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Dadonequus Discord Part 313

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  1. >"Hrn, that went better than I expected. And the bigger surprise was there was no paparazzi. Interesting" Spoiled mentioned as she looked around for any unsavory types.
  2. >"Well, as I said. Mrs. Muffin Top is an expert in her craft and so sought out that even our resident Princess went a hollarin' for her. I mean, heck. Even Discord was there and there weren't a bit of trouble at all. Speaking of which" Filthy looked over to you as you walked beside Diamond "Mr.Anon, there was a mentioning of a punishment. I'm guessin' your father have upset our princess with one of his harmless pranks. Am I right?"
  3. >He was interested in that? Unfortunately, that wasn't the right answer.
  4. "Actually sir, Dad just overdid a few things when it came to me. It wasn't really that bad. Princess Twilight just overreacted I think"
  5. >Diamond Tiara gasped "What?! I don't think Princess Twilight would overreact to anything like that. She's a princess after all. Composure is very important"
  6. >"Composure is very important even when you're not a princess, Diamond Tiara. But in Discord's case. Anything he does would cause white hairs to grow out of any mane." Spoiled scoffed. It was clear that even after all that. She didn't like him still.
  7. >"Now now. Mr.Discord has a few edges that need to be shaved sure. But he's reformed and clearly has been a good father. Considering he is friends with the elements, I don't think there was any friction between him and the princess. It may have just been a precaution in case Anon went on one of them adventures I've heard about. I don't think anypony that young should be doing anything dangerous, and it's possible the princess is on the same page." Filthy was thinking that Discord being put into the class was simply because of your adventuring.
  9. >"Well, I don't think that's bad." Diamond Tiara rubbed her head gently under yours "My Anon is the hero colt after all. You know, Like a knight. He can handle anything. So, how is he supposed to be heroic and stuff if he can't go adventuring anymore? I don't want my future husband to be a slouch"
  10. > Filthy tensed at those words "N-now, let's not go talkin' about "Future Husbands". Mr.Anon is certainly a nice colt. But you're all a little too young to be talkin' about getting hitched. I mean, it could happen. But ponies change as you get older and-"
  11. >But Spoiled cuts him off with a smirk "Dear. Is that worry I hear in your voice?" She snickers at him "It was you who let him in our home, Practically set him up with our daughter, and made him out to be similar to you when you were young. Considering we just came out of a parenting class. I'd say we just let fate take it's course and make sure that these two don't do anything uncouth. Especially..." Spoiled then looked down at you with a seriously scary expression "You. You still need a little refinement Anon. A little more understanding of the finer things. And of course, I expect you to understand your place when you get older and have decided that my daughter will in fact be your marefriend until marriage"
  12. >What did she mean by that? That made you feel a pit in the center of your stomach.
  13. "My place?"
  14. >"Oh, she means if you're going to be my future husband. You're going to have to follow a lot of rules. Don't worry. You'll do fine." Diamond Tiara couldn't help but rub against you. She was like a fucking cat.
  15. >It warmed your body. Since "Your place" was making your blood run cold.
  16. >"He better." Spoiled Rich said. She then turned her attention back to her husband for setting up a small dinner company for her new friends, the Cakes.
  17. >"Anon....do you know what I was thinking?" She said as she moved away from you and gave you a sexy looking little grin.
  19. >Ohhhhh....wait. Dammit, why are you getting excited. It's not sex. It's probably going to be something kiddy.
  20. "No. What is it?"
  21. >She giggles and moves up to whisper in your ear "I-want-to-go-ad-venturing-with-you"
  22. "...."
  23. >And now your body went as chilled as your blood. You were stone cold scared of those words
  24. "W-what?"
  25. >"You heard me. I want to see the kind of things the "Hero Colt" deals with. If it's anything like how you handled those foalnappers. Then it has to be pretty exciting. And I want in" Diamond said. Determined to get a yes out of you. "You can't say no. It's been a little bit since our last date and this time I want to go on an adventure"
  26. >No! Fucking...she can't. You couldn't allow this!
  27. "B-but what about the sleepover? We did that pretty recently"
  28. >"Oh that? That's just a sleepover. It doesn't count." She says, dismissing your words.
  30. "Well, it's not like I know when I'm going on an adventure. It kinds happens at random. And even then. Their pretty rare. Something like the whole dimension thing isn't gonna happen any time soon"
  31. >"So what you're saying is you don't know when it'll happen. So usually it'd be too late to come get me?"
  32. "Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying"
  33. >Diamond then giggles at you. Why was she giggling?!
  34. >"In that case. I'll just ask your dad about it. That way, when something does happen." She walks right in front of you and walks backwards as she faces you with a smirk "I know I'll be right there with you. And there's nothing you can do to stop me either. Your dad likes me afteraaaaaALLLL!" Diamond tripped, nearly falling back, but instead falls forward as she tries to maintain her footing.
