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Sep 23rd, 2021
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  1. 41.55 Patch
  3. NEW
  5. - Added new 3D items + fixed some.
  6. - Added a context menu for choosing which CD/VHS to insert into the device (when using a controller)
  7. - Display CDs and VHS tapes in the Training Materials ui.
  9. ANIMS
  11. -changed climb fence success anim to a quicker finish
  12. -tweaked to climb fence fail
  13. -shaved off a few frames from Bob/Bob_StaggerBack_3m
  14. -adjusted Bob_AttackPistolWhip02.X to same length as shoves
  15. -tweaked head of Bob_WalkBwdAimHandgun.X to better blend with other anims
  19. - Added optional vehicle.passenger.showPassenger=true|false parameter for iBrRus.
  20. When true, the player model isn't hidden when entering, exiting or sitting in that particular seat.
  25. - Player running through a horde will now have a much greater chance of falling
  26. - Gave vehicles more engine force in first gear.
  31. - Added translations for Boredom/Stress/etc notification text above the player's head.
  32. - small delay when switching cd/tape on/off
  33. - bzzt-fzzt and zap sound when switching on tape
  35. SOUNDS
  37. - Fixed some ambient sounds being controlled by the Sound Volume slider instead of the Ambient Volume slider.
  38. - Play the Painting sound when painting signs.
  39. - Added optional ISBuildingObject.completionSound which plays when finishing a carpentry or metalwork action.
  40. - Allow a food item's CustomEatSound script parameter to be an empty string to play no sound instead of the default eating sound.
  41. This can be used when the animation will play a sound at the right time, instead of starting the sound at the beginning of the action.
  42. - Smoking cigarettes plays the Smoke sound once during each animation loop.
  43. - Updated scripts with BuildMetalStructureXXX and BuildWoodenStructureXXX sounds (they are not implemented yet).
  44. - Play a breaking-object sound when picking up furniture fails.
  46. FIXES
  48. - Fixed hotdrink not working with some mug + double recipes. (Reminder: you need a mug with water to start a hot drink)
  49. - Fixed the selected container in the Loot window changing due to the player turning while transferring items.
  50. - Fixed untranslated Perk names in halo text when a new level is attained.
  51. - Fixed endurance not being drained due to running during "Walk To" movement (or any automatic movement).
  52. - Fixed Lua error trying to play a CD/VHS with the controller.
  53. - Fixed the hotbar remaining hidden after unplugging player #1's controller and reverting to keyboard and mouse.
  54. - Fixed (hopefully) random textures appearing when displaying corpses for the first time.
  55. - Fixed a Lua error with commit 7143 "Fixed the selected container in the Loot window changing"
  56. - Fixed auto-zoom while in a vehicle not respecting the enabled Display zoom options.
  57. - Fixed attaching trailers to vehicles that were removed from the world after being replaced by smashed versions.
  58. - Fixed missing comma in FertilizerEmpty item script.
  59. - Fixed collision properties of stair pillars not being set properly after constructing stairs.
  60. - Fixed "Index -1 out of bounds for length 8" exception in FliesSound due to negative z corpse coordinates.
  61. - Fixed the position of the rotate-item prompt in splitscreen.
  62. - Fixed IsoStove.doSound() exception that happens when a running stove is destroyed by fire.
  63. - Fixed rotate-item prompt appearing when using a controller.
  64. - Fixed the tooltip for the farming cursor and wall-upgrade cursor not being hidden after shoving.
  65. - Fixed missing Tooltip_item_StackWeight (got lost in community-translation update).
  66. - Fixed the Survival Guide being displayed when using a controller; it doesn't work with it currently.
  67. - Fixed the Training Materials button overlapping other text with 3x font size and many traits.
  68. - Fixed missing "/" characters in the Log Wall context-menu tooltip.
  69. - Fixed crafted double-door objects losing some properties when opened (in particular, the thumpSound).
  70. - Fixed missing Tutorial zombie noise, but temporarily using old TutorialZombie sound
  71. - Fixed replacing roofs_accents_xxx sprites with the wrong burned-roof sprites.
  72. - Fixed the Smash Window action being immediately cancelled due to the controller B button being pressed.
  73. - Fixed displaying a context menu of CD/VHS choices when dragging an item to the Device Options window. It is only needed when using a controller.
  74. - Fixed being unable to wash a single bandage in a bag (it wasn't transferred to main inventory first).
  75. - Fixed Joypad tutorial
  76. - Fixed various aspects of tutorial where people were going wrong
  77. - Fixed bandanas providing far too much head protection
  78. - Fixed some containers being rendered high off the ground after being moved by the player.
  79. - Fixed zombies rotating to face the player during hit-reaction and stagger-back animations. This usually happened when hitting zombies from behind.
  80. - Fixed zombies climbing through windows that are behind them. This sometimes happened after the player shoved a zombie into a window.
  81. - Fixed a Lua error in the main menu after deleting the last savefile. The Continue and Load buttons were hidden but still accessible using a controller.
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