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  1. Heroes of Newerth Cybergamer Ruleset Draft, no labels
  3. Ignorance of all rules is not an excuse.
  5. assumed ladder system: 2 matches a week, every team plays each other twice over the period of the season, registrations must be made before closing date, how many teams or time undecided, bo1. All games to be played using tournament rules, with both team captains doing a roll from 1 to 100. The higher roll wins first choice, of EITHER side or pick (first pick/second pick). The loser of the roll decides the remaining option. Same rolls will be rerolled. Rolls must be done IN the game without interruption by underplayers prior to beginning. Any disputes are to be screenshotted and handled by admins/refs.
  7. finals: bo3, undecided. as well as rolling rules, seeds etc.
  9. All matches are scheduled by default. Rescheulding of the match must be finalized between the two team captains and an admin 48 hours before the default play time. Matches may only be reschduled to before the default date. Failure to comply with this will not be given sympathy by admins come match time.
  11. All no shows or partial shows of 3 or less players will result in a win for the opposing team and a no show for the offending team. If both teams do not show up with enough players they will both be given a no show. In addition to be being treated to as a loss, a no show will be a mark on a teams record for that season and finals as a symbol of a team's punctuality and respect for other people involved in the season. All decisions will take into account a team's no shows. A team with three no shows will be instantly disqualified from the ladder without exceptions.
  13. A forfeit is only allowed to be made by the team captain 24 hours prior to match time. There is no such thing as an ingame forfeit, this is to be handled by concede. Refusal to play a match will be marked as a no show, unless under the grounds of dispute of rules, which will be handled by an admin.
  15. The possible results for the the outcome of a match is a win (commented by 1-0, 2-0. 2-1 or win by forfeit, win by no show), a loss (by 0-1, 0-2, 1-2), a forfeit or a no show.
  17. All new heroes and items introduced in the latest patch are autobanned until the release of the next major patch, or until exactly a fortnight from patch release has passed. If both captains agree in front of admin recognition, BOTH heroes AND items may be unbanned for THAT match/series only.
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