  35. "Diamond!"
  37. >You quickly drop to the ground. Acting as a safety net for her to fall on.
  38. >She lands right on you. Her belly slamming your face right into the ground. U-ugh...
  39. >When Diamond realized what happened. She quickly hopped off of you and helped you up. Worried and apologetic "A-Anon! A-are you ok? Are you hurt?"
  40. >You weren't even dazed this time. Dirty, but not dazed.
  41. "I'm fine, totally used to it"
  42. >"Hmph..." Diamond Tiara gave you a scrunchy angry face as she wiped off the dirt from your face with her hoof. "Well, you shouldn't be. You should have told me to watch where I was going. Now I went and made your face all dusty and dirty."
  43. >You giggled a little from her reaction.
  44. "I wouldn't do that. I'd like to think you always know where you're going."
  45. >"I do know where I'm going..e-except that time. mmnnn..." She felt bad for tripping. As she continued to clear your face. Her mother turned to her and handed her a handkerchief
  46. >"Diamond. I don't expect a silly mistake like that to happen again. And if you DO have to clean a pony's face. Do it with one of these. You look like a hobo when you do that" Spoiled wanted her daughter to act more "Rich". She wouldn't tolerate anything less. At least in her presence. Though, she also didn't thank you for using yourself as a pillow. Eh, probably didn't see it as anything extraordinary.
  48. >"Yes mother" Diamond says with a quiet half sigh as she takes the handkerchief and gently cleans your face. "There we go. You look a lot better now Anon" She then leans close to you with a smile and whispers "I'm still going to ask your dad"
  49. >Oygh, as forceful as ever. She was going to do whatever it took to get what she wanted.
  50. >And if it wasn't for her parents being here. You'd explain to her why you couldn't let that happen. Because the last thing you needed was the adventure spiraling out of control and her getting hurt. Or worse.
  51. >Besides, you had a codec now. If you needed to get in touch with Discord. You only needed to tap your ear. Amazing really. Why didn't you think of having one of these before?
  52. >So for now. you wouldn't argue. And you whispered
  53. "You can ask him if you want. But adventures can be pretty scary, Y'know?"
  54. >But she only heard the "You can ask him" part. She beamed a smile at you as she whispered "Good, I will"
  55. >....oogggh. You wondered how'd this have gone if you had gone with Applebloom instead. Better? Or would you be taking the whole CMC along for the ride?
  56. >"Ahh, here we are. Home sweet home" Filthy Rich said as he eyed his mansion. Then looked up at the sun, it was noon. He chuckled "And with plenty of time in the day to get in a right tasty lunch"
  57. >"Though not enough to plan a brilliant dinner. When our guests arrive, I want them to see that when you dine with us. You dine with the best. So you'll be having a normal lunch and helping me direct the maids and butlers. I don't want a single slip up" Spoiled said with a scowl on her face. Not really towards her husband's comment. Just in the fact she didn't want any reason to seem even less than best.
  59. >"That important,huh? Well, if that's what you want I guess I can cut out some of my lunchtime. At least I know dinner is going to make this pony fat n' happy." Filthy immediately agreed with this wife. He didn't want to upset her after all. And tonight should make up for the average lunch he was going to have.
  60. >"It's very important. Yes the Cakes may be of the average wage class. But the fact that they do have a good reputation in town mixed with the fact that they are obviously compatible with us makes them worthy enough for at least one good dinner with us. Perhaps more, depending on how it goes" Spoiled said as she already began calculating what she wanted done in terms of style and flair
  61. >"All that over their foals likin' our little Diamond, eh?" Filthy chuckled
  62. >"Obviously not. It'll take more than that to win my favor. Now hush, we're wasting time. Come along Diamond Tiara, there will be plenty of time for your coltfriend later. We need to go over a few things for tonight." Spoiled said
  63. >"Yes mother." Diamond let out a little giggle as she looked deep into your eyes and whispered "I can't wait Anon. Goodbye, seeya later"
  64. >...mn, you couldn't say anything now. Not when she was looking at you with those doting eyes. So you just rub your head gently to her side. A little love nuzzle.
  65. "Seeya, my princess"
  66. >She giggled at that. And blushed deep as she followed her parents into the mansion.
  67. >She was in love with you so hard. If you had to think of a lewd thought. It'd be about how good the sex was going to be when you both were old enough.
  68. >it was going to be beast.
  69. >Welp, no time to dawdle. Let's see if this codec thing works from whatever distance you are from Discord right now.
  70. >But when you put your hoof to your ear.
  71. >"Anon!" Came a familiar cry.
