From Hell to Home 1

Sep 4th, 2017
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  1. >Be Sunset Shimmer
  2. >Today was a very special day
  3. >Your friend Princess Twilight was coming to Equestria to visit you
  4. >While this wasn't all that unusual--she liked to come and see you whenever she had the time-- what made today special was that she was bringing along someone else
  5. >Someone that, in fact, wasn't a pony
  6. >And not only wasn't he a pony, he wasn't anything that Equus had ever seen before
  7. >It was a human, but, as Twilight had insisted, he wasn't like the humans on this side of the portal
  8. >His name was Anonymous, and to say that he was... different would be an understatement
  9. >Twilight wouldn't tell you the whole story of why he was coming here-- you had a feeling that she didn't know herself or knew too much-- but from what she HAD told you was that he didn't quite fit in in Equestria
  10. >The moment he had gotten there, Princess Celestia and her sister had inspected him
  11. >He had, for some reason or another, gotten into it with Celestia
  12. >It had gotten so out of hand that the princess had all but thrown him out of her castle-- which was something because you knew how well she liked to treat stallions
  13. >That had left him in Twilight's care and Twilight, ever eager to help someone out, alien or extra-dimensional being or whatever the hell Anon was, had decided to take him to Ponyville with her
  14. >This, for many, many reasons, had just made things worse
  15. >Half of the town had been horrified with having a green "giant" just appear in their town
  16. >It didn't matter that he was a stallion, and it also didn't matter that it was Princess Twilight herself that had brought him here
  17. >The moment they saw him they had raced to their homes and barricaded their doors
  18. >It had taken days for the princess to calm the townsponies down enough that they'd leave their homes
  19. >It took even longer for them to be able to walk up to Anon and talk to him without running away screaming
  20. >Twilight had said that something like this had happened before with a zebra named Zecora
  22. >And, since Ponyville was, country bumpkin kind of town, that was pretty much on par with the course
  23. >You might have never visited Ponyville yourself, but you had been to enough backwater towns to know how they worked
  24. >Earth ponies were pretty fucking finicky at the best of times, especially where other races were concerned
  25. >Hell, a lot of them didn't particularly care for pegasi or unicorns if you remembered right
  26. >Still though, in most cases that whole nonsense would have blown over in a month or two
  27. >Ponies would have found out that Anon was a harmless stallion and that would have been the end of that
  28. >But, of course, nothing was ever that easy
  29. >Anon wasn't a stallion in a stallion's sense
  30. >Sure, he had all of the parts, but he was much more like a mare in his mannerisms, if what Twilight had told you was true
  31. >And not only that, but he seemed to find it terribly funny that ponies were terrified of him
  32. >A lot of ponies didn't like it too much at some of the comments that he had made out it
  33. >From Twilight's letters, you gathered that they also didn't care very much for how he talked about the princesses either
  34. >The ill will of the guy's appearance didn't go away, in fact it festered
  35. >It also didn't help that many of the ponies found Anon as ugly as sin and with a bad attitude to boot
  36. >Arguments were had, a pony had been tossed through a window, and once an angry mob had gathered outside of the princess's castle
  37. >Twilight, bless her friendship-loving heart, had tried to fix things, but she could never get anywhere
  38. >Anon was just too different
  39. >From the way he looked to the way that he talked to was completely, otherworldly different
  40. >And not only was he different, he absolutely refused to change himself in a way that would make ponies more comfortable around him
  41. >So, after a year of trying her hardest to make things right, Twilight had offered Anon a way out
  43. >Anon, completely jobless because of his lack of a cutiemark and sick to death of ponies, had taken her up on her offer
  44. >And that was where you came in
  45. >Anon would come over here with a birth certificate, an I.D., and everything that he'd need to live comfortably
  46. >With some asking around on your part, you had managed to convince a local computer repair/building store to hire him
  47. >You'd also let him stay with you until you he had saved up enough money to get a place of his own, as well as teach him about this totally new world
  48. >It was the least you could do for Twilight, and it wasn't like you were going to leave a stallion high and dry
  49. >Ex-villain or not, you had better manners than that
  50. >And besides, anyone that gave Princess Celestia shit was a good apple in your book
  51. >From behind you, you could hear Rainbow let out a groan
  52. >"Is this Anon guy gonna show up sometime today?" she asked. "I wanna actually go out and do something today!"
