best one of us keeps them safe. And I'm not sure if you've actually read all of them?"
  40. [14:28:16] <StellarAscent> "I didn't have a chance to investigate this."
  41. [14:33:37] Mistress_D nods to PrettyWreck "Of course, we will be there shortly."
  42. [14:34:28] PrettyWreck gives Mistress_D a short nod and disappears to the library once again, following after Ace_Moonlight and VioletReverie.
  43. [14:35:04] <StellarAscent> "Huh... I understand the glyphs. They say... Xennon's. A brand or name? Does anybody know a Xennon?"
  44. [14:38:18] <Ace_Moonlight> "C'moooon..." Ace whines. "Aren't you guys the least bit interested in the terminal?" He sits down with a humph.
  45. [14:38:21] <StellarAscent> "To me, it sounds... Zebra-ish. Though I have not encountered any. Might there be a trickster-Zebra behind everything?" He further speculates and suggest.
  46. [14:39:21] <StellarAscent> "Gotta think about it while hacking that terminal. Patience, Ace." He says before calmly standing up. "Lead the way, I think we investigated everything ww could."
  47. [14:39:37] <StellarAscent> "At least about that speaker-thing."
  48. [14:41:15] <PrettyWreck> "I'm coming with you, Scoobs." PrettyWreck flashes the young stallion a smile and admits that he is at least a little bit curious about the terminal as well: "Mind you, I don't know jack shit about terminals."
  49. [14:43:55] Mayhem has a closer look at the flask as Mistress_D still massages her hand. "I think I'm starting to feel my hand again."
  50. [14:44:56] <StellarAscent> Ascent calmly follows Ace to the terminal
  51. [14:46:44] Mistress_D looks to flask then to mayhem as she keeps massageing "Good, who knows what this gas could do to you. Sir Pretty wants you to guard the journals you can't be hindered "
  52. [14:48:21] <Mayhem> "Yeah sure I'll do that. Also looking at it now, the after effects we all felt sound more like the oxygen was just displaced from the room. You would have different effects if it was actually a sleeping agent or something similar."
  53. [14:50:49] Ace_Moonlight taps away on the keyboard until he reaches the password that stumped him. "Here ya go, Stellar." he says. The young stallion moves out of the way and inspects the bookshelf full of comics once more.
  54. [14:51:02] <StellarAscent> "Alrighty then, let's give this baby a try. Watch my backs."
  55. [14:51:07] Mistress_D looks to Mayhem with a surprised look "......Well...yes...oxygen depervation is still not something to toy if you are ready with go with the others? speaks visably and audibly shaken as her perception of the minotaur has changed.
  56. [14:51:29] <PrettyWreck> PrettyWreck leans on the wall close by and waits.
  57. [14:51:46] <StellarAscent> He attempts to hack the password with a simple forwarding methods.
  58. [14:54:17] Mayhem raises an eyebrow at the winged pony. "What? Surprised that I know my medicine?" She chuckles. "You have to know that stuff if you are doing the work I do."
  59. [14:59:03] <Mistress_D> "Well, I don't know the work you do. So I am a bit surprised. I assumed you where either a merc or a proffesional baseball player....and I have keep up with the teams, like the Detrot Demonlishers or the Mad Max Mares." she muses giving a slight chuckle "But I do apolgize for assuming."
  60. [15:00:18] <Mayhem> "You follow the sport and don't know about the greatest craftsmen arena in Baltimore?!" Now Mayhem seems taken aback.
  61. [15:01:49] Mistress_D lifts her hoof to speak with confidence but slumps as she thinks about it. "..O wait...your serious?"
  62. [15:04:32] <Mayhem> "Yes, I am! It is a noble profession to record the player's achievements on their body and equipment!"
  63. [15:09:59] <Mistress_D> "O!" she fluffs her wings as she tries to contain her excitment. and reaching up and placing her hooves on Mayhems cheeks "How wonderful, you simple must get me in touch with your manager. The crowds the lights the Stadiums! All in gathered to take in the Greatest Show under the legacy from the old world!"
