Uber Jason - Regeneration 8

Jul 11th, 2020
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  1. Jason X was coming through the emergency exit when Bill fired at the mask. Not the easiest target, but he'd already fired at Jason X's body and noticed the lack of effectiveness. The suit of armor he wore protected most of his body, although the laser got through as well. At least with the face there were places of exposed fleshy vulnerability, like the eyes, the nostrils, a few small holes in the mask, but if the angle was right, he had most of the back of the head as a target.
  3. The laser blast stopped Jason for about ten seconds. He stood perfectly still, metal steaming, smoke cascading from all opening of the face mask, the eyes through the holes charred. But something- the nanotechnology, what London called "nano ants"- was at work inside him, busy repairing him faster than Bill could shot again. If he could keep shooting, hitting the fleshy parts, Jason X would be stunned for ten seconds consecutively until the repair mechanism inside him did its job. But a charged laser would permit no more than six such blasts, and one minute of Jason X out of commission wouldn't help much. Still, it beat the hell out of fighting him hand to hand; Bill suspected he'd lose such a battle.
  5. Bill had another full laser gun, the stun gun, and no recharger. He saw one across the room, broken in two, Even if he had one in working order, it would take a good five minutes to recharge a laser gun. He had to find another weapon.
  7. He fired again, watching the flesh repair before his eyes, the Ants faster this time. They learn from what they do, he thought, amazed at this technology that acted like the most sophisticated computer to the tenth power. He racked his brain, trying to think of how that information could help him.
  9. As Jason X recovered again, he took a giant step further into the room, the hand that grasped that deadly blood-streaked knife raised high above his head. Bill shot him in the face, frantically searching the bridge for something, anything that would come in handy.
  11. Suddenly, in a flash of enlightenment he remembered that deck one could be separated and ejected from the station. This was a precautionary measure, available to the crew in the event of an emergency that compromised the bridge. It allowed the crew not on the bridge to still reach the shuttle bay.
  13. It would take some finagling to set this in motion, but what else was there to try? The bridge would float in space, as would the station, separately, until help arrived, if help arrived. If only that help could combat the threat of Jason X, he thought.
  15. He'd have to rig a short timer, if he could-
  17. Jason X moved and Bill blasted him in the face again, this shot going directly into an eye hole of the mask and searing the right eye, which smoked as if it were afire. Only two shots left in Renata's laser. If he could rig a timer, and keep Jason at bay, he could make it to deck two when deck one separated. Then he just might get down to the shuttle and be able to take off with London. But that was a long shot. A dream.
  19. While he programmed the computer he said, "Location of London?"
  21. "Emergency stairwell, just below deck three at-"
  23. "That can't be! She hasn't moved!"
  25. "Affirmative."
  27. What the fuck? Jason X was with him. What could have happened?
  29. Bill told the computer, "Engineer Bill Lawrence, ordering a deck one disconnection, ID #50437L" While he spoke, he pressed his hand onto the scan plate on the main console, just in case the computer needed verification- this would save time.
  31. He saw the light on the board go from red to green and he also saw Jason X step towards him again, fighting the injury, the nano ants repairing at twice the speed of his first shot.
  33. Just to stagger it, he fired the stun gun, same place, aiming for the eye. IT didn't stun Jason X and he switched to the second laser, shooting two beams, one into each eye hole. He needed time. Now!
  35. "Identity, Engineer Bill Lawrence. Proceed with deck on disconnection."
  37. "Deck one disconnection requires authorization by two senior crew members."
  39. Damn. London was a senior member. He'd have to get her up here, but how? "London. London, come in"
  41. No response.
  43. Jason X fought the laser injury and staggered further towards the control panels, weapon raised, a hand reaching out to grab Bill, the murderous glint in his eyes unnerving. Bill had one laser shot left in one gun and he fired it, aiming for the nostril, but he wasn't a real marksman and was off by two inches. "Shit!" he yelled, throwing the now empty gun at Jason X's head. The monster ducked and lunged.
  45. Jason X: Planet of the Beast - Pages 358-361
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