May 31st, 2017
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  1. Hello,
  3. I am really hoping that there is a misunderstanding here that can be cleared up, please.
  5. My account was suspended on Friday May 26th, and I filed an appeal the same day. I received a reply on Sunday May 28th stating that it had been suspended for violation of the rules, but did not specify _what_ rules.
  7. I filed a further appeal that same day, and received a reply back this morning stating that the suspension was "specifically our rules around participating in targeted abuse" and that my account would not be restored.
  9. I have gone back and looked over my tweets, and I absolutely cannot see anything that constitutes abuse that targets any one person or individuals.
  10. I do not know where this accusation of my making abusive tweets is coming from at all.
  12. I would like to request that whoever receives this appeal takes a look at the tweets that I have made to determine that this abuse report is completely without merit, please.
  14. I use Twitter to keep in contact with my friends and those with similar interests all around the world. I cannot think that anything that I have posted should be taken as a targeted attack against someone or some group of people.
  16. If, and I believe this to be unlikely, there is found tweets that constitute such a violation, then I would very much like to know what these tweets actually were. It may be that something was taken out of context or something. But I have no idea, because I am being accused of something that I firmly believe that I did not do.
  18. I do truly believe that this is a misunderstanding, and possibly a fake report(s) of abuse against me, and I would very much like to get this cleared up, please.
  20. I know that Twitter support gets thousands of cases a day, but I really hope that appropriate time is taken to verify posts that I have made to determine that I am a well-behaved user of the system.
  22. Thank you.
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