  64. [15:10:20] Mistress_D she lefts go from mayhem and takes to the air hovering
  65. [15:11:36] Mayhem raises her eyebrow at the mare and looks at her as if she is crazy
  66. [15:13:07] Mistress_D After a catching the gaze she lands and clears her throat "Eh hem, Well that for when our lives are not in danger, shall we rejoin the others."
  67. [15:16:49] <Mayhem> "Yeah let's do that." She gathers up the journals from the table and move to the library and up the stairs.
  68. [15:17:16] Mistress_D trots up stairs
  69. [14:54:56] <@sophos> The screen cuts away, and green text scrolls into view. It reads: Route clear - Open? "Y", "N"
  70. [14:54:59] StellarAscent [] joined the channel.
  71. [14:58:23] <StellarAscent> "Huh... Route Clear Open... Yes or no?" He more or less asks himself, uncertain on what to do.
  72. [14:59:05] <PrettyWreck> "I'd say yes?" Pretty shrugs.
  73. [14:59:30] Ace_Moonlight looks up from the comics. "Huh?" he asks. "You get in?"
  74. [15:00:00] <@sophos> The comics are all tightly packed onto the shelf. Apart from colour, there isn't any visable distinguishing factors.
  75. [15:00:18] <StellarAscent> "Yeah, but now it asks me to Route Clear Open, or not. What could that mean..." He still tries to figure it out.
  76. [15:02:25] <PrettyWreck> "Just click yes, I mean we get nowhere with 'no' right?" the greaser shrugs.
  77. [15:02:39] VioletReverie peers over Stellar's shoulder at the screen. "Yeah, Pretty's right. Just tell it yes."
  78. [15:05:39] Ace_Moonlight sprints toward the terminal, tripping over his own hooves. He rolls into the side of the desk with a loud thud. "Oof. Totally meant to do that," he says, rubbing his head.
  79. [15:05:58] <StellarAscent> "Fine, don't yell at me again if it does something bad though." He states, giving some of the people in the room a brief look perfore pressing 'Y'.
  80. [15:06:24] <StellarAscent> "You okay there Ace?" He asks, though focusing on the screen.
  81. [15:07:00] <Ace_Moonlight> "Wait - oh... Nevermind, I guess..." he says. "Yea... I'm fine," he says, glancing at the monitor.
  82. [15:08:02] <StellarAscent> "Good to know."
  83. [15:08:10] PrettyWreck chuckles and walks closer to the terminal as well, but otherwise stays quiet.
  84. [15:12:00] VioletReverie sidles up closer to PrettyWreck, wanting to be somewhere safer if this goes south.
  85. [15:12:03] <@sophos> The screen returns to the previous menu as a noise like spinning gears sounds from a nearby wall. At the dead end of room, left of the terminal, a segment of the wall rises.
  86. [15:13:55] <Ace_Moonlight> The young colt's eyes go wide. "Awesome," he says with a smile.
  87. [15:14:58] PrettyWreck smirks a little: "Well, at least this time luck seems to be on our side."
  88. [15:15:47] <StellarAscent> "Don't be too hasty." He tries to make them not loose their caution. Ascent the checks if there is anything else on the screen.
  89. [15:17:53] <@sophos> The screen presents a few options: Inventory, The Bronco Decimal Sytem, Orders/Shipments, and Route.
  90. [15:19:42] <Ace_Moonlight> "I checked everything but Inventory," Ace informs the others. "Nothing all that interesting."
  91. [15:21:16] PrettyWreck examines the risen segment of the wall
  92. [15:24:08] VioletReverie trots over to PrettyWreck, slipping a laser pistol out from under her dress. She wasnt sure she needed it, and hadn't needed it earlier, but this place was putting the filly on edge.
  93. [15:26:56] Ace_Moonlight peeks through the new opening.