  72. >Out from behind some bushes. Scootaloo, with a helmet and her scooter, came riding out towards you. With worry on her face "A-are you done yet? I need you, really bad!"
  73. >Wut? Was she following you?
  75. "Scootaloo? What are you doing here?"
  76. >"I followed you. I was waiting for you to be done. Because, well...y'know.." Was it really that important? Because you already figured out why she didn't stop you.
  77. "She's not that scary. If it was important, you should have just....wait"
  78. >Wait. She didn't...
  79. "Scoots...Don't tell me you...like me. Y'know in th-"
  80. >"ANON!" Scootaloo immediately gave you an angry look "I'm not in love with you, you dweeb! This is actually super important!"
  81. >Wow, you felt like an idiot. But come on, that usually happens right? When you're being tailed by a girl?
  82. >....then again. 80% of Equestria are girls.
  83. >You're friends with a lot of girls.
  84. >"Anon?" Scootaloo was staring at you awkwardly as you found yourself lost in thought.
  85. "S-sorry, ahm. W-what's the problem?"
  86. >you couldn't even look her in the eye. Still embarrassed about your mistake.
  87. >"Anon, look. I don't know what happened in that class but you need to get it together. We might got a real big problem" Scootaloo said, worried as fuck.
  88. >But then you realized something. She said "Might"
  89. "Might? What do you mean might?"
  90. >"That's the thing. I don't know really. But, see. I was working on my scooter in the clubhouse when I thought I saw a purple light outside. I took a look and there's this weird looking bush that kinda glows purple sometimes" Scootaloo explains.
  91. >That's weird. Though purple could definitely mean it's Twilight. But why would she be a bush?
  92. "Ok, that does sound kinda weird. But then what's the problem? Why would Twilight even be there?"
  93. >"I....I think she knows about Scrappy. Applebloom is training him now in some sort of advanced "Scaring away bigger pests" lesson..thing. I dunno, you'd have to ask her. But, I think Twilight is spying on them."
  94. >...SHIT! wait. She already knew. Why would she...
  95. >Oh no, was she just wanting to see Scrappy for herself?
  97. >The hell is she even doing? Fuck, you don't even think Celestia would be happy with this.
  98. "Oy, ok ok. But the clubhouse is pretty far away from here. If that is Twilight. Then we're going to probably have to use my horn."
  99. >"Your Horn? you mean teleportation magic like Twilight uses? That's..not gonna hurt is it?" Scootaloo wondered. A little worried if you had the necessary skill
  100. "I mean..it shouldn't."
  101. >You put the horn on your head
  102. "Dad does it all the time so it should be easy."
  103. >"You say "Should be" Like you've never done it before." Scootaloo was being a little antsy now about teleporting, since she wasn't sure if you could handle it.
  104. "I have. I've used it once or twice so it'll be ok. Come on, Scoots. If it's important. Then now is not the time to be scared of a little chaos magic."
  105. >"I'm not scared!" Scootaloo barked at you "I'm just..." She sighed "I'm just worried about Scrappy. If Twilight finds out about him..."
  106. "Don't worry Scoots. We'll get is straightened out. Alright, ready?"
  107. >"Ready.." For Scrappy, or really. Any of her friends. She was ready
  108. >You point your horn straight up as you and Scootaloo get enveloped in a light. And in a flash. You both appear in the clubhouse.
  109. >"Woah..That was awesome!" Scootaloo said as she looked around the familiar surroundings.
  110. "Yeah, ok. So where do you think Twilight is?"
  111. >You took a look around the Clubhouse. Everything was in it's usual place. Though that chessboard was recently set up. Did he become obsessed with Chess? why? He only beat you with flukes. He can't be that good...
  112. >"Oh right! Over here." Scootaloo went over to the side window and pointed down in the distance. "Right over there, see that bush? doesn't it look a little weird?"
  113. >You walked over to the window. You could see Applebloom dressed as a Timberwolf as Scrappy barked at her. You had no fucking clue what was going on. So you then looked over to where Scootaloo was pointing. The bush looked pretty normal.
  114. "Looks fine to me"
  116. >"Just keep looking" She says, and so you do.
  117. >And then thats when you saw it.
  118. >A pair of binoculars innocently poking out for a few seconds and then back into the bushes.
  119. >....fuck
  120. "Yep, It's Twilight"
  121. >"Oh no! She must have found out about Scrappy! This is bad. What if she takes him away?!" Scootaloo was really starting to worry now. She knew Twilight well enough that if she suspected changeling. Scrappy would be gone.
  122. >But you just remain calm. Even though on the inside. You were questioning if you should call Discord in for this. Because this? This was unacceptable. And just like, thanks to Discord, you weren't going to take Chrysalis's shit. You weren't going to take Twilight's shit either. You hoped anyway.
