Belted succunun

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  1. Belted Succunun (Not my work)
  3. >Sister Edelweiss had a naughty thought this morning, so she tightened her purity belts early on in the day
  4. >Sadly, the naughty thought wouldn't go away, so she kept tightening her belts again and again until evening adoration
  5. >As she squirmed in the pew, her hands trembling as she tries to clasp them and the sides of her lips leaking as she tries to mouth the words of faith, another person enters the otherwise empty chapel
  6. >"O-Oh! Sister Helga! I'm glad your here... I-I had another bad thought today about that big, strong blacksmith boy today that I just couldn't get out of my-"
  7. >She turns to see not another ordained sister, but the very blacksmith boy her thoughts had rued her day with, his eyes not even pretending to meet her gaze as they instead glare hot desire like beams of heat onto her body's squished and constricted skin
  8. >Unnoticed by either of them, the chapel door is closed behind him and quietly locked by a sniggering Devil and her Imp friend
  9. >The blacksmith is going to be doing some tightening, hammering, and slotting his hot iron rod into a perfectly sized hole or three.
  10. >Sister Edelweiss goes to morning meal the next day
  11. >Sister Helga notices the intense belt marks on her as she drinks more orange juice than usual and walks with a slightly warbling pace
  12. >"Oh sister Edel! Such purity you have to have worn your belts so tight yesterday! But do be careful dear, if you wear them too tight it can be more painful than helpful!"
  13. >Sister Edelweiss replies in a dreamy tone without thinking
  14. >"Mmmm, it actually feels reeeally good when they get pulled to their tightest..."
  15. >She startles and stammers out a follow up
  16. >"R-Really good, because you know you're being so faithful! T-The tightness reminds you of your very sacred and very unbreakable vows to purity! The vows that exist deep, deep... deeeeeep... er, deep inside us! Yes, why I'm feeling inspired right now to do some errands as part of my duties! Anyone need anything from the blacksmith?!"
  17. Meanwhile at the blacksmith's...
  18. >"Hey anon"
  19. >"Ho, anon."
  20. >"How was prayer last night?"
  21. >"I fucked that hot nun and am probably gonna marry her now"
  22. >"Nice. Hand me that hand-bellows"
  23. >Sister Edelweiss walks around the whole day with her belts as tight as she can make them herself
  24. >What once brought feelings of stoic purity and reminders of faith now brings a sexual jolt at her every stretching move and reminders of getting plowed like a fertile field
  25. >She arrives at the blacksmith's and walks inside, hastily placing the convent's orders for prayer medallions and belt-buckle repairs on the counter in front
  26. >The head blacksmith stops in, takes the orders, and- did he wink?- heads back into the work area, asking Sister Edel to take a seat and wait for his journeyman worker (her lover from last night) to come out and discuss 'payment'
  27. >Sister Edel sits down at a chair, nervously trying to control her heart rate as she twiddles her fingers in self-doubt
  28. >Next to her, a thick-set and incredibly busty Kikimora in a barmaid outfit notices her fidgeting and stifles a giggle to herself
  29. >The strapping young Blacksmith walks out, and wordlessly motions for the Succunun to follow him to a back room, which she does like an already well trained dog, tittering on her toes as she not-so-discreetly wiggles her hips in anticipation
  30. >The head blacksmith comes back out and holds up the Kikimora's order, a nice set of bikini armor thats straps were starting to warp and bend out of shape
  31. >He casually tilts his head in the direction of the back room as the Kikimora happily empties the money bag she brought with her on the counter
  32. >"They head back there?"
  33. >"Ya! He's teaching her the joys of spanking as we speak."
  34. >"How you know that?"
  35. >"I'm a monster. We just know~"
  36. >The head blacksmith just smiles and shakes his head, handing over the armor and heading back to his loud forge where the sounds of a Succunun yelping and moaning uncontrollably will be drowned out by the fire
  37. >Sister Edelweiss and Anon the Blacksmith have been going strong for several months now
  38. >So far through sitcom-tier convenience they've managed to keep their trysts a secret from the rest of the Succunun's convent
  39. >Only thing is, Sister Edelweiss is a hopeless traditionalist and wants them to be officially married in a church, yet also is too afraid of retribution to just reveal whats going on and quit her convent
  40. >So they decide to get married in a different church of a different following, choosing Hathor since the Succunun's goddess of choice has no beef with her
  41. >They arrive at the church of Hathor and the Sister explains their plight, only to be happily accepted and informed that they just need to do some pre-marriage counseling for a few weeks to make sure they're compatible with each other  
  42. >A few weeks pass and all seems to be going well until one day Sister Edelweiss wakes up and tries to put her purity belts on...
  43. >...Only to find that the ones for her bosom in particular have been completely outgrown
  44. >In a panic she excuses herself and covers up so the other sisters won't notice, scampering off to the Blacksmith's hut, not unaware of how much her very full chest jiggles and jostles and bounces around underneath her robes
  45. >The Blacksmith apprentice stares at her chest as she describes her discovery and holds up the belts as an example
  46. >he simply looks up and takes the belt in hand while pulling her closer
  47. >"I'm pretty sure I can still make these fit"
  48. >Cut to a blushing red Sister Edelweiss walking back into the convent, all eyes staring agasp at her huge breasts being squeeeeeezed like a vice by her belts around them, a brand new set of demon realm silver buckles holding firm as she stifles constant moans and gasps of pleasurable pain while suffering the intense glares of judgement from her sisters, which only turns her on more
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