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  1. <align=center><size=30><b><color=#ff0000>Gory</color><color=#ff0000> Gaming</b></size></color></align>
  4. <color=#add8e6ff>Use this link to join our discord! </color>
  5. <align=center><size=20><color=#800080ff><link="https://www.discordapp.com/invite/P2tS6gx">!Click Me!</link> </color></size></align>
  7. Hello there, are no rules on Gory Gaming FUN apart from don't be a dickhead. This server is indented for people to mess around and not how to game is meant to be played. if you want to actually play this game then head over to Gory Gaming #1, #2, #3. basically it's alright mtf and chaos to meet up and tell each others jokes. Enjoy!
  8. <color=#ffa500ff>No harassment, racism, homophobia, Nazism. Oh and if you are playing the game properly you will be kicked ;)</color>
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