  123. "Applebloom doesn't know she's there right?"
  124. >"No, I didn't want to tell her. It might make things look even more suspicious" Scootaloo said as she made another peek through the window.
  125. "Ok, ok..so.."
  126. >You sigh
  127. "Listen. Twilight knows already. So does Cadance. We had a whole thing about it back in Canterlot"
  128. >"YOU TOLD HER?!" Scootaloo said in surprise
  129. "N-no! Princess Celestia and Luna did. Because it's apparently important for them to know or whatever. There was nothing I could do about it either. But if it makes you feel any better. Twilight isn't allowed to actually do anything."
  130. >Scootaloo was still worried, despite your words. "Look Anon, I really like Twilight as a friend. But sometimes she can get weird. Like this one time, before she became an alicorn. She got reeeeaaaalllyy freaky this one time about not getting some friendship lesson done. She got so weird that she put the entire town under this weird spell. She really hasn't done something like that since. But, I get really worried when she's doing things like hiding behind bushes."
  131. >Lesson Zero....
  132. "It'll be ok Scoots. I got this. I'm just going to go and confront her. That's all"
  134. >After all the shit Twilight has given you and Discord about doing things under ponies noses and such. This, you thought, was unacceptable.
  135. >"Really? I dunno. Won't that make things worse?" She asked, looking down at Scrappy and Applebloom with dread "I don't want anything to happen. Scrappy is a great friend, and the best changeling ever. And Applebloom? I think she wouldn't be the same if he was gone. It's sorta weird. But it's really like he became her dog. If you ask me, I think Twilight should just get rid of bug breath. That way nopony has to worry anymore."
  136. "Scoots, I...."
  137. >It'd be pointless to say anything. Scootaloo obviously hated Chrysalis a lot more now than she did before. And no doubt did not approve of whatever friendship you did have with her. There's no use explaining that your still trying to reform her."
  138. "Never mind, I'll just go deal with this. Stay here, ok?"
  139. >"...ok. But you better come back and tell me what happened. Got it?"
  140. "Got it"
  141. >And so, you made your way towards Twilight. You stealthily left the clubhouse with Applebloom or Scrappy noticing and took a winding path to get behind the bush Twilight was in without her spotting you.
  142. >You could hear very soft noises coming out of the bush. And see a faint light of purple.
  143. >Yep, most definitely Twilight.
  144. >You moved in a little closer.
  145. >You dared to move some of the leaves, and could see the end of her tail sticking out.
  146. >...you really should call in Discord for this.
  147. >But probably, he'd so something that would make the situation blow up in your face. You loved the guy, but you didn't need his pettiness ruining this.
  148. "Hey Twilight, how's the view?"
  149. >And then all the subtle movements and noises. Just stopped.
  151. >There was no answer.
  152. "Ok Twilight, I know you're in there. What are you doing?"
  153. >You waited a moment more, and finally. Twilight poked her head out of the bush. Wearing a cap and one of those silly glases mustache things Pinkie would probably have on her.
  154. "uhhhhhhh..."
  155. >Twilight just looks down at you. She didn't look to happy to be caught. She seemed nervous "A-Anon, how did you know I was here?"
  156. "Scootaloo spotted you. Mind telling me why you're hiding? And what's with the get up?"
  157. >Twilight sighed as she used her magic to remove the glasses and cap. "A disguise in case I had to hide myself.. I got it from Pinkie A-and....never mind..."
  158. >Huh, she couldn't just use magic? Actually..you should just ask that.
  159. "You couldn't just use magic?"
  160. >"I was using my magic on the bush."
  161. "And that's exactly what got you caught. Scootaloo caught you when you were setting up"
  162. >You were giving Twilight a calm expression. But you were fortifying yourself for what's to come. Discord's words. And the momentum you got on chrysalis. If you fucked up now. You'd never get that back.
  163. >C'mon Anon...
  164. >"Oh, Anon. I know what this looks like. And I wouldn't be able to live up to my duties if I didn't admit it now. But I was spying on Scrappy" Well, at least she was being honest.
  165. "Yeah, I already guessed that. Mind telling me why?"
  166. >You already knew though. with ninety percent certainty.
  167. >"Because, Well..." Twilight scratched the back of her head with her hoof as her nervousness mounted. "Y'know, he's a changeling and..and..." Twilight immediatly gave up before you could say a word. She knew what she did. "Look, I'll be honest with you. He's a changeling. THE changeling captain. Do you know how hard it is just to let it go when he's hangring around Applebloom like that? What if he's concocting some sort of evil scheme? What if it's all an act? That's what changelings are good at in case you didn't know."