  53. >"Don't be such a brute, Rainbow," Rarity chastised, fluffing her hair with a hand. "Moving to a different world entirely would be a big change for anyone, especially a stallion. If he needs to take his time coming here then we should be understanding."
  54. >"Yeah! And when he gets here we'll have the BIGGEST party!" Pinkie said, grinning ear to ear
  55. >You couldn't help but smile yourself
  56. "Remember to try to be as friendly as possible girls. Anon has had kind of a rough time in Equestria."
  57. >"We'll give'em a right ol' welcome, Sunny," Applejack said, flicking her hat. "Ya can be sure o' that."
  58. >You gave her a nod before turning back toward the portal and taking a deep breath
  59. >Alright Sunset
  60. >The two of them would be coming any minute
  61. >Remember that first impressions were important
  62. >Not five feet away from you, you could feel a shift in the air
  63. >The air on your arms stood on end, and you could feel something slowly trickling into you
  64. >Equestrian magic
  65. "Here they come, girls."
  67. >Behind you, Rarity fussed with the other girls, trying to make them ready
  68. >You made sure that you were presentable, as well as gave yourself a quick sniff check before putting on your best smile
  69. >Here we go...
  70. >There was a buzz, and then a pop before someone one stumbled out of the portal
  71. >You lurched forward, grabbing a frazzled Princess Twilight before she fell over
  72. >"Whoo... That never gets normal," she muttered, giving her head a shake
  73. "You'd think you'd be used to it by now," you said with a grin
  74. >Steadying herself, Twilight gave you a grin of her own as well as a hug
  75. >"How are you doing, Sunset?" she asked
  76. "I'm doing great," you replied, patting your friend's back
  77. >"I'm glad to hear that," she said, giving your cheek a nuzzle before taking a step away from you. "And thanks for doing this. Really."
  78. "It's no big deal," you said, shrugging. "It's the least I could do for you really."
  79. >You looked past her toward the portal
  80. "And speaking of doing things, where's Anon?"
  81. >"He's coming," Twilight replied, her nose scrunching up. "He wanted to carry all of his bags himself, even though I offered to help him."
  82. >That got a chuckle out of you
  83. "He's really is an independent guy then isn't h--"
  84. >You paused as a hand slipped through the portal to grab the statue
  85. >It was a big hand, you noticed
  86. >A moment later, Anon stepped through the portal with a grunt
  87. >You blinked, looking him up and down as both he and his bags slipped from Equestria to this world
  88. >Twilight hadn't been kidding when she said he wasn't like the human's here
  89. >For one, the guy was at least a head and a half bigger than anyone you had ever seen, guy or girl
  90. >His face, while very similar to any other human you had seen, had something... off about it
  91. >He was more symmetrical in his size as well, his body longer than any guy you had seen while his legs were relatively shorter compared to some of the humans were
  92. >And his eyes...
  93. >There was something weird about them...
  95. >From behind you, Rainbow let out a whistle
  96. >"Holy hell, what did they feed him?"
  97. >Anon rolled his jaw before giving his head a shake
  98. >"Fucking hell, you weren't kidding about that portal, Twi," he said, his voice surprisingly rough
  99. >Rubbing his neck, he then took a few steps toward you and Twilight
  100. >He looked around for a bit, blinking owlishly, until his gaze settled on you
  101. >You watched as his face transformed
  102. >His eyes widened and a light seemed to come to them
  103. >A smile, small but large enough to see that he also seemed to have a pair of canines, came to his face
  104. >"Motherfucker..."
  105. >Tossing his bags away haphazardly, Anon marched over to you
  106. >It took considerable willpower not to take a step backward, as well as keep a smile on your face
  107. >First impressions, Sunset...