  94. [15:28:55] <@sophos> The wall itself seems to have risen hardly more than a meter. Through the opening, a fire burns on a fake log on a stone slab.
  95. [15:29:10] Mistress_D Gets up the stairs with Mayhem in tow looking around and spots the rest of the party gathered around a terminal
  96. [15:29:15] <Ace_Moonlight> The green colt walks into the new room. He pulls out his radio. "So... Don't know what you guys have going on down there, Mayhem, but we found a secret passage. It's so cool!"
  97. [15:29:56] Mayhem makes a flat face. "I'm right behind you, kid."
  98. [15:31:01] Mistress_D giggles "To entraced by the passage."
  99. [15:32:52] Ace_Moonlight turns around. "Oh..." he says sheepishly. He puts the radio back into his bags.
  100. [15:36:20] Mistress_D walks forward heading to the passage "Hmm" she taps a hoof on th false door and looks to PrettyWreck "Sir Pretty did your group check this room before? when we first seperated?"
  101. [15:37:03] <PrettyWreck> "No, it was different. Larger too."
  102. [15:38:18] Ace_Moonlight wanders to the dresser and begins opening drawers at random.
  103. [15:38:32] <StellarAscent> "Well then... Attempts to check Inventory on the Screen'.
  104. [15:39:29] <Mistress_D> "I see." she duck down and goes through the fireplace to check the new room
  105. [15:40:34] <@sophos> The screen displays a list of every book currently owned and stocked in the library.
  106. [15:40:38] PrettyWreck examines the opening mechanism more closely: "Guys, I don't think the terminal is solely responsible for raising this wall... It's probably connected to a bigger machine somewhere. Too large. Would probably require a master system of somekind."
  107. [15:41:51] <@sophos> Mistress_D finds the fireplace is too tight for her frame, as it is a tight squeeze even for normal sized Ponies.
  108. [15:41:59] VioletReverie peers in at the guest room. "Hey pretty, wanna help me search the bed?"
  109. [15:42:29] Mistress_D Gets half way through and gets her flank blocked "..Hmm, thought as much."
  110. [15:42:42] Ace_Moonlight looks up from the dresser drawer. "Really?" he asks. "You're not very subtle..."
  111. [15:43:03] Mistress_D she retreats back out release herself
  112. [15:44:19] Mayhem doesn't fit through the opening
  113. [15:44:43] PrettyWreck gives the young filly a glare and guips: "Nope. This mechanism just became ten times more interesting for no good reason!"
  114. [15:45:24] <Mistress_D> "I'll just go around then, there must be a door on this level..somewhere."
  115. [15:45:54] VioletReverie grumbles and crawls under the bed, her small and thin frame proving useful. "Lost to a machine yet again", she mutters to herself.
  116. [15:46:09] <Mistress_D> "Coming Lady Mayhem?"
  117. [15:47:24] <StellarAscent> "Too much to read through for now..." Closes the Inventory again.
  118. [15:48:11] <Mayhem> "Huh? Oh yeah, coming." She follows the pegasus.
  119. [15:49:07] <StellarAscent> "I wait here in case the mechanism closes itself again."
  120. [15:49:17] PrettyWreck chuckles quietly to himself and pays no mind to the filly's muttering.
  121. [15:50:32] <StellarAscent> Uses his free time to open the terminal inventory once again and scroll through the list of books. Perhabs something interesting will meet his eyes eventually, while the others keep on searching.
  122. [15:52:36] Mistress_D leads out of the library and finds a small bar/gambling area but unfortunatly no door " is this connected to the library ...more so why is going through the library the only way you can get here."
  123. [15:56:06] <@sophos> VioletReverie finds the underside of the bed has not been cleaned in... ever. There are dust-bunnies half her size.
  124. [15:57:08] PrettyWreck trots over to the bed behind the dressing screen and examines it.
  125. [15:57:11] <@sophos> In one drawer, Ace_Moonlight finds a pair of journals.