  168. >Welp, that proved that Twilight didn't trust you.
  170. "One, he's A changeling captain. He's a last minute replacement because the original captain defected, ran off, and came back as some horrible abomination that wants to destroy pony and changeling alike. Scrappy is, by all accounts, an idiot. But as dumb as he may be, he is also good hearted. As I said. He'd sooner give his life than let anything happen to Applebloom. But you know, it's not the fact that you didn't believe me that bothers me"
  171. >"Anon, you need to understand . I can't take this situation lightly.Not even as a princess. But as a friend. I had to make sure nothing bad was going to happen to Applebloom. You have to think about Applejack, Big Mac, and Granny Smith. How do you think they'd feel if something happened to Applebloom?" Twilight's explanation. Even if it was sound. You cared not for it.
  172. "Except things ARE fine. Y'know. I really don't get it. I really don't"
  173. >You started to put anger into your speech.
  174. "The four of you already decided to come crashing in on MY plans. So, what more reason do you have to meddle? Do I hate it? Yeah, but I've learned to accept it. But then this happens. Listen Twilight. You've given me a LOT of guff over what i've done in secret. And then you go and pull this on me? Isn't that setting a bad example? Even Luna accepts Scrappy. So why can't you?"
  175. >"Anon, this isn't up for discussion. If you want an apology? Fine, I'm sorry. You're right about the fact that I shouldn't have done it in secret. I only did it to make sure he wouldn't act innocent just because I was there. But I admit I should have told you first. But he's still a changeling, and he's around MY friends and MY friends family." Twilight started to start to cop a little of her "know it all" attitude "After what happened in Canterlot. Like I told you. I can't take this lightly"
  176. >Fuck..that was actually a pretty good argument.
  177. >No fuck it. Keep momentum.
  179. "I don't care. All you've been doing is telling me AND my dad what to do whenever you think something off happened. You nearly sealed me up BECAUSE CHANGELINGS. Maybe I was super suspicious and seemed like Queen Chrysalis when you did that. But hey, everypony managed to just make it memory. Until today, when BECAUSE CHANGELING. You just decided to do what you want AGAIN. Because you panicked. And trust me Twilight. I know what happens when you panic. It becomes like a coin flip. Heads, you save the day. Tails, you have the entire flippin town going after a ragdoll. Well, Twilight. You flipped tails again."
  180. >You both were staring each other down silently with that. But you could see Twilight's mouth twitch. She was remembering what she did when she was "Tardy". Thank Scoots for reminding you of that....in fact.
  181. "In fact. Your princesshood's foundation is based on a major screw up which could have ruined all your friends' lives forever. And even AS a princess. You couldn't make peace with the Yak Yakistanis by yourself NOR could you even fix things with Moon Dancer without Pinkie's help. You went into all that without properly planning things out and got mulched. I mean. You even got ambushed by Starlight AND let her get away. Then I came along and I fixed what you couldn't. And right now. You're over meddling in my zone. And you're screwing things up..."
  182. >Holy fuck....did that...did that come out of your mouth?
  183. >Maybe you should have called in Discord. He'd have loved to see this.
  184. >Twilight's ears. They drooped downwards.
  185. >You won...YOU ACTUALLY WON.
  186. >"I still don't understand how you would know THAT much. And I admit. I make mistakes. But....This is important. I..."
  187. >But then Twilight filled herself with her own patented determination.
  188. >"Even if I flip Tails on that coin. I'd rather take the chance over failing to make sure my friends are safe."
  191. "Except that this is my business. Not yours. You only got pulled in because of Princess Celestia. Those are also my friends too. Remember? And Scootaloo? Guess what. She was scared you were going to do something to Scrappy."
  192. >That caught Twilight off guard. She flinched at that.
  193. "Yeah, hurts knowing that somepony you consider a friend is afraid you're going to hurt somepony they care about. huh? Face it Twilight. For once, FOR ONCE. Just leave it alone. Because the way I see it. I'm going to lose Chrysalis as a friend and there may be nothing I can really do about it. All I wanted to do was redeem her. But it's fine. I've accepted that in the end. She's stilla criminal with a ton of crimes she has to own up to.So for now, if this is it. I want to do my very best at my last attempts to make her see the light. So yeah, I don't need you coming around and messing things up for me. And Applebloom and Scrappy? They are super close. Heck, it's because of Applebloom that he's practically reformed already. As I said. He'd give his life for her. He gets emotionally destroyed if anything happens to Scootaloo,Sweetie Belle, or Applebloom. So your presence isn't needed. Things can get along without you just fine. Leave..everything...be"
  194. >That wa sit this time. Twilight couldn't come up with any words.
  195. >She just stood there and pondered.
