Michael is a shitlord

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  2. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:22 PM
  3. yep sometimes the server only has that
  4. very often lately
  5. btw
  6. is detpack glitch allowed?
  7. speed of light detpack
  9. BenjaminToday at 2:24 PM
  10. Yes it's allowed
  11. But dude you're legit one of the biggest vultures in the server :joy:
  12. And it's not TK when it's FFA
  14. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:25 PM
  15. not surprised another glitch is allowed
  16. just checking cause stonewall used it
  18. BenjaminToday at 2:26 PM
  19. Lol Will wanted me to get on the server and "bully" him over it but I was sick
  21. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:26 PM
  22. i fight with honor i never vulch ppl
  23. i do it to vulchers
  25. BenjaminToday at 2:26 PM
  26. And I agree that it's gay how everyone can get away with "character glitches" despite how disruptive some are
  28. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:26 PM
  29. they deserve it imo
  31. BenjaminToday at 2:26 PM
  32. You've literally vulched me before I even attacked you before
  34. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:26 PM
  35. and it is TK, you are on opposite teams
  36. there is no ffa mode
  37. and only like 20% ppl play ffa
  38. i hate tk
  39. because u can see enemy through wall
  40. which is cheating
  42. BenjaminToday at 2:27 PM
  43. FFA is unofficial sure but it's still the point of the server so we call it FFA and as such there is no TK
  44. Also it's hard to call something cheating when it's a passive advantage that everyone has
  46. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:28 PM
  47. yeah i get it but i will not play ffa when nobody does
  49. BenjaminToday at 2:28 PM
  50. Okay but there's no point in complaining if other people choose to play that way
  51. It's like complaining about people using Force in a Force-on server
  53. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:28 PM
  54. im just letting them know my opinion
  55. not complaining
  56. and i dont vulch anyone
  57. if i did then it may have been accident
  58. as i cant see the names sometimes
  60. BenjaminToday at 2:29 PM
  61. You're either lying, don't know what vulching means, or as you said you just do it on accident.
  62. But regardless, you do it
  64. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:30 PM
  65. i do not
  67. BenjaminToday at 2:30 PM
  68. And not just to me
  69. But to Will and others as well
  71. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:30 PM
  72. he started vulchiong me
  73. as i told u, i do it to them
  74. they deserve it 100%
  76. BenjaminToday at 2:30 PM
  77. Yeah that's fine I don't care about the whole "They did it first so I do it to them" thing because I follow that mentality too
  78. But as I've said like three times now
  79. You do it to people who haven't done anything to warrant it
  81. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:31 PM
  82. never intentionally
  83. i do it to ppl even if they vulched me last time
  84. like even yesterday
  85. if i notice they didnt stop
  87. BenjaminToday at 2:32 PM
  88. Okay
  89. But why does the "It was an accident" excuse work for you but not them?
  90. How do you know they didn't do it on accident too?
  92. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:33 PM
  93. i only do it on accident like once every game lol
  94. if i fight a vader for example and lost track of him, and another player who is vader walks by, i attack him without seeing his name
  96. BenjaminToday at 2:34 PM
  97. OK then that makes it worse for you because after that one accident is over you still do it like 3-4 times before I even bother attacking you :joy:
  99. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:34 PM
  100. vulchers do it like 50 times in a row
  101. no i never do it again
  102. i remember once i killed u by accident and u started killing me after that
  103. so i started killing u too
  105. BenjaminToday at 2:35 PM
  106. Killing =/= vulching and also that's one time versus literally dozens
  107. You do it to me frequently when I'm under aliases
  108. Accident or not it's way more than "just one time"
  109. even if I don't vulch you
  111. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:35 PM
  112. well imagine i accidently vulch u
  114. BenjaminToday at 2:35 PM
  115. or even vulch back at you
  117. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:35 PM
  118. and then u start killing me because u want reevnge
  119. what should i do lol?
  120. i have to defend
  122. BenjaminToday at 2:36 PM
  123. say "sry my bad" before I start coming after you again to signify it was an accident lol
  125. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:36 PM
  126. i did
  127. if i make an accident i always say sry
  129. BenjaminToday at 2:37 PM
  130. You've done that before sure but you don't always do it which is what prompts the "revenge" part
  132. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:37 PM
  133. no
  134. u want revenge because of accidental kill lol
  135. i dont get that
  137. BenjaminToday at 2:38 PM
  138. Because you don't say it's an accident lol
  139. If you actually said "sorry" or something then I'd just move on and not care anymore
  141. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:38 PM
  142. i did say sry
  143. but sometimes theres just no time
  144. im usually hunted by like 5 ppl
  146. BenjaminToday at 2:38 PM
  147. Then say it later?
  149. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:38 PM
  150. i always do
  151. i dont remember any specific time ur thinking off
  152. but i must have had a reason
  154. BenjaminToday at 2:39 PM
  155. I'm not thinking of a specific time I'm thinking of several different times
  156. And honestly some of those times were under alias so you wouldn't be able to think of them anyway
  158. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:40 PM
  159. well just remember not to vulch me if u dont want it to happen to u
  161. BenjaminToday at 2:40 PM
  162. I go under alias for the sole purpose of finding out who the closet douches are and who just plays nice because they know it's me
  163. I make it a point not to vulch anyone unless they're just being ultra faggy
  165. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:40 PM
  166. i would never do that to someone who i respect
  168. BenjaminToday at 2:40 PM
  169. This isn't going anywhere but I need to get to work anyway so I'm calling it here
  171. (TSoF)_MichaelToday at 2:41 PM
  172. ok lol
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