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  1. Therapy - Don’t Expect Roses Lyrics
  3. Uploaded by LOVE4LYRICS at Pastebin.com
  5. Well this is taking everything
  6. Everything that I can stand
  7. And you look like the enemy
  8. With the answers hidden in your hands
  9. And you can tell yourself, everything is fine
  10. But don't be fooled by the sunshine
  11. And don't expect roses
  12. Don't expect roses
  13. I'm thinking
  14. Watching London sink in the Thames
  15. I'm using all my energy
  16. Wasted, used, re-cycled and drained
  17. Maybe I'll find you sympathy
  18. Somewhere near the end of the century
  19. But don't expect roses
  20. Don't expect roses
  21. The hooligans are loose, the hooligans are loose
  22. The hooligans are loose, the hooligans are loose
  23. You should pay some attention to me
  24. I won't stop throwing
  25. 'Til everything's broken
  26. So don't expect roses
  27. Don't expect roses
  28. Don't expect roses
  29. Don't expect roses
  30. Don't expect roses (roses)
  31. Don't expect roses (roses)
  32. So don't expect roses
  33. Roses
  34. (Don't expect me to ...)
  35. Don't expect roses (roses)
  36. (You can kiss my ass on your way out)
  37. Roses
  38. Don't expect roses (roses)
  39. Don't expect roses (roses)
  40. Don't expect roses (roses)
  41. Don't expect roses (roses)
  42. Don't expect roses (roses)
  43. Don't expect roses (roses)
  44. If you're looking for trouble you can find me on the internet motherfucker
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