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  1. dbolic at 6:35 AM:
  2. Chad finally got me my routine.
  5. DAY 1 – CHEST
  7. *Flat Bench Barbell – Pyramid up heavy with reps in the 10-12 range when warming up, 6-8 at heavy and every 4 weeks push to max or at least heavy weight in the 2-3 range – 6-8 sets (counting warm ups).
  9. *Incline Dumbbell – 5 heavy sets; first set should be considered a warm up but still go heavy while just getting the body used to the weight – reps should be in the 8-10 range.  You can pyramid up a couple of sets, but I prefer 2-3 sets with heavy weight – even if you have to force out one on the 4th set – you should be very close to that range and the 5th set you need to force out the last couple of reps
  11. *Incline/Decline Barbell – Do one (incline or decline) for 3 weeks, then switch to the other for 3 weeks
  12. I still want you pushing heavy weights on this – but the reps should be in the 10 range – 4 sets and if you have anything left in the tank – the 4th set should be to failure
  14. *Hammer Strength Incline Press/Chest Press/Dips – This is to be treated as a finishing exercise – rep range 12-15, 4 sets – keeping the weight moderate and constantly squeeze and put tension on the muscle.
  17. DAY 2 – BACK
  19. *Hammer High Row or Pull Ups (Should be used as a warm up) – Still you need to pyramid up to heavy weight – If you cannot do pull ups this is not a problem, if you can – gradually work up to weighted pull ups. 5 sets – the first set is light and just gradually go up to heavy weight – 10 reps each set.
  21. *Conventional Deadlift – No alternate grip – keep it overhand grip.  Obviously form is the key focus with this exercise.  Sets will depend on how heavy you can go – begin with 135 and just pyramid up – reps should be 2 sets of 8, 2 sets of 5 and 2 sets of 3 reps.  You can max out a single rep every 4 weeks, but I don’t want you maxing out every time.
  23. *Old School T-Bar Rows – (Bar in the corner and use a v or u grip) – I prefer 35 pound plates so you can get more stretch and range of motion – 5 sets x 10 reps HEAVY
  25. *Bent Over Rows – You will switch these out every 3 weeks from t-bars – same set/rep range as t-bar – 5 sets x 10 reps HEAVY
  27. *Hammer Row (I prefer the one with the straight bar) I want you to use this standing.  4 sets x 10 reps as heavy as you can go
  29. *Seated Rows/Dumbbell Rows – Switch exercises after 3 weeks.  Weight isn’t as much of the focus as is stretching and squeezing the muscle.  On seated rows, make certain to get a big stretch to where you can feel the lat pull and make certain to pause it for a split second so you can really squeeze the muscle on the contraction of the exercise.  On Dumbbell – make certain to row it forward in a “arching” movement - so that you are pulling in an “arc” rather than straight up and down.  For Both exercises – weight is moderate – 4 sets x 10 reps – focus on stretch and squeeze.  On the last set – go to failure.
  38. DAY 3 – ARMS
  40. *Close grip bench/Skull Crushers – (Switch out exercises after 3 weeks) 5 sets x 10 reps pyramiding up to as heavy as you can go.  
  43. *Straight Bar Curls – You want to go heavy on these while still maintaining decent form.  No swinging and make certain that you fully extend the arms down to get a full range of motion – 5 sets x 10 reps.  On the last couple of sets if you have to arch your back a bit – I don’t mind that – I just don’t want the reps cheated by swinging.  At the top of the movement squeeze so you have constant tension on the biceps throughout the entire movement.
  46. *Triceps Press Downs – Using a bit of an angled bar (but not a V bar that puts your hands close) – And not a straight bar attachment – 5 sets x 12-15 reps.  Keep constant tension on the triceps – squeezing and locking the triceps out at the end of the movement and never allow the weight to relax at the top.  No pumping reps – just full range of motion
  49. *Standing Dumbbell/Seated Dumbbell – (Switch out the exercises after 3 weeks) – Standing dumbbell – run the rack – starting with 25 pounds, jumping 5 pound increments; 10 reps per set – you will rest about 1 to 1 ½ minutes between sets and you will go until you can’t complete 8 reps.  Once you hit that point you will go down in weight by 10 pounds for 2 sets.  The object isn’t really to see how heavy you can go – although I do want you to move heavy weight on these, but mainly keep constant tension on the muscle and try to supinate the movement at the top – squeezing the biceps at the top and full extension at the bottom.
  50. *On Seated Dumbbell – I want you to do 1 moderate weight set of 10 reps each arm – I want you to wait about 1 to 1 ½ minutes until the burn releases and then go again – you will jump about 10-15 pounds (whatever you can do for 10 reps) and you will stay at that weight until failure.  Once you get under 8 reps, just speed up the rest time and crank out whatever is left until failure.
