Bathroom Encounter

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  1. High school bathrooms are undoubtedly some of the least sexy places in the world. People only ever went in there out of necessity; you were no exception. As soon as you entered the stall and dropped your pants, you were only thinking of how to get out as fast as possible. Hopefully, nobody would come in.
  3. The door creaked open. Dammit.
  5. Whoever it was was breathing heavily - no doubt somebody in desperate need of a smoke. You grimaced, hoping not to cough.
  7. But wait, aren’t these breaths a bit light?
  9. “Oh God,” said the voice, and your eyes shot open. That was a girl! In the men’s room!
  11. “Oh God,” she said again, “I gotta...stupid thing...I drained you three times today!“
  13. What the hell?
  15. “Ugh...god, why do boys have to be so fucking cute? That oughtta be...illegal…”
  17. What the ever-loving hell was she talking about? Why was she pausing? Was she ever going to leave?
  19. “Can’t you just go away? I don’t wanna...oh God…”
  21. Something splattered onto the floor. This was starting to get really weird.
  23. “Oh God oh God oh God...sso...EEP!”
  25. A much louder combination of splatter and gush hit your ears. What was that smell?  Was that…
  27. A series of unidentifiable sounds came from the girl’s mouth, followed by yet more splattering. That was cum! This weird girl was cumming all over the bathroom! What’s worse, you could see it pooling on the floor from under the stall. Of all the weird sexual fantasies you picked up on 4chan, why this one? Why now?
  29. Yet another splat. You really should get out of here…
  31. “Unghhh…” she said, luckily covering the sounds of you pulling up your pants. Her arrival and subsequent actions had thankfully scared away any reason you had to come in there, so no flushing was required. Quietly, you snuck the door open and carefully crept around it…
  33. ...only to stop in utter shock. A seriously tiny girl - barely five feet tall, if that - was standing in front of the row of urinals urgently stroking a cock that looked almost as tall as she was. How the hell did she even carry that thing around? It looked like it’d easily touch the ground soft - not to mention the gigantic, grapefruit sized balls you could just now see hanging out from under her uniform skirt. How did she manage to escape notice all this time? Whatever - you had to get out of here. Hopefully she was too into…herself to notice you shuffling around behind her.
  35. “Hnghh...stupid cock...getting this excited about some...hahh...Anon kid…”
  37. You stopped still, your own small member stiffening in surprise. That was you! Her enormous cock noticeably stiffened as well, shooting out yet more sticky globs of semen onto the already destroyed urinal. You were flattered, really, but you had to leave…
  39. ...and of course your foot had to land on a paper towel. She turned around in shock, wide-eyed surprise visible behind her enormous dick.
  41. “A-Anon!”
  43. The effect was immediate. Within seconds your entire body was coated in the largest load of semen yet. She moaned with pure arousal as her balls emptied themselves of everything they had, utterly soaking your clothes in smelly white seed. After almost ninety seconds of continuous cum, her knees gave out, landing her in her own spunk with a wet smack. As her enormous cock sank down, falling onto the floor like a floppy flesh-colored pool noodle, she looked up at you, embarrassment burning on her adorable face.
  45. “H-hi…”
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