  196. >Both your ears perked up
  197. >The sounds of Applebloom's laughter and Scrappy being happy that he was doing a good job can be heard.
  198. "See? Is it weird that he likes being a dog? Yeah. But that's really how it is. Twilight. This time, your suspicions are wrong. Please, just back off."
  200. >"...I will. I can't think of anything to counter that argument. I just..." Twilight was indeed defeated. She was having trouble thinking. So she focused. And only had this to say. "Friendship is sometimes a very difficult subject Anon. I may be the Princess of Friendship. But really? I'm only as good as the bond I have with my friends. So, I guess I'm a little out of my element having to keep this secret from them. If Applejack ever found out. I don't think anypony would be able to reason with her. I worry about things like that too. Because I'd have to be the one to stop her from hurting Scrappy if it did happen."
  201. >You didn't say a word to that. You didn't want to give one.
  202. >Twilight sighed. "I can see you're really committed to this. Ok, you won't have to worry about me again. But Anon. Your friendship with Chrysalis..."
  203. >..Here we go
  204. "Yeah?"
  205. >you raise an eyebrow at her
  206. >"I know things look bleak. But I really hope you're able to work something out before Princess Celestia carries out her plan."
  207. >Ok....now you were caught offguard.
  208. "What? You...do?"
  209. >Twilight nodded "Mhmm. Just because you don't like somepony. Doesn't mean you should wish nothing but bad things on them. Anon, ever since Discord was reformed. I've come to realize, even if I also deny it; that anypony, no matter how bad they are, has a chance to redeem themselves. You even solidified that truth with Starlight Glimmer. So even though I know Queen Chrysalis is a criminal. In terms of friendship, I wish you the best of luck."
  210. >So thats it? She went just heel turned from distrust to trust?
  211. "Do you really mean that?"
  212. >"I do. You're pretty amazing for a colt Anon. saving worlds, reforming ponies I couldn't. I guess maybe the situation just has me rattled. I haven't even been able to focus on the fact that Rainbow Dash is about to become an official Wonderbolt soon. So, just leaving it to you is probably what I need to focus on what's important in terms of friendship"
  214. >Finally she und-..wait
  215. "Wait...Rainbow Dash is becoming a Wonderbolt? Nopony told me. I would have thought Scootaloo would have told me"
  216. >Twilight shrugged "I don't know. You never really seemed to big on Rainbow Dash in the first place so unless you asked. Then it's most likely that nopony thought to tell you about it."
  217. >.....huh....
  218. "Ok. W-well. That's cool. good for her. I'm glad for her."
  219. >"So am I. It's been her dream for just about her entire life. And with all this going on? I haven't been able to spend the time I should be giving to her achieving her dream. So.." Twilight puts her hoof on the shoulder of your right foreleg. "I'm being honest. I'll leave it to you. And wish you good luck. But Anon, understand also. That the changelings being reformed is also extremely important. I honestly believe in the princesses apology to you. If your friendship with Chrysalis is true. You shouldn't have to go through something like that. But she has terrorized ponies for a very long time without any care or remorse. And there are ponies out there that would sleep easier knowing they no longer have to fear the changeling menace."
  220. >In other words. Either way was good for her.
  221. "Ok...I'm glad we've come to an understanding."
  222. >Twilight nods in agreeance. She then gave you an awkwardly cheerful smile. "Yeah...so...how did class go today?"
  223. >.....
  224. "...."
  225. >Twilight chuckles sheepishly as she makes her way out. Realizing you were still in fact. Upset. "Yeah..mn..sorry. I'm just..going to go now."
  226. >And just like that. She teleported away.
  227. >You fell over. breathing hard. Holy shit...that was ridiculous. It actually tuckered you out.
  229. >But as you began to relax. That familiar teleport sound pops back in.
  230. >"On second thought. Since we're alone. There's a very important question I want to ask you" Twilight says as she pops back in.
  231. >You just go wide eyed. With a small twitch to your left eye.
  232. >How?! just...how?! Surely that was enough to get her to fuck off.
  233. >Why is she back?!
  234. "What even? Didn't I make it clear that I just want you to stop?"
  235. >"I am stopping" She says in a calm, matter of factly like way. "But I came back because I realized there was an itch in my brain that I want scratched."
  236. >The fuck did that mean?
  237. >You stood up, and gave her a grouchy look.
  238. "Then go and scratch it then"
  239. >"Anon" Twilight smiled as she shook her head as if you were a silly little pony "You can't scratch a brain. And the question I have I feel is so important. That maybe, depending on how legitimate your answer is. Well...maybe.." She gives you an unsure smile "I can help?"
  240. >...oh. Maximum levels of wut.
  241. "Help? Help with what exactly?"
