MagiReco Main Story 8 - Tsuruno

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. Tsuruno
  3. 8.23 Tsuruno 1
  4. Minagi Ward, along the water
  5. Tsuruno: "Based on my brain, the entrance to their base is riiiiight around here!"
  7. 8.23.1 (from 8.8.1 Yachiyo 4)
  8. [insert map of Kamihama with Minagi Ward highlighted]
  9. -Minagi Ward-
  10. [On the waterfront in Minagi Ward, in the evening]
  11. Tsuruno: "I think they were coming out from around here..."
  12. "..."
  13. "Yes, let's go back to a few days ago!"
  14. "When the brainwashed Yui Tsuruno left the enemy base..."
  15. "I get the feeling that I came out over here!"
  16. "And so the answer is..."
  17. "Hmm... hmm... hmm..."
  18. [fade to black]
  19. Tsuruno: *I was blindfolded, but... definitely...*
  20. [back to the waterfront]
  21. Tsuruno: "It was definitely these tiles!"
  22. "I feel like I might have seen where I was walking through the gap."
  23. "Yes, yes!"
  24. "But..."
  25. [she senses with her magic]
  26. Tsuruno: "I don't see any entrance..."
  27. "That's right... they probably erased it..."
  28. (Then, maybe I'll just go look for magical girls like the others...)
  29. (If there are some around here...)
  30. [fade to gray, we see Tsuruno]
  31. Tsuruno: *Mmmmmm...*
  32. *thump thump thump thump thump...*
  33. *...*
  34. [back to the waterfront, Tsuruno senses something]
  35. Tsuruno: "I got it! wait, are they really magical girls!?"
  36. [screen wipe; we see a white and a black feather]
  37. Tsuruno: "The bad kind!"
  38. "And there's one, two, three, four... Lots..."
  39. (Ugh, maybe they predicted I would come here to investigate...)
  40. [the white feather attacks]
  41. white feather: "...UUGAH!!"
  42. Tsuruno: "Woah! All of a sudden!?"
  43. [the black feather attacks]
  44. black feather: "...nnNGH!!"
  45. Tsuruno: "Hey, you're way too violent!"
  46. "And on top of that, you're aiming for my soul gem!?"
  47. TO: 8.24.1 (Tsuruno 2)
  49. 8.24 Tsuruno 2
  50. on the seafront in Minagi Ward
  51. Tsuruno: "You'll regret aiming for the Strongest Magical Girl!"
  53. 8.24.1 (from 8.23.1 Tsuruno 1)
  54. [Tsuruno attacks the feathers]
  55. Tsuruno: "CHAAAA!"
  56. white feather: "guh!"
  57. Tsuruno: "Alright, how'd you like that!?"
  58. "When your opponent is the Strongest Magical Girl, Yui Tsuruno..."
  59. "I hope you know what you're in for!"
  60. white feather: "..."
  61. Tsuruno: "Mmmmngh..."
  62. [the feathers leave]
  63. Tsuruno: "...sigh"
  64. "They sure are aiming to eliminate us..."
  65. "I put up a brave front, but that was really close..."
  66. [she senses something]
  67. Tsuruno: "Huh?"
  68. "Another magical girl..."
  69. (Maybe she'll attack me the same way!)
  70. [One the boardwalk along the water, we see Hinano and a black feather]
  71. black feather: "....GAAAH!!"
  72. Hinano: "Jeez, what's with you!?"
  73. "Last time I saw you, you were rather calmer..."
  74. [the black feather attacks]
  75. black feather: "GUUUH...!!"
  76. Hinano: "If you're going to pressure me with numbers, then I'll fight back with numbers too!"
  77. "These test tubes inside my lab coat..."
  78. "This Compound A and Compound B have magic cast upon them."
  79. "Normally I save them for use against witches, but I'll have to use them for you."
  80. black feather: "AAAH AAAH AAAH!!"
  81. Hinano: "Your recklessness is scaring me."
  82. "Be careful with chemicals!"
