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Jan 9th, 2013
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  1. This is a Worst Offender Alert and this means that not only this IP address, but the whole class 'C' is also on the indicated SpamRats List. Usually this means the whole range has the same issue of naming conventions or no reverse DNS AND that many IP's from this Class C have been used in Spam Attacks, Dictionary attacks or other forms of attacks, as detected by Mail Servers in the Data Collection Grid. You will NOT be able to use the removal form to remove your IP Addresses. If you have recently been assigned the IP Addresses, or have changed what these IP Addresses are used for, you can use the contact form and ask for a reclassification, but you will have to provide full disclosure, including whois for the ip addresses, your affiliation with the company that owns them, and a description of what the IP's were previously used for, and what they will be used for, in order for a Spam Auditor to consider reclassification. Remember, the majority of the IP's in this space WERE detected as being involved in some form of attack or abusive behaviour, so you had better have a good reason to ask for removal, and you need to own or control the IP addresses, as evidenced by ARIN whois.
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