Updates (3/8/2018)

Mar 8th, 2018
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  1. Apologies that I haven't been really doing anything within the past month or so regarding streaming or having a extremely late/weird sleep schedule. Main reason I want to make this pastebin is because I want to have an effort of streaming daily, which will consist of runs and casual stuff.
  3. I've joined the KH2FM HD (PS4): Any% (Beginner) Tournament, so expect a stream where I make saves and learn the strats tomorrow after I wake up. I should be streaming at a somewhat consistent schedule now rather than just whenever I feel like it up until around 3-4 PM EST so that I have enough time to take care of the cats before it gets dark or some people come over with dogs. About that as well, that's another reason why I want to fix my own schedule as well so that I don't end up staying up until 7 AM CST, then end up waking up at around 5 PM CST when dinner is about to be ready and it's about to be dark outside.
  5. With that, here is the Schedule I plan on having now in EST:
  6. 10 AM (mostly whenever I wake up) -> 4 PM: Stream
  7. 4 PM -> 6-7 PM: Take Care of the Cats
  8. 7 PM -> 4 AM: Do whatever I want/eat dinner/watch streams/spend time with friends
  9. Sleep at 4 AM
  11. With the Schedule above, I hope that it will stay that way for me for a long time so that I can work hard with streaming. Although I have not confirmed yet, I do plan on going to SGDQ this year, so any donations I receive will go towards that. Fortunately since SGDQ is in Bloomington, MN, I can just drive there with my dad and brother so all I will need for cost is pretty much Hotel, food and drink, expenses, and maybe Registration so that I can pay for that on the 10th when it becomes available. I do not exactly know how much I need for SGDQ right now, but as of right now, I barely don't have enough for Registration right now by about $10-15 CAD.
  13. With this though, I'm gonna try my absolute best to stick to my absolute best with my new schedule while having fun streaming.
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