  83. [she tosses them]
  84. black feather: "..gAAAH!"
  85. Tsuruno: "WoOOOAAAH! That was awesome!"
  86. Hinano: "W-What's with you!? Wait, it's been a while since I last saw that face."
  87. Tsuruno: "Huh? Have we met somewhere before?"
  88. Hinano: "This is the first time we've actually talked like this."
  89. "I'm sure you came to save me, but I've already finished cleaning up."
  90. [we see a white and a black feather]
  91. black feather: "...Uugh!"
  92. Hinano: "Ah, there were some left!"
  93. Tsuruno: "Then, can I join in?"
  94. Hinano: "Yeah, I don't mind. It'll be great help!"
  95. "However, they're behaving strangely, so watch out!"
  96. "Even for the self-declared Strongest, they're dangerous."
  97. Tsuruno: "You even knew that!?"
  98. Hinano: "Of course, you're the burr who was latched onto that Nanami Yachiyo."
  99. Tsuruno: "Yeah, she properly accepted me as her apprentice!"
  100. Hinano: "Oi, you sure interpreted that how you wanted."
  101. TO: 8.25.1 (Tsuruno 3)
  103. 8.25 Tsuruno 3
  104. [on the boardwalk in Minagi Ward]
  105. Hinano: "I don't understand the situation, but I feel lucky that I got help. Let's clear this all up!"
  107. 8.25.1 (from 8.24.1 Tsuruno 2)
  108. [on the boardwalk]
  109. Hinano: "This time it seems they all ran away..."
  110. "Thanks for saving me."
  111. Tsuruno: "No, you're welcome!"
  112. Hinano: "So, did something happen between them and you?"
  113. Tsuruno: "Huh?"
  114. Hinano: "At one point I got an invitation from them."
  115. "At the time, they were sharply criticizing you guys."
  116. Tsuruno: "Eh... ehhhh... that was..."
  117. (If I say the wrong thing, she'll misunderstand me...)
  118. (For now...)
  119. "Um, it'll take a long time to explain, so for now, just trust me!"
  120. "Would that be alright?"
  121. Hinano: "I'm just saying this, but it's not like I'm treating you as an enemy, okay?"
  122. "It's more that I'm worried for you."
  123. "In the first place, I don't intend on believing..."
  124. "The words of people who lost themselves from some drug like this."
  125. Tsuruno: "Hoh?"
  126. (Drug? It's not normal?)
  127. (Might they have been affected by a rumor like I was?)
  128. (Then we need to hurry and turn them back... but what should I do...)
  129. Hinano: "Well, the explanation can wait until later."
  130. Tsuruno: "Ah, uh, okay."
  131. Hinano: "And on top of having you help me fight, could I trouble you to come with me again?"
  132. Tsuruno: "If there's something the Strongest Magical Girl can do, then just say the word!"
  133. Hinano: "Then I won't hesitate to."
  134. "So I saw them setting up witch barriers."
  135. "I was planning on going in myself, but it seemed suspicious, so I held off."
  136. Tsuruno: "So the witches that appeared suddenly..."
  137. "Were the fault of the feathers!"
  138. "Of course I'll help! Hmf hmf!"
  139. Hinano: "Yeah, thanks."
  140. "Seriously, I was attacked, and saw them setting up witches..."
  141. "What a day."
  142. Tsuruno: "Yeah, seriously."
  143. [her phone rings]
  144. Tsuruno: "Ah, hold on a moment."
  145. Hinano: "Hm?"
  146. Tsuruno: "I've got a call from Yachiyo."
  147. TO: 8.26.1 (Tsuruno 4)
  149. 8.26 Tsuruno 4
  150. in a witch barrier
  151. Hinano: "They set up the barrier, but the inside seems completely normal..."
  153. 8.26.1 (from 8.25.1 Tsuruno 3)
  154. [on the boardwalk]
  155. Hinano: "It was tougher than I expected, but we beat it somehow."
  156. Tsuruno: "Yeah, it might have been difficult to take on alone."
  157. "Oh yeah, here, take this."