  126. [15:57:40] VioletReverie sneezes and withdraws from under the bed. "Nothin' but dust. Boo."
  127. [16:30:03] <@sophos> The second floor den is less warm coloured than the previous rooms but remains over-decorated. The floor sports a pattern of square tiles in autumn colors, a poker table next to the door, a full bar at the far wall, and a balcony overlooking the courtyard. Blue carpetted stairs are oddly placed near the center of the room.
  128. [16:00:34] Mistress_D walks further in tracing her hoof around a card table before making her way to the bar and see's a set of steps. "O that explains it." she starts to walk down before glanceing at the bar she turns her head to Mayhem "Lady Mayhem do you fancy a drink?"
  129. [16:02:11] <Mayhem> "Mmmh do you think we have time for that?"
  130. [16:02:42] VioletReverie saunters over to the desk in the corner, and idly rifles through it.
  131. [16:03:19] <StellarAscent> Continues to examine the computer's inventory with a bored expression.
  132. [16:04:03] Ace_Moonlight pulls out the pair of journals. "Lookie what I found," he says. He carries them to the nearest bed and sits down. He opens one and begins reading aloud.
  133. [16:06:30] <StellarAscent> "Be extra loud!" Stellar exclaims from the room next to them.
  134. [16:07:48] Ace_Moonlight glances to the newly discovered passage. "Ahem," he says, clearing his throat. He starts again, but much louder.
  135. [16:09:30] Mistress_D looks to Mayhem "Normally I would say no, but considering there are tales and secret around every corner, It couldn't hurt. there might be a post it note on a bottle if we are lucky."
  136. [16:10:11] <@sophos> The two beds, divided by paper screen with a colourful depiction of a navel battle, look identical.
  137. [16:11:42] PrettyWreck examines under the bed while listening to Ace_Moonlight read the journal entry out loud
  138. [16:14:04] <@sophos> The journal reads: I never know what to expect. Just when I think I have this game figured out, it reminds me of its two century old expectations. It's all a big joke that I'm simply not in on, and it takes itself deadly serious. We lost Stilte. And if there's something important in the attic, we'll never know. I can't go back up there. I can't stake my life on a ballancing act, nor a leap of faith.. I left some boards under an upstairs bed if you're not afraid of heights or monsters.
  139. [16:15:25] Mayhem steps closer to the bar. "Might better have a look, yeah."
  140. [16:15:25] <@sophos> der an upstairs bed if you're not afraid of heights or monsters.
  141. [16:16:14] <StellarAscent> "Monsters?" He calls out from the terminal room.
  142. [16:16:14] <@sophos> PrettyWreck finds three wooden boards beneath the bed.
  143. [16:16:29] Ace_Moonlight shrugs. "That's what it says..."
  144. [16:17:04] <Ace_Moonlight> The colt puts the journal into his bags, and begins reading the second aloud.
  145. [16:18:14] PrettyWreck reaches for the boards and pulls them out, blowing dust off of them: "I think I found the boards you mentioned, Ace!"
  146. [16:21:33] <@sophos> The second journal reads: . A steaming pile is what this place is– plenty of bits put into it but ya can't polish it, or pick it up from the clean end, or whatever they say. Doesn't mean this Baroness hasn't tried, though. It's like an old skeleton covered in a gaudy, Nightmare Night costume and expensive perfume.
  147. [16:21:52] <@sophos> And she'd have us believe it was all on purpose! Mom and Pop didn't raise a fool, and I've seen what Grimmane can do to a quarter of Baltimare. She wouldn't leave anything like this standing on her property unless she had to. I'll get to the bottom of this little party and find out what stinks.
  148. [16:23:38] <StellarAscent> "Uuuh! Conspiracy talk!" He exclaims from the terminal.
  149. [16:25:01] <PrettyWreck> "Sounds like the baroness was a bit of a scrooge..." PrettyWreck mutters and carries the boards to Ace_Moonlight.
