No Diagonal Gate Skip Input Description

dannyb21892 Jun 30th, 2017 (edited) 91 Never
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  1. -Climb ladder, straight angle, move to left corner
  2. -3 ess left
  3. -backflip, sideroll and untarget
  4. -dry roll, backflip
  5. -7 frames ess left
  6. -hold target, slash+shield twice
  8. -4 frames ess left
  9. -place bomb fast, dont shield drop it
  10. -on first frame of reddish color as it fades into the second red flash, pull a new bomb
  11. -4 ess frames right to resume original angle
  12. -hold target
  13. -2 frames before big blue on first bomb, hold up (aka the last small blue frame of the first bomb)
  14. -the frame to hold up is also the fourth frame of red color as the second bomb fades into its third red flash
  15. -on the second frame of up input, link takes a step. throw the bomb and release target and stick input on this frame.
  17. -on the second frame that link is taking damage, begin holding down. hold it for three frames
  18. -hold right for three frames
  19. -hold left for one frame
  20. -hold up for one frame
  21. -hold ess left until he turns two frames
  22. -target+up for one frame
  23. -left untargeted sidehop
  24. -up and jumpslash two frames after shadow cross the ladder (the frame links feet are significant distance from the ladder)
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