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20 Questions About.....ThatOneEnderMan.

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  1. What happens when you take a notoriously random and annoying creature, age him 15+ years, and put him in Prototype? That's right you get That OOOOOOOOONE EnderMan that EVERYBODY hates. :P
  3. All jokes aside, if he hadn't reset during the Purge, we might've seen teenage expert Prototyper ThatOneEnderMan in the highest echelons of the leaderboard, today. He's one of those guys that somehow manages to stay just under the radar when it comes to being a famous person in these parts, no matter how much BP he actually has [he's in 29th place with over 789 million BP as of this Pastebin]. Those who HAVE gotten to know him will quickly find out that he's a joker with a sense of humor, and can take it just as well as he can dish it.
  5. You still shouldn't stare at him, though, or he'll warp to where you are and beat you senseless with a stone cube.
  8. Community Q's:
  10. Q1. Do you like our players? [MetaKirbSter]
  11. Ender: "Well, of course I do :P. The only thing that really annoys about them, is when people spell the word "That" wrong..."
  13. Q2. What is your favorite Element that we use here at the Prototype [Rhythm_BCA]
  14. Ender: "Tough choice between Space, Water, or Time-but I would say Space because well, Space is not only cool, but pretty powerful :P."
  16. Q3. What is your favorite MM8BDM wad/mod and why? [TailsMK4]
  17. Ender: "Tough choice between Bot apocalypse, Rockman No Constancy Expansion, or the MMX Singleplayer Mod. Though, my favorite RNC AND the apocalypse-together that is. Hilarious results together :P."
  19. Q4. Who is better: Mega Man or Proto Man? [TheDoc]
  20. Ender: "Protoman, because them sweet shades."
  22. Q5. Who is better (not your personal favorite), Crash Man or Napalm Man? [Tobyjoey]
  23. Ender: "Crash Man, though Napalm Man is pretty powerful, Crash Man pretty much blows him out of the water-no pun intended."
  25. Q6. Are you more of a retro or modern gamer? [MetaKirbSter]
  26. Ender: "Hm, tough one, as I love both Modern and Retro games, but I find myself playing older game more often."
  28. Q7. Favorite Classic Megaman song? [TheDoc]
  29. Ender: "Tough choice between Ring Man and SparkMan, but I would say spark man, its so awesome sounding~"
  31. Q8. Which game has the better soundtrack, Mega Man 2, 3, or 4? [Tobyjoey]
  32. Ender: "...Another tough one-but I would say 4, mostly for Ring man's music Toad Man's music and, my personal fav, the wily stages music :P."
  34. Q9. Do you love MMRPG? [MetaKirbSter]
  35. Ender: "Well, I would not say I 'Love' it, but I do like quite a lot-though I hate the grinding for stuff.. (STARFORCE.)"
  37. Q10. If you've played MMBN, do you think that Capcom did a good job with the Robot Masters' .EXE counterparts? If you want, which in particular did you like/dislike? [TheDoc]
  38. Ender: "I do quite like the .exe Versions of the RMs, and think Capcom did a great job with them. My fav is ToadMan.exe though..."
  41. Mikey's Q's:
  43. Q11. How come you reset during the Purge of March 2015?
  44. Ender: "I felt like was was overpowered, and I wanna to start a-new."
  46. Q12. Your answer to Q9 seems to indicate that you aren't a fan of the entire 'grinding for Star Force' bit. What's your opinion of Star Force in general?
  47. Ender: "It feels like its too much grinding. Sure, if you get a lot of Starforce, you can be overpowered, but the insane amount of grinding feels too hard for a ok reward."
  49. Q13. Roll, Disco or Rhythm [and why]?
  50. Ender: "Disco, I mostly like because she is purple-and I like purple. :P"
  52. Q14. What's the first video game you can remember ever playing?
  53. Ender: "I think it ether was Mario Kart DS, or Mario Party DS. I'm not to sure."
  55. Q15. Prototyping to the side, What else do you do for fun?
  56. Ender: "Play one of my 90 games on steam, or just watch TV."
  58. Q16. What's your biggest pet peeve?
  59. Ender: "I have 4 dogs. I don't 100% know what a pet peeve though."
  61. Q17. YOU JUST WON A MILLION DOLLARS! The very first thing you do is.....?
  62. Ender: "I would donate 50K to charity, maybe more. I'm a nice guy :P."
  64. Q18. What's it like where you live?
  65. Ender: "It's pretty nice, I live in a small town, though its next to a city that has over 1 million people, so its pretty nice out here."
  67. Q19. Tell me something about you that I don't already know.
  68. Ender: "I just got a pc controller, mostly so games like Castle Crashers controls better."
  70. Q20. Still playing MMSF1? :P
  71. Ender: "GOD DANG MIKE!!!" *Flips table*
  73. Special thanks ThatOneEnderMan for all the torture, and to MetaKirbster, Rhythm_BCA, TailsMk4, TheDoc and TobyJoey for their suggestions.
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