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  1. Nakashima was born and raised in a middle to upper class area of San Andreas. He lived with his mother, father and two brothers. Nakashima's mother was a nurse and his father was a laywer, so money was never really an issue for him and his family. He went to a private school, however during his younger years he fell in with the wrong group of people.
  3. His best friend introduced him to the world of crime. It started from things as simple as stealing candy from the school cafeteria, but from there it progressed more and more, untill they were shoftlifting from stores and robbing people. Nakashima smoked his first joint at 13 years old and started selling and dealing in drugs at 16.
  5. He decided that the petty crimes he was doing wasnt enough, and he wanted to do more. He had a contact with a large gang in the area called the Westside Bloods, and asked his friend to get him in. it took a while of proving himself, but he eventually got to the stage, where he had to go through an initiation process, and then he would be accepted. His intiation? To kill someone.
  6. He picked out a target, a younger man that looked weak and helpless. He stalked the man and shadowed him for days, untill he found his chance when the man had stopped in a more remote area, and with a knife in his pocket, approached the man.
  8. Nakashima knew quickly he had messed with the wrong person, as before he could even pull the knife from his pocket, he was slammed against the wall and thrown into handcuffs, his target has been an undercover police officer.
  9. He was dragged down to the police station and questioned heavily by the undercover officer, who apparently was looking for leads on the very gang he was trying to join..Nakashima, still young at the time and very scared, told the man everything. About his childhood and how he grew, everything up untill today.
  10. The police officer took pity on the boy, and gave him one chance to turn his life around. He said to Nakashima "If you sign the paperwork to join the police academy, you wont go to jail". Nakashima signed without hesitiation, and began his career as an officer.
  12. 10 years later, And nakashima was a completly diffrent man. He was a man his parents were proud of, and a high ranking officer in the los santos police force.
  15. During a case he was investigating in Los Santos on a group dealing with trafficking and drug distribution, Nakashima and some of his fellow officers conducted a raid on a building and arrested four suspects. However he also found a beautiful woman inside, a few years younger than him. He could see the track marks along her arms, she was hooked on the narcotics that the criminals he was chasing were pushing, and Nakashima made it his mission to change this woman's life and get her on the right track.
  16. He booked and payed for her reabilition and slowly but surely got to know the woman. He found out her name was lillian, and that she had grown up in the suburb over from his, She had gotten mixed up with the wrong people, and nakashima couldnt help but flash back to the life he once lead...and the chance that he was given. The more the two talked and got to know each other, the closer they grew, and before long they started dating. Two years later Nakashima asked for her hand in marrige.
  18. Six months after they got married, Nakashima found that he was made redundant from the police force, as they had no more need for his detective abilities as the case he was working on had been closed. Desperate Nakashima took a chance and took a transfer to Los Santos, Leaving his wife behind with the promise of getting a stable life in Los Santos for her to come over too. Finally having a home of his own, and a commanding position in the police force, Nakashima helped Lillian fill out her paperowork and got her visa for Los Santos, and wanting to be closer to her husband...joined the police academy and Joined the Los Santos Police force
  19. thats what i came up with. Can do something diffrent
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