Azshara summary

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  1. Fight summary
  3. Note: for the mythic mechanic, she casts arcane missiles every 3 seconds on everyone in LoS, which applies a stack. You only have to LoS one of these casts to drop stacks, you do not have to sit out of LoS until your stacks drop. This means you can watch the timer and just quickly LoS at the end and then come back out and keep DPSing, shouldn't cause much downtime at all.
  5. P1
  6. - check our logs or with other raiders to see which hulk you should cd
  7. - warlocks, druids and ruson soak the ward that gets drained
  8. - generally have assigned soaking for orbs, check which one the person you replaced soaks
  10. Intermission
  11. - stack diamond until phase starts then follow weakaura
  12. - occasionally if you have soak orange/star then your weakaura will change during the phase, ignore the change and just keep soaking whatever it said originally
  13. - know the difference between orbit star and soak star
  15. P2
  16. - melee+tanks pot here
  17. - cds to burn boss, can generally take pretty high arcane stacks before resetting
  18. - follow soak order for wards, melees do the central ward, ranged do the console ward once the boss moves to it
  19. - for first arcane burst, drop your stacks then go and get dispelled (in the correct order)
  20. - for second arcane burst, you have to go get dispelled immediately, so drop ahead of time if you're squish/have high stacks
  21. - beckon will get BoPed, if you're a dps you probably have to tell meq to bop you
  22. - there is a dps check here, we want the boss to be at ~70.5% as the 2nd set of arcane bursts come out
  23. - move to diamond once boss hits 70 and bursts go out
  25. Intermission
  26. - same as P1, except you'll have lower %hp due to stacks from soaking wards, so if you are soaking an orb you might need to personal/hs/pot here (it can hurt a lot)
  28. P3
  30. Note: damage from a shield breaking can be LoSed, but damage from the spear cannot
  32. 1st add
  33. - burn the add, no shield to break
  34. - pay attention to where the beam spawns, we run to the add on the side of the room OPPOSITE to where the beam spawns
  35. - once you see the beam, if you are ranged you can start moving yourself towards the next add (away from the beam) while still dpsing the 1st add
  36. - tank moves the boss behind console so the 2nd add will be safe for the arcane detonation
  37. - should pretty much be at the 2nd adds pillar as the 1st add dies, so you don't have to run far if you get the spear
  38. - if you get the spear as the 1st add is dying, make sure you hit the 2nd add with it, everyone else LoS
  40. 2nd add
  41. - pop CDs on this add
  42. - 1 set of bursts, 1 set of beckons, 3 spears w/ 2 shield breaks (including initial one)
  43. - first myrmidon spear needs to break shield, second doesn't (it overlaps w/ bursts tho so watch your hp if you have a burst), third needs to break shield. Want myrm to die just after third as we run across.
  44. - watch your hp if you are soaking as a shield is being broken, because obviously you can't LoS it (pop cd generally)
  45. - when the add shields at 5-15%, wait for the myrm to spear someone and then everyone runs to 3rd add while that person breaks shield (and a small group of people stay behind to finish 2nd add)
  47. 3rd add
  48. - finish off low hp myrmidon asap
  49. - hit high hp myrmidon for a bit here, as 3rd add has a shield on it and will immediately recast a 2nd shield when that one is broken, so need to wait for 2 spears
  50. - watch spear+burst+beckon overlaps here, can be nasty, the 3rd dispel will be left to time out on some of these sets due to beckons, stay in the group for heals until you need to go out/pop a cd if you go out early
  51. - after 2nd shield is broken, kill myrmidon before next spear/new myrmidon spawns, start hitting add here
  52. - hit new myrmidon hard when it comes in, and kill it after it breaks the 3rd shield
  53. - aim for boss to hit 50% as 3rd add dies (generally requires people to go into LoS and hit boss for a lil bit, she'll be behind)
  55. P4
  57. - drop stacks then lust+pot, moving out to bait ~5 seconds before nether portal timer
  58. - take gateway to console, drop your stacks, 1st console is popped (no raid cd for this, use personals, hs/pot if needed)
  59. - after 1st console, dodge red beams
  60. - after 1st beams, ranged move out to the side the insta death beam spawned on ~30 seconds earlier and bait there, beckons here too but both are boped
  61. - after bait move back in for 2nd console, make sure you reset stacks
  62. - after 2nd console, move out to bait DURING the red beams (to opposite side of first bait), the bait comes almost immediately after the 4th red beam goes off
  63. - move back in to console and burn boss (if we're behind we might do 3rd console and then yolo dodge/bait after)
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