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  1. ISP doxing. This is where you start learning how to find really personal information
  4. on a target just by using their IP address.
  6. Use their IP address to get their ISP and find the ISP’s number. I’ll include a list of
  7. tools at the bottom of this section. They’re public tools as ISP doxing is public. ISP
  8. doxing can get you lots of information on a target ranging from their name and
  9. address to their credit card information and SSN on file. It’s a deadly tactic and it’s
  10. best if you use an ISP that’s hard to SE if you want to avoid being ISP doxed.
  12. ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ
  13. Tip: How do you avoid being ISP doxed? Hide your IP at all costs. That’s how you
  14. avoid being ISP doxed.
  16. ~(‾▿‾)~
  17. Tip X2: Here’s an example of how ISP doxing looks.
  18. ------>        ISP Employee: Hello, how may we help you? This is Sarah.
  19.                      You: Hey Sarah, this is Tom, I actually work for this ISP myself and I was
  20.                      wondering if you could look up a customer in one of our tools for me. My tool is
  21.                      being extremely buggy and my internet is down for some reason. I don’t need
  22.                      much, the customer contacted me via support chat and I need a number to call him
  23.                      back and a name. I can look up the rest in one of our tools.                    
  24.                   ISP Employee: Sorry to hear that. Here, let me just look up the IP in our master
  25.                      tool. One moment please.
  26.                      *Few moments later*
  27.                      Alright, here is the client’s phone number associated with the IP address and their
  28.                      full name. Is that all?
  29.                      You: Yes ma’am. Thanks Sarah. Have a great shift.
  31.  ۜ\(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ
  32. That’s usually all it takes. ISP doxing can either be really simple like that (ISP
  33. doxed a Comcast IP a few weeks ago, got last four of SSN) or really complicated
  34. (failed at doxing a TWC ISP a few days ago, took like four tries). It’s best if you
  35. have a reasonable deep voice and sound believable (more eWhore coaching). All it
  36. takes it practice and the right knowledge of tools to SE some live support.
  38. d[ o_0 ]b
  39. Tip X3: If you fail on one person, don’t sweat it. Just wait a few minutes or hours
  40. and try with a different support member. Some ISPs are really hard to SE while
  41. some are insanely easy.
  43. 龴ↀ◡ↀ龴
  44. Tip X4: Here are a list of ISP tools. Yes, these are tools that you may have access
  45. to because ISP doxing itself is generally public and I doubt that you haven’t heard
  46. of it. Either way, these are necessary tools and information for when you’re ISP
  47. doxing someone. They make ISP doxing a lot easier.
  49. ▬▬ι═══════ﺤ    -═══════ι▬▬
  50. AT&T -
  51. U-verse Support: 1-800-288-2020
  52. Employee IDs - md905c
  53. • Systems: G2, CCTP, SystemX, Clarify, Telegence, MyCSP, Phoenix,
  54. Torch, CSR Admin, CTI, Agent Verification System, CCC Tool, DLC, C-Care
  56. Sky -
  57. Sky Tech Support: 0-844-241-1653
  58. • Systems: Cloud
  60. Cox -
  61. Cox Support: 877-891-2899• Systems: Polaris (IP), iNav, edgehealth, Icon, IDM, ICOMS, SL2
  63. Charter -
  64. Charter Support: 713-554-3669
  65. • Systems: Sigma (Ask for this for lookup), IRIS
  67. Comcast -
  68. Comcast Support: 1-800-934-6489
  69. • Systems: ACSR, Comtrac, CSG, Einstein, Grand-slam (Ask for this for
  70. lookups), Vision
  72. Time Warner -
  73. Time Warner Support - 212-364-8300
  74. • Systems: Real, Unify (Ask for this for lookups)
  76. Road Runner -
  77. Road Runner Support: 1-866-744-1678
  78. • Systems: Real, Unify
  80. Verizon -
  81. Verizon Support: 1-800-837-4966
  82. • Systems: Coffee
  83. ▬▬ι═══════ﺤ    -═══════ι▬▬
  85. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  86. Items that are capable for look up:
  87. Name on file:
  88. DOB on file:
  89. SSN on file:
  90. Phone on file:
  91. Address on file:
  92. ISP Account #:
  93. Primary Account Email:
  94. Credit Card on File:
  95. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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