  158. Hinano: "What?"
  159. "You're really giving me a grief seed?"
  160. Tsuruno: "Yeah, we don't know if anything like before will happen again."
  161. Hinano: "Well, sure, but do you have a stock?"
  162. Tsuruno: "Ah, well..."
  163. Hinano: "Then I won't take it."
  164. "It's all well and good trying to help, but keep yourself safe first."
  165. "You can keep that one. I have one of my own."
  166. Tsuruno: "Okay, then I will. Thanks!"
  167. Hinano: "This is the time to help each other out like this."
  168. "But really, they're quite crazy..."
  169. "The witch aside, I don't get at all what they're thinking."
  170. Tsuruno: "Yeah, they're not just placing them, but actually raising them."
  171. Hinano: "What!? That's beyond madness!"
  172. "What are they trying to do!?"
  173. Tsuruno: (Maybe I should explain a little...)
  174. [screen wipe]
  175. Hinano: "Okay, I get that they're trying to kill us all and that we should go to the Adjuster's..."
  176. Tsuruno: "Yeah, so we need to get to the Adjuster's."
  177. Hinano: "Wait. Based on what you told me, I can't do that."
  178. Tsuruno: "Ehhh? Why not!?"
  179. Hinano: "I'm worried about my assistants."
  180. "We'll take a short detour before heading there."
  181. Tsuruno: "Nice, you're small but you're well-composed!"
  182. Hinano: "Don't call me small!"
  183. "Wait, how old do you think I am?"
  184. Tsuruno: "1..."[this doesn't work in English]
  185. Hinano: "Yes."
  186. Tsuruno: "12?"
  187. Hinano: "18!"
  188. Tsuruno: "Dwhaaaa!?"
  189. Hinano: "Despite what you see, I'm a veteran second only to Nanami Yachiyo!"
  190. Tsuruno: "It's a miracle of genetics."
  191. Hinano: "Don't call me a miracle!"
  192. "Jeez..."
  193. "Well, that's how it is."
  194. "If we spot anyone else on the way, we can take them with us to the Adjuster's."
  195. "First is Emiri..."
  196. Tsuruno: "Emiri?"
  197. "Emiri-sensei!?"
  198. Hinano: "What? Huh? Sensei!? That idiot?"
  199. "Are we talking about the same person?"
  200. Tsuruno: "No no, Sensei has helped me out quite a bit already."
  201. "All my worries went flying away like that."
  202. "The Advice Spot is like a refuge for magical girls!"
  203. Hinano: "Ah, that..."
  204. "I guess she's more serious about it than I thought..."
  205. "Well, I'm going to go check on this Sensei or whatever."
  206. Tsuruno: "Then, I'll go call Yachiyo."
  207. "...huh?"
  208. Hinano: "What's wrong?"
  209. "Tsuruno: "I have no signal."
  210. Hinano: "That's not possible... Huh, it's true, I don't have signal either..."
  211. "Really, what a day... Now I won't be able to contact anyone..."
  212. Tsuruno: "..."
  213. (Yachiyo said to meet up...)
  214. (But Felicia didn't pick up...)
  215. (Maybe I'll head over there...)
  216. "Alright, Head Sensei!"
  217. Hinano: "Huh? Head Sensei?"
  218. Tsuruno: "Emiri-sensei's master!"
  219. Hinano: "I see... Not!"
  220. "Well, what is it?"
  221. "It's not like I know how to get the signal back."
  222. Tsuruno: "One of my friends should be in the area of Emiri-sensei's Advice Spot."
  223. "Let's go get them together!"
  224. Hinano: "I see now."
  225. "In that case, I'll leave them to you. I'll go look for Rika..."
  226. "It's a pain that we can't stay in touch, though."
  227. Tsuruno: "Yeah, leave it to me!"
  228. Hinano: "Got it. Well, good luck!"
  229. [Hinano leaves]
  230. Tsuruno: "Alright, let's meet up with Felicia!"
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