  242. >You looked at her with great suspicion
  243. >"Well, that's the thing. You're a colt who says you're good friends with an infamous villain. It's pretty unbelievable no matter how you slice it. That's why..." Twilight lowered herself onto her belly. She was in a listening mood "I want to hear what makes your friendship with Queen Chrysalis so special"
  244. >Fucking..Really?
  245. >You sighed quite heavily
  246. "Twilight...Twilight...Look."
  247. >She can't be serious. How could you even explain that?
  248. "Why does it even matter? Just leave me be. Even if you knew, what could you do?"
  250. >"Well if I understood. I might be able to help you in some way. Anon, if you really do have a friendship with her. If you really mean to reform her. Then...Then"
  251. >Twilight looks down. She was doing it. She was letting go of all of her ill will for Chrysalis. And then looked to you with determination. "I want to do something to help"
  252. >You nearly laughed from the insanity of it. Fucking hell. Why won't she stop! Why can't she leave things alone. She's so stupidly obsessive! You were getting annoyed.
  253. "You can't do anything. And you'll never understand. Leave it alone Twilight."
  254. >"Anon, don't be that way. This affects all of us whether you like it or not. I want to help. So please. Just help me understand how this friendship even exists."
  255. "You wouldn't understand no matter how I told you."
  256. >"Try me" She looked at you with confidence.
  257. "Really Twilight? Really? Can't you just accept that I don't want you're help?"
  258. >Twilight went silent, she looked up towards the sun, as if she was looking to Celestia for advice. Then turned her attention back to you "How about this then. If you tell me. I will promise, that no matter what you do in the future with your father...within reason, I'll leave you alone. Or if I'm involved. I won't judge or force anything or even give a friendship lesson even if somepony reeeeeeeaaallllyyy needs it"
  259. >...
  260. >Ugh, she didn't get it. But, that was one hell of a deal that you felt she'd uphold.
  261. "Really? So, what if we just decided to flood the castle with water?"
  262. >"Within reason, Anon..." Twilight gives you a hard stare
  263. "Alright alright. Then, you'd leave me alone if I say. Went on another super cool adventure or. Put a whoopee cushion under your butt?"
  264. >"Well for one. You really should think about your aunt if you're going to do anything "Super cool". And for two, even Pinkie Pie does that sometimes. So, I guess that's pretty low priority on my list of things that bother me."
  265. "But you yourself would just leave me alone. No matter what."
  267. >"Yes, for the most part"
  268. >Not good enough
  269. "A solid yes Twilight. Yes, or leave"
  270. >Twilight had to stop. Somehow, she was starting to see how you could relate to Chrysalis. You weren't acting like the sweet colt most know you for. She could sense something dark about you at this point. No colt talks like this. No colt is that sound in logic. No colt would be able to bring up past events they were never there for.
  271. >Was this Discord's doing? Or Chrysalis? She couldn't figure it out. But to come to an understanding...
  272. >"Yes."
  273. >She did it. And now the ball was in your court. Hell, Discord would kill to be able to have Twilight look the other way in his own chaos dealings.
  274. >And all you had to do was explain your relationship. But, how to do it without giving away your true past.
  275. >Hmmm
  276. "Alright then. If you want to know that badly. The reason why me and Chrysalis are friends. Then listen closely. We simply agree on a lot of things and, believe it or not. We like to do things together."
  277. >"Agree on a lot things? Do things together? Mind elaborating on these "Things?" " Twilight wanted more details.
  278. >Ok, where to start.
  279. "Well, take movies for example. We've watched a couple of movies together and it's turned out pretty nice."
  280. >"Turned out pretty nice? What kind of movies are these? Chrysalis doesn't seem like the type to enjoy movies any pony has ever made."
  281. "Good movies Twilight. One was a documentary. And the other was a mobster movie based on real events."
  282. >Twilight could maybe believe the mobster one. But a documentary? "A documentary on what?"
  283. >erm. That was a tough one.
  284. "On, what the future could be like. Sorta..kinda"
  285. >"Hrn?" Twilight's face just lit up "Really? Interesting. You wouldn't mind me taking a look at that documentary myself would you? It sounds pretty interesting already"
  286. "No Twilight. It's something that's between just me and Chrysalis. Also, as I'm sure you know already. She's also saved my life. More than once."
  288. >"Yeah. At first that sounds really weird. But, I can see it if the bond you have with her really is strong. So, what do you two talk about then? What can you two possibly agree on? All she seems to care about, at least from the little I do know of her and what I read, is crushing ponykind."
  289. >Well, there was that one thing that now? You kind of wanted to hear from Twilight's perspective.
  290. "Ok, so check this out. We both think that the way she was defeated in Canterlot makes no sense whatsoever."