  150. [16:26:13] Ace_Moonlight places the second journal into his bags. "I dunno. I /am/ curious as to why she'd make traps to kill, if this was a party..." he says, trailing off.
  151. [16:27:07] VioletReverie calls out from her nose deep position in the desk, "Cause the hag was a bitter old bitch!"
  152. [16:28:24] <PrettyWreck> "I second that. Also, anyone else feeling like the attic these journal entries were talking about are a place to avoid at all costs? Because that place sounds unhealthy. Just saying."
  153. [16:29:18] PrettyWreck taps the boards with his right hoof.
  154. [16:30:38] Ace_Moonlight rummages through his bags a moment, producing a buck cake and a sparkle-cola. He looks at PrettyWreck questioningly. "What?" he asks, his mouth full of cake.
  155. [16:32:13] VioletReverie blinks at Pretty. "This place has an attic? Think there's a vault in there?"
  156. [16:32:44] <StellarAscent> "Or a stable?" He calls out, still looking through the inventory on the computer.
  157. [16:33:13] VioletReverie blinks. "Why would there be a stable in the attic?"
  158. [16:33:46] Mayhem walks over and has a closer look at the stairs.
  159. [16:34:23] PrettyWreck looks through his saddlebags and takes out a Sparkle-Cola Cherry and canned vegetables: "At least that journal Ace just read mentioned one." The stallion pauses, opening the bottle and taking a swig of the no longer cold drink.
  160. [16:34:28] Ace_Moonlight opens the sparkle-cola and drains half in one go. "Ahh.." he exhales.
  161. [16:34:37] Mistress_D saunters to the bar looking out of the Balcony "...Hmm Lady Mayhem, would you say that is the courtyard that's locked off to us?"
  162. [16:36:55] <@sophos> The courtyard is covered in a maze of crude, overgrown hedges. Large statues can be seen in certain corners as the cloud overhead discharges yet another bolt of lighning.
  163. [16:37:11] <StellarAscent> "I dunno... reasons." He more or less states half-heartedly.
  164. [16:37:24] <Mayhem> "Seems like it. Also that is a really ugly statue..."
  165. [16:40:49] <@sophos> The thunder barely has time to die before yet another discharge lights the courtyard; the statue Mayhem was looking at is nowhere to be found.
  166. [16:41:44] PrettyWreck frowns slightly, scrunching his muzzle: "Nope, mouth still tastes like ash."
  167. [16:41:50] Mayhem suddenly stares. "DON'T...BLINK!"
  168. [16:42:12] Ace_Moonlight pulls out a couple pieces of candy. "Hey, Pretty. Watch this," he says, tossing a piece straight into the air.
  169. [16:42:46] Mistress_D ear twitches at the sudden expressive minotaur and complies looking over the courtyard trying not to blink.
  170. [16:43:53] <PrettyWreck> The older stallion looks at the green colt with some amusement: "Don't choke on it."
  171. [16:44:26] Mayhem looks around if the 'statue' is anywhere to be seen
  172. [16:45:24] <StellarAscent> "Are you guys done yet?!" He calls out to them.
  173. [16:45:25] <@sophos> Without the flash of lightning, the courtyard looks like a black shrubbery; overgrown by weeds with the slightest preferrence for geometric shapes.
  174. [16:46:23] Mayhem whispers. "Do you have any way of providing us with some light?" She is kinda desperate and her hairs stand on end.
  175. [16:48:00] <Mistress_D> "I do. want me to illuminate the whole courtyard?" extends her wings preparing to her out and off the balconey
  176. [16:50:27] <Mayhem> "Please do!"
  177. [16:50:47] sophos collides with the glass surrounding the balcony.
  178. [16:54:58] Mistress_D Walks forward not seeing the the glass and smashes head first "Shhhh..hmmmo" she rubs her head at the point of impact "...Ok that hurt a bit."
  179. [16:56:05] <@sophos> The glass is unscathed. It's safe to assume that there isn't meant to be a way off the balcony.
