Dead Lewd (one-shot)

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  1. The mothership was eerily dark. I felt a strange unease. My docking clearance had been given by the automated system, but that was hardly out of the ordinary. We always ran with a partial crew, and with the traffic levels as they were, there was usually no point to actually man the stations. Even so, shivers ran up my spine the moment I stepped off the tugboat. The lights flickered, as they had for weeks. There were no replacements, and if there were, no time to install them.
  3. There was no-one to welcome me. Not even to help unload the new haul. I was disappointed, but not wholly surprised. It wasn't the first time I would handle the antigravs with a flashlight between my teeth. I sauntered to the lockers and gathered the mag-clamps and light I needed to pull the carts down along their little maglev monorails. It wasn't heavy or anything, the cart just had to go perfectly into position for any junctions.
  5. I had just dropped the ramp, and stood ready to climb aboard, when I saw her. Her head and arms hanging limp at her sides, she stood, wordlessly, in the flickering light. It was the night-shift dockmaster. Usually she would descend upon me with her clipboard and manifests before I could even get out of the tug. I never told anyone, but I enjoyed being pestered by her. I thought it was cute how she always went over the top, seemed to have something to prove.
  9. Just as I shouted and waved, I noticed something was wrong. A trail of blood gleamed in the light behind her, and she dripped a pool around her feet. I paused. She began to move. My vision swam as she jerked forward, her muscles spasming under barely-controlled forces. In my vertigo I became almost hyper-focused on her. An arm swung erratically forward, grazing her modest chest, just as the opposite leg jerked with unsettlingly little rhythm.
  11. She spasmed her way towards me for a few paces before I could gather my wits. I backed into the wall of the tug as she creeped closer and closer. Suddenly she halted, and with a grotesque spasm her head swung up. I met her eyes as her head was thrown up - they were a terrifying milky grey throughout. That wasn't the scary part, though. As her lips cleared the high collar of her jumpsuit, my brain worked furiously to come up with a logical explanation. It could not. Her mandible was missing, and in its place her blood-stained tongue flopped freely.
  13. I froze in terror as she let her head fall again, this time halting to meet my gaze. I heard a voice from her direction, but muffled, and visibly not from her mouth. "I like you..." I could not react. She began to unzip her jumpsuit, exposing her bluish collarbones, then small breasts in their bloodstained sports bra, then something else entirely. Where her guts should have been, a maelstrom of oily, bloody tentacles whipped and churned in the air.
  15. I saw them extend from her spine, now covered in horrifying tumorous lumps of bone and flesh, and I head the dreadful voice, now unmuffled by her clothes. "I really like you... Do you like me too...?" The voice came from inside her abdomen. I could not take the sight and sound, and I fell on my knees. I barely saw, in the corner of my eye, her jumpsuit rip apart as bony protrusions shot out of her shoulders, but I was too busy vomiting furiously to react.
  19. In an instant she was upon me. Horrifying claws of bone and flesh pinned my legs and arms to the tugboat's metal wall. Her horrifying appendages punched effortlessly through the metal sheet behind me. Has she wanted to kill me, I would have been run through at once. No, what she had in mind for me was far more sinister. I was pinned by her claws, but her human arms were left free to roam. They jerked and spasmed up my chest until they reached my face.
  21. She violently thrust her mangled face into mine. Her one lip struck mine, her cold teeth pressing painfully into my lower lip. Her head wriggled with empty, vacant eyes, clumsily mushing her one lip into my mouth. It probed and poked at me, as if attempting a kiss. A wave of revulsion washed across me as this monstrosity that inhabited the girl I had once loved molested me. Even if some part of her still remained, I was more horrified than glad.
  23. "I put in my next holiday the same week as yours..." The cancerous voice groaned even as the head molested me. "I was going to ask you out..." Suddenly her head snapped back, and I could not avoid looking into her cavity. I watched her deathly-grey tentacles twist into a hollow rope inside her. There was something at the end of it, a reddish bladder-like object. I looked at it, puzzled and horrified, when I noticed a bloody-red ball on a string hanging from the side. I retched, but there was nothing left to vomit.
  27. Her upper jaw dug into my shoulder, her tongue hanging limp on my flesh, like a cold lump of meat. I felt one arm wrap around my opposite shoulder as another fumbled with my jumpsuit. I more heard than felt it unzip all the way down, but the wet, slimy feeling of the tentacles on my genitals was felt all too strongly. I whimpered in terror as they began to massage my shaft. I cried silently as I felt myself harden, driven as much by the memories of her in life running through my mind as the sensations down below.
  29. I let out an anguished cry as her cold tentacles enveloped me. One coil at a time, she pushed her horrorifice deeper and deeper onto me, until I felt a slimy wall strike my head. She groaned and sheezed with that disgusting voice, her modest chest pushed against me in an unholy embrace. She leant against me, and even without seeing it, I knew my penis had to be inside her abdominal cavity. The only things moving were her jawless mouth on my shoulder and that abomination along my shaft.
  31. She pumped herself into me with a slow, gentle rhythm. The soft, deliberate movement of her unnatural orifice only served to make the experience more unsettling. Unlike what remained of the human body, these tentacles were under perfect control. My vision blurred, I failed to focus on anything. I lost myself in the slowly-warming sensation on her tentaclehole. I began to moan as it massaged me all over. She picked up the pace, furiously ramming me into the cold, dead cervix at the end on the tunnel as I neared orgasm.
  33. Finally my mind broke. I felt my hot semen flood into her dead body. I was sure some of it was going inside her womb. The final straw came from that ghastly voice, as it chittered in ecstacy: "I knew you loved me... Let's be together forever~!" I collapsed onto her. As if through deep water I felt myself wrap my arms around her mangled corpse. With my fingertips I could feel the torn flesh where her claws extended from her spine. I knew my sanity was gone when I felt myself hug her and whisper something into her golden hair...
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