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  1. > wether you come back to our threads or not, I do appreciate all your help you have given me in the past week. Ive rep'd you twice in both my threads ive been part of and have told you this already. This forum is still worlds better then hardocp's childish noob forum. Im active there only because trying to find an answer can be a little quicker there but the kids on that forum ruin just about everything for us adults. Apparently you and I have been at this game since the 90's and we thoroughly enjoy this hobby, moreover.... your knoweldge is far greater then mine in this memory OC area and people like you are rare to come by. You mind if I hit you up in a few weeks after I get my waterchiller loop going for a little more precise questions on a few settings?
  3. Thanks buddy, and btw, my name is Seth... been here for a while, and have been OCing since 1994-ish on starting on my 486 sx50Mhz packard bell!
  5. Appreciate ya,
  7. Seth
  10. Hey man, some guy calling himself Wakana sent me a question about returning memory, this shit has to be trolling
  12. "I buy the [b]trindenzt neo, you can see the thayphoon check[/b] in this post:
  14. You are recommending returning these modules if they do not reach the specifications. I have that same problem. "
  17. This made me lol but I think this person is serious lol.
  19. Anyway, I'd probably disagree with your evaluation about kids, hardocp, etc. Sure, this place is a bit better than Tom's Hardware or [h] but it used to be a lot, lot better and filled with tons of knowledgeable people, in all areas, but the large majority of my friends have left the site, and there's really like one person left (damric).
  21. The frustration was mostly CJMitsuki (who you well know is talking out of his ass), and dlbsyst (who should find a different hobby). I'm sick of him coming back to attempt to OC his memory once a month, giving up, disappearing, then coming back and asking for help, because he's lazy. He still can't figure out how to make a Thaiphoon profile and import it correctly. If you'd oblige me and try and dig up the post I made (It has steps labeled 1. to 9. or so) that explains how to properly export a profile from Thaiphoon Burner to be used with Ryzen DRAM Calc, and post a link to it in the Crosshair VIII Hero thread, that'd be a big help. It's either in the Ryzen DRAM Calculator thread, or the Ryzen Memory Stability thread. I think I posted it in September or October.
  23. Other posters like Gadfly are knowledgeable in their own right, and told me some things I didn't know, but then ruin that by posting wrong information about BankGroupSwap (and call it the wrong thing), literally right after I made multiple posts explaining that BGS_Alt only takes effect if you set BGS to Disabled, and then he tries to argue and say he sets both to Enabled (sigh...), yadda yadda. You read it.
  25. So regardless of whether they are petulant swearing children like on [h], or not, they can't read, and get in the way of me helping others because I'm constantly having to correct them, literally right after explaining it. So it's not much better imo. Tbh, Reddit r/AMD and r/Overclocking has better information and a lot of really well informed posters, much better overall than it is here now.
  27. I'm not rare to come by and I'm honestly not that good or knowledgeable on memory overclocking. Someone like 1usmus, The_Stilt or especially Shamino from ROG forums (who works for ASUS and used to write their guides for overclocking secondary and tertiaries for old Intel platforms), those are the ones who are rare and really understand how this stuff works. I'd be lying if I said I understand how all the timings are related, etc. Honestly, Ryzen DRAM Calculator is so much help and I'd be somewhat lost without it, and maybe I'd figure out some of the secondary and tertiary timings (because I calculated them out for Z87/Haswell that I had previously) but it would be much more difficult.
  29. I'm kind of a jack of all trades when it comes to computers and overclocking and spread myself equally between a lot of different things: CPU oc, RAM oc, GPU oc, Linux, network security (routers), game console hacking, etc. etc. I've never even water cooled so you probably know a lot more than I do, I'm just very familiar with ROG boards (I've read tons of guides and know how to put a loop together and all the components you need, how to fill it, etc. I've just never done it because it's too expensive for too little gain imo. Nickel Blocks for my cards are $160 a piece.  Theres another guy who has these exact cards (1080ti FTW3) and a 9900k- his temps running the same bench with a full CPU + dual GPU loop (Heaven) were 60c on the cards, mine were 70C on the cards, a 10C drop isn't worth $1k in the parts I'd need, theres a ton of maintenance involved that I can't do because I'm on disability and like 6 things wrong in my lower back, unknown neck damage because of electroshock therapy gone wrong for depression etc. but I wont get into that- lets just say I nearly died like 7 times in the last 5 years)
  31. Anyway I'm still going to be answering questions for a while as you can see- if CJMitsuki comes back giving out terrible advice (you know most posters here would have serious issues trying to post with the timing sets he was giving), step in, because if people start listening to him everyone will be getting bad advice, and then I will leave rather than having to justify myself to not just him but the other people in the thread
  33. I've been ocing since 1998 on an AMD K6-2 350mhz, Super Socket 7, had to move jumpers in banks on the board next to the cpu socket to change the multiplier. I was 14. I always fixed the family, neighbors computers etc. I've only been building since 2009 though- you can check out my build log from my sig as it has pictures of every incarnation of my box since then. I wanted to build way before that, but my family was poor, I'm a burnout, etc. my wife pays for my stuff.
  35. Before that my first PC was a Pentium 75 no-name box my Uncle gifted me in '96, my first PC. Prior to that, I only used PCs at friends houses and in school. Before that I grew up using late 80s and 90s 68000-based Macintosh computers and had a Mac Plus, IIci, etc. at home. I'm still really good with those machines. I saved one recently, it came with some... special disks to say the least   Check out what it's saying, that disk is from 1983... I installed a SD card disk emulator to back up all the disk images full of Apple development software for the original Macintosh project, and released them elsewhere on the internet, they are never before seen.
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