  180. [16:56:35] <Ace_Moonlight> The colt glances at PrettyWreck as the piece of candy reaches its peak. He rolls his eyes. The piece of candy barely misses his mouth, instead becoming lodged in on of his nostrils. "Are you kidding me?" the colt asks. He puts a hoof to one nostril and begins furiously trying to blow the foreign object free. "No, no, no..." he mutters.
  181. [16:57:30] <Mistress_D> "Lady Mayhem, smash that glass for me please." she says nursing her head
  182. [16:59:22] Ace_Moonlight looks to PrettyWreck pleadingly. "Help, please," he says with tears in his eyes.
  183. [17:00:13] VioletReverie looks over at Ace from the desk. "Uhh... need some help there honey?"
  184. [17:00:20] PrettyWreck bursts into roaring laughter: "You should have seen your face...!!" PrettyWreck takes sharp breaths between bursts of laughter and smirks a bit apologetically. "Well, all I have is a knife, maybe Violet can take it out better. Unless you want me to cram a screwdriver in there as well...! VioletReverie, get you butt here...!"
  185. [17:00:41] Mayhem shakes her head. "I don't think that would do any good. We should check the stairs."
  186. [17:01:04] <Ace_Moonlight> "N...No knives... Violet, you think you can get it..." he says, more red than green at the moment.
  187. [17:01:41] <StellarAscent> Ascent peaks his head through the entrance. "What's so fun... ooh... tihihihihih..." He gloated a little bit, before retreating back to his computer.
  188. [17:02:36] Mistress_D mutters something under her breath "..Yes..ow..." she fixes her mane over a growing red mark on her head turning around and swipes a bottle of alcohol age be damned "Stairs lets go." she marches down the steps rather unlady like
  189. [17:02:39] VioletReverie trots over to ace and giggles into a forehoof. "Yeah, hold still." With a shimmer, her horn alights, a magic field gently encasing the candy. With a gentle tug, she pops it free of his nose, and looks at it. "You dont uh.. I wouldnt suggest eating this still."
  190. [17:02:51] Ace_Moonlight cuts his eyes at the doorway.
  191. [17:03:16] <Mayhem> "Careful you don't fall."
  192. [17:03:58] Ace_Moonlight shrugs, and chomps the candy from the air. "I've eaten worse," he says, offering her the second piece as a thank you.
  193. [17:05:37] PrettyWreck gives Ace_Moonlight a pat on the head, still snickering: "Don't worry kid, I know a stallion who managed to fall face first to a pile of nuts and bolts only to have two lodged in his right nostril. The doc got them out and Oil went and fell in the same pile again just a few hours later."
  194. [17:05:48] VioletReverie blinks and giggles at his boyish display, murmuring thanks as she accepts the second piece. She manages to eat hers quite a bit more daintily, not getting it caught in any errant holes.
  195. [17:06:03] Mistress_D stares back to Mayhem not paying attention "I am, Lady M-" slightly trips back plays it off as a duck "-ayhem, thank you for your concern."
  196. [17:06:45] <StellarAscent> "Don't worry about it Violet. Everypony consumes 1 litre of their mucus per day, so the food is still A-okay!" The calls over.
  197. [17:08:22] Mayhem chuckles softly behind a hand as she follows her.
  198. [17:08:34] VioletReverie blinks. "...Ew."
  199. [17:11:02] <@sophos> The stairs lead down to the den's first floor. The fireplace adjacent of the stairs casts a warm glow over the cold, blue stone floor. To the right, sits a grand piano on a circular carpet; to the left lays a bearskin rug next to a small safe. A silver and oak blunderbuss is mounted over the fireplace.
  200. [17:16:44] <@sophos> VioletReverie finds a manilla package stuffed behind a drawer.
  201. [17:18:10] VioletReverie tugs out the manilla package, eyeing it carefully. She gives it a gentle shake.
  202. [17:19:57] <@sophos> The time is: 20:17.
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