Mar 22nd, 2019
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  1. Impressionist
  3. The theme of this class is "improper use of body and weapons"
  5. Special Skill:
  6. Wreckless Abandon [Auto/None/Self] When you make an attack check, add two of the following: +2 Damage, Move 1, Explosive, Chain 1 (if the attack already has chain, increase the value), apply Move 1 to yourself, or change the attack type to another type. As the cost of this skill, break the part used.
  8. ---
  10. Clash of Arms [Damage/0/Self] Defend 2 + Negate Chain, if the attack still deals damage, break one of your attack parts as the cost of this attack.
  12. Focused Strike [Auto/None/self] When you declare an attack maneuver with a property, you may add a +1 to the attack check for each property you remove.
  14. Intestinal Reach [Auto/None/Self] Once per round, you may declare this skill when making an attack maneuver. If the attack is melee or unarmed, increase the range by 1. If this is a shooting or blast attack, add area. As the cost of this skill, break an entrail.
  15. "Tying your intestines to a weapon to get more reach is an odd idea, but it works. It's not like you needed them for anything else.
  17. Practiced limbs [Damage/0/Self] When you are about to lose an attack part, you may declare this maneuver to move it to another hit location.
  18. "And they said it was stupid to learn how to shoot a gun with your feet.
  20. Emergency Attack [Rapid/See Below/See Below] You may use a support part to make an unarmed attack with damage equal to its support value. As the price of this maneuver, break the part used. This can be used multiple times per round but only once per count.
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