  53. *Triceps Rope Pull Downs/Biceps Rope Curls – You need to be able to superset these.  A moderate weight that you can hit 15 reps for each exercise.  On the triceps – I want you to take the rope down in a “v” angle and squeeze the triceps so your arms are down at your sides.  With the rope curls – do a bit more of a “hammer” style curl. You will do 4 sets, 15 reps of this as well.  If you can go back and forth between the 2 exercises back to back that would be great – or you can do 2 sets of each  - take a break and then finish the other 2 sets.
  67. DAY 4 – Shoulders –
  68. *Upright Rows – A warm up exercise, but you should pyramid up in weight – 5 sets x 10 reps
  70. *Seated Military – Free weight or Smith Machine/Seated Dumbbell Military/Standing Strict Press –
  71. You will keep the seated military in always - and alternate it with seated dumbbell and strict press.  You will do 2 of the movements for 3 weeks, then switch.  5 sets for each exercise x 10 reps each exercise.  On the standing strict press – NO LEG DRIVE!
  73. *Fixed Barbell Front Raises – 4 sets x 12-15 reps, moderately heavy weight for whatever weight you can handle in that rep range.
  75. *Seated side lateral dumbbell raises into a front cross – 4 sets x 10 reps.  After every set of these- you will let the dumbbells hang – while seated perfectly straight – you will move the dumbbells, lifting them away from your sides – it’s going to be a locked movement – taking them straight out for 10 reps – you aren’t going to have much of a range of motion on these – it’s more to isolate and burn the medial.
  77. *Rear Delt – Rear delt machine, super set with dumbbell rear delt (do these stomach down on an incline bench).  4 sets x 15 reps on each.  The key is to focus on the rear delt – try to really feel the rear delt and keep the lat out of the movement as much as possible.  On the dumbbells, you will have to play with your rotation and the angle because everyone is different.  The best thing to do is have your training partner take their thumb  and put it on the rear delt as you do the exercise so you can feel it – this helps.
  79. *Traps – Straight Bar Shrugs – Super set with light dumbbell shrugs that you will rotate.  The Straight Bar shrugs should be heavy – straight up movement – no rotation and try to pause and squeeze at the top.   Do not bounce, jerk or use your legs to drive the weight – only your traps.    On the dumbbell shrugs – 30-35 pounds is usually enough.  You will take these up and then rotate your shoulder blades together as you roll your shoulders back.  You will pause and squeeze for a second, then roll it forward.  The only way to do these is with a really controlled movement – no jerking of the motion. You will keep the sets for both around 6 and the reps for both anywhere from 10-15 depending on how you feel and how quickly you fatigue. Also – if you have a trap and/or deadlift machine – you can throw these in every few weeks.  
  88. DAY 5 – Legs
  90. *Leg Extension – 5 sets x 10 reps, moderate weight just enough to warm up the legs.  
  92. *Squats – Preferably free weight squats – can be done on a smith machine.  If there is just no way to do this – you can also do them off a “power squat” machine if you have one of these.  You want to pyramid up to heavy weight – so the sets could be anywhere from 6-8 depending on your strength – reps your warm ups should be in a 8-10 range and the heavy sets should be in the 5-8 range.  You will do this for 3 weeks, then you will switch to high reps – 20-25 range – for 3 weeks.
  94. *Hack Squat – 5 sets x 10 – you should begin with a moderately heavy weight for the first 2 sets, then heavy weight for the remaining 3 sets – it could be the exact same weight for 3 heavy sets.  You should need to force out the last 1-2 reps or be right there on the last 2 sets.
  96. *If you have a blade squat or a pivot squat – you can incorporate both and switch them out for Hacks every 3 weeks – reps and sets should stay the same as hacks.
  99. *Leg Press or Cybex Squat Press – 5 sets x 10 reps as heavy as you can go
  101. *Abductor/Adductor Machines – 2 sets of each 25-30 reps each – the last set should be almost to failure on each
  103. *For now, no lunges, but down the road, definitely heavy walking lunges will be put in.
  106. ABS/CALVES – Do every other day – in between sets and exercises of your primary body part.  Do 3 exercises each – rep range for both should be in the 25 range.  Calves – I like moderately heavy weight, squeezing the calf at the top, making certain to get a good stretch and also alter your foot positioning on each set.  Abs you may constantly change up – but I would keep decline as a staple – make certain the decline is steep and I also like hanging leg raises.  You can pause the legs, change the angles of how you raise the legs – just play around with it – whatever you are capable of.  I like some of the ab machines – but it must be something that works the core well.  
  108. *This is a very old school workout, while still hitting a lot of volume; working on key areas. Even though you want to go as heavy as possible, you don’t want to sacrifice form just to move heavy weight.  Always listen to your body – if something doesn’t feel right, change it.
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