  108. >First impressions...
  109. >When he was within arm's length, you offered him your hand
  110. "It's very nice t-to meet you, Anon. My name is Sun--eep!"
  111. >You jumped as, without warning, Anon cupped your face with those giant hands of his
  112. >They were rough hands, with chipped, cracked nails
  113. >The kind of hands that guys around here wouldn't dare to be seen with
  114. >"Another human," Anon said, his voice barely above a whisper as he traced your cheekbones with his thumbs. "You might be a big leggy but you're a real fucking human..."
  115. >Anon giggled to himself, looking like he was about to start bouncing in place
  116. >"Here I thought I was gonna die in some alien shithole without seeing another living person and here's another person. With hands and legs--"
  117. >He held you at arm's length, looking you over
  118. >"--And a surprisingly nice pair of knockers and ass."
  119. >From behind you, Applejack and Rainbow let out a guffaw
  120. >You puffed up slightly, a bit of silly pride filling you from the praise
  121. >Anon's almost crazed smile turned into a happy little grin as he continued to stroke your face
  122. >Alien or not, you couldn't help but blush a bit at how strangely intimate he was being
  123. >"So you're Sunset, right?" he asked
  124. "Y-Ye--"
  126. >Not wanting to sound like a beta girl that had never talked to a guy before, you quickly cleared your throat
  127. "Yes, I am. It's very nice to meet you, Anon."
  128. >Anon giggled again, looking around before looking back at you
  129. >"It's great to see you too, Sunset," he said. "It's great to be here."
  130. >His grip on your face tightened just a hair
  131. >For a moment, you thought you saw a tear in his eye, but before you could process that Anon was giggling again
  132. >"Hey was Twilight telling the truth when she said there was internet here?"
  133. >He leaned down under your noses were touching
  134. >Blushing a little harder, you tried to take a step away but Anon held you firmly in place
  135. >Apparently Anon's kind of humans were just as strong as they looked
  136. "Yes, there is internet here," you replied
  137. >"So Twilight wasn't full of shit when she said I was getting a job messing with computers," Anon said, almost as if he were just talking to himself. "What about cars, and phones? Do you guys have those two?"
  138. "Yep."
  139. >"And what about convenience stores? Or those faggots that use vapes."
  140. "They're both on every corner."
  141. >Anon let out a very excited noise, wiggling in place
  142. >Seeing the big guy made you smile
  143. >"Internet and cars and pretty girls," he said. "I've come out of hell and back into the real fucking world."
  144. >Before you could so much as blink, the big man pulled you into a crushing hug
  145. >You were lifted into the air as he rocked you back and forth, grinning to hugely that his smile was nearly off his face
  146. >"Oh, I fucking owe you for this, Twi! I owe you for this big time!" he said
  147. >Twilight giggled as you suffocated
  148. >"There's nothing to owe, Anon. I just wanted to see you happy."
  149. >Laughing, Anon broke his death grip on you
  150. >"Well I am! Happier than I've been in a long time," he said
  151. >As you tried to catch your breath, Anon once again cupped your face before leaning down and kissing you
  152. >sdkjfnskjdnsk!
  153. >Your eyes grew to the size of dinner plates, and your blush crept down your neck
  156. >"Oh my, what a... forward young man," Rarity said behind you
  157. >"Nothin' wrong with a guy that knows what he wants," Applejack replied
  158. >Breaking the kiss, Anon let out another laugh, placing a hand on both of your shoulders
  159. >"Another fucking human!" he said, nodding his head. "A world full of humans!"
  160. >Tugging at your skirt, you tried to say something intelligent
  161. "Y-You too..."
  162. >Thankfully, Anon didn't seem to hear you as he looked at your friends
  163. >"Is that human Rainbow other there?" he asked, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and practically dragging you toward the group. "You know, I couldn't stand the horse version of you, but you look like a pretty alright chick. And is that Applejack? Oh lord I think it is!"
  164. >You let out a eep as Anon's hand "accidently" brushed against your left boob
  165. >...
  166. >Celestia protect you...
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