Mindflaying Miscalculation (one-shot)

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  1. It hurts! It hurts so much! My childhood friend's penis punches through my hymen in an instant. I silently cry as he brutally pounds himself into me from behind, not even noticing the pain I'm in. This isn't what I wanted! Why did it turn out this way...?
  3. I think I always had a thing for him, in a childish hand-holding sort of way. I later looked fondly back at the years we spent playing house, running around in the woods building the treehouse that we'd sit in, side by side, shoulders touching, listening to the rain. That was what I wanted to get back, not this torture. Suddenly his words snap me back into the present: "Take it, you dirty slut! You're just happy you're getting another new dick, aren't you?!"
  5. I want to tell him the truth, but the words just won't come out. Would he even believe me, for that matter, after what I made him believe...?
  9. "You gotta make him want you, lil' sis." That's what my older cousin had said a week ago. "Do you think he's going to just jump you out of nowhere? Dream on! Nobody likes a spats-wearing flat stump, sis." Her words made me feel bad about myself - as did her body, for that matter. Her huge breasts, tiny waist and massive hips were like amazing. She didn't even need to use her tentacles to make boys fall for her. I'd heard she had a harem of dozens of boys who she 'flayed to make them not mind sharing her.
  11. That sort of perverse arrangement wasn't what I wanted, mind you. I just wanted him to look at me. He'd seemed to drift away since we entered high school and ended up in different classes. We didn't even share any clubs, and we hadn't been neighbors for years. I just didn't know what to do. I was desperate. So I listened to her. I shouldn't have, I see that now, but now it's too late. "S-so... What would you do in my place?"
  13. "Well, sissy, it's really simple. If you can't be a cool girl like me, just make him think you are." And how would I make that happen? I almost laughed at her before she continued. "Mindflaying, sis! Just sneak up on him and rewire him to see you as a total hottie that everyone wants!" That sounded dangerous, to be honest. Also sort of immoral. I didn't want to lie to him. "Hey, if you aren't up for it, I'll take him off your hands. I just loove~ eating up virgins, sis~" A shiver ran through my spine as I imagined that slut violating my precious friend. I'd have to do it.
  17. Yesterday I finally got a chance to try it out. I saw him sitting in the library, like always. I should have just talked to him, but what would a sporty girl like me have to tell him? Hurdles? That bookish world was always out of my reach. Besides, I'd seen how he sat with that Anubis girl before tests. I fought back tears every time I saw her wagging her tail just out of his sight. She was so cute, too. Big breasts and hips hiding behind her baggy blazer, so unlike me. Me, with barely any curves and almost more abs than breasts...
  19. So I snuck up on him. I looked around to make sure nobody was there to see, and slammed my tentacles onto his ears. I felt my flagella wriggle though his ear canal and into his brain. It was my first time doing it, and I had to move fast. How would I make myself seem desirable? Who was it that I held up as the ideal of attraction? My cousin. In panic, I made him see me as something like her. I didn't think it through - I just acted on instinct to get out of the situation. I didn't realize just in what way he would see me as like her. After I was done, I dashed away, leaving him sprawled on the desk.
  23. The next day, that is, earlier today, he was waiting for me at the gate. "Meet me behind the school at lunch." He was in retrospect oddly terse, but I thought nothing of it. I was giddy with joy that he finally wanted to see me. I've never been too observant, I guess. I went through the morning in ecstacy. I could barely concentrate on the lessons as I waited anxiously for the lunch break. Finally it was time, and I ran outside at full tilt and rounded the building.
  25. He was already there. I was so happy. Then he spoke. "How many co-... Nevermind. Just put your hands on the wall." I didn't understand. What was he talking about, and why was he so angry? I only stammered as he roughly pushed me to the wall and started opening his belt with the other hand. "When did you become such a slut...? I hate seeing you! I hate that spray tan, and I hate those tattoos, and I hate those piercings!" I suddenly realized what had happened.
  27. In my hurried panic, I had not made him see me as sexy like my cousin, but also with the appearance and mannerisms of my cousin. I tried to protest, but he rammed by cheek into the rough concrete wall. "I can't take it anymore! I'll give you what you want and then I can finally forget about you!" He lifted my plain uniform skirt and pushed aside my panties to assault me.
  31. And here we are. The wall hurts my cheek, the dick hurts my insides, but what hurts the most are his words. I made him hate me, and now he's raping me. I should never have flayed his mind. I should have just let that curvy Anubis take him away from me. Every thrust rams me against the wall, beating my hips faster and faster until he finally groans and slams into me with a final jerk. He finally allows me to fall to the ground, blood and semen dripping from between my legs.
  33. I watch in a daze as he straddles my face, swinging his slowly deflating member in my face. A red ring stains the shaft, glistening in the noon sunshine. The beautiful weather seems so unfitting. You wouldn't think you'd get brutally raped out in the sunshine, listening to birdsong. "Lick it clean, you whore." He grabs by temples and forces my mouth up onto his thing. It tastes disgusting, but the shock brings me back to my senses. I reach up with my tentacles and slam them again onto his ears.
  37. His eyes flash empty as I bring him back and then some, and suddenly he looks down into my red, tear-filled eyes. "R-Rin...?" He pulls his dick out of my mouth and scurries away from me. "What happened? You're suddenly like you used to be...!" I don't answer. I just lie on my back on the grass, crying, leaking blood and semen onto the green below me. "Rin! You're bleeding! I-i-i..." He stutters in panic and confusion as he tries to get a handle on the situation. He crawls back to me on his hands and knees and takes my hand.
  39. "I'm sorry..." He looks at me with confused eyes. "I did something horrible to you..." I struggle to keep a steady voice. "Don't say that, Rin! You haven't done anything wrong, it's me who's a horrible monster..." Something cold falls on my cheek, and I realize he's started crying too. For a moment, we cry together in the warm late spring sun. I finally break the sob-filled silence. "Yesterday, I flayed your mind." He continues to sniffle as he listens to me. "I... I just wanted you to think I was sexy, so I..." I swallow and suck back on my snot before I can continue. "So I made you see me like my hot cousin."
  41. "That didn't really work out for me, did it?" I manage to force my face into a sort of smile. "I'm sorry, but I just couldn't bear to see you get lead away by that Anubis girl. Would you ever forgive me...?" He squeezes my hand as if I was a patient on my deathbed. "Yes! ...And, actually..." I turn my head to look him in the eye as he continues. "If you can forgive me for raping you, would you like to go out with me...?"
  43. "That's all I ever wanted, buddy." He bends down to hug me, still shaking with barely controlled tears. "Just be more gentle next time, alright?" He squeezes me like a plush toy. "And one more thing...?" He pulls back to gently kiss me. "Anything." "Could you piggyback me to the infirmary?"
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