  291. >Twilight's pupils shrank for a moment. She then exploded in a wave of pure autism "What?! what do you mean it makes no sense?! It makes perfect sense! And, if it didn't happen. Then who knows what Equestria would look like right now! How could you possibly agree with something like that!?"
  292. >Great, now she was all stupidly adorkable but in a way that was annoying.
  293. "Uhm, because it actually makes no sense. Princess Cadance was weak and tired from being stuck in the crystal mines and your bro? He had been holding a shield for a long time while Chrysalis fed off of him like every second of the day"
  294. >Twilight grit her teeth at that memory. She did not like it one bit. "Don't remind me...still"
  295. >She calmed herself. "That's an interesting thing to agree on. Did she convince you that it didn't make sense or-"
  296. >You shook your head
  297.  "Since the first time I heard of it, before I even met her. It made no sense to me."
  298. >"Well, it's actually a fairly simple explanation. Want to hear it?" Twilight looked all to eager to explain this bullshitty mary sue phenomena.
  299. >Did you?
  300. >Fine, might as well find out what the fuck ACTUALLY happened.
  301. "Y'know? Yeah, what happened. Explain it to me."
  303. >"Alright!" Twilight's horn started to glow. As some "electronic" looking board appeared. With purple neon lights spreading about and forming hearts. "So, these hearts represent the feeling of love. Now, it can be deduced that Chrysalis ability to overtake Princess Celestia in their fight during the faux wedding was due to..." You see hearts going into a green neon Chrysalis's mouth "her ingesting the emotion of love. Which, like the magic of friendship powering the elements or our Rainbow Power, is it's own source of power. Now, you don't disagree with that do you? There is a reason that changelings feed on love. It's their food and power source."
  304. "Ok...go on"
  305. >Where was she getting at?
  306. >"Well. Despite my brother and sister in law being weakened in their own way." Twilight made the board show a neon disheveled Cadance and Shining Armor. "Their love for each other was pure. Pure, and powerful." A huge neon heart appeared over them. And began to flow into their horns. "So powerful, that it revitalized their ability to use magic and..." Suddenly, the board exploded "temporarily brought their abilities beyond normal levels. Add to the fact that they combined that magic, creating a huge chain reaction. And you have a blast formed from a wish to keep all ponies safe from the changeling menace!" Twilight seemed pretty cheery to teach you something "So, any questions?"
  307. >You have to be kidding...
  308. "So, you're seriously telling me that love LITERALLY conquers all"
  309. >"Is it so hard to believe? Changelings are able to feed off of it afterall, and convert it to power as well. So why can't ponies harness that power to save everypony from disaster?" Twilight gave you a smug look "C'mon, refute it smartypants"
  310. >Smartypants? Where did she get off!
  311. "I refuse! I mean...sure, changelings get more powerful when they feed off love. But it's like an emotional thing. How does love actually become a power source?"
  313. >Twilight was already noticing you get into things with her. In other words, you were calming down about the initial incident of her spying on Scrappy and even your put down on her. She still felt the sting of her failures. But, in true fashion. She knew she could learn from them. Just like she was learning now to better communicate with you. "The same way friendship does. Even the windigos of long past grew more powerful from the emotion of hatred and disdain. Emotions are in itself a mysterious power that can be harnessed for both good and evil. So, there you go. Any other objections?"
  314. >You just went silent. Fuck...she sure told you.
  315. "......ok. Fine. I guess that makes sense..."
  316. >Twilight giggled "Come on Anon, don't be that way. I was only coming up with a retort"
  317. "Yeah yeah, whatever. But yeah. I guess...we're both wrong on that. Me and Chrysalis I mean. Still, the bottom line is that we have a similar way of thinking sometimes. I'm not evil or anything. It's just how it is. I really wish she'd just give up on it actually. Being evil I mean, then maybe I could actually show her to my friends and have a good time. I mean, we do have good times together. But it's always just us and her brood. And lately, I've been so worried about her because of this whole thing thats going on now. I have this problem of getting obsessive whenever a friend is in trouble."
  318. >"Like Starlight" Twilight answers.
  319. "...Yeah, like Starlight. But I've accepted whats going to happen. I'm even putting a bet that if Chrysalis is alone, she might realize how lonely being evil and hateful really is."
  320. >"I don't want to say that it'll work or not. Because I really don't know. But, I'm having an idea."
  321. >An idea? What is she talking about?
  322. "What kind of idea?"
  323. >"It depends. How exactly are you trying to reform her?"
  325. "I've tried a lot of things. I really just want her to see that ponies aren't so bad and that it'd be better just to make peace with everypony."
  326. >"That's a tough one Anon. She doesn't even seem like she's willing to give it a chance."
  327. "She's not. But the fact she helped me save a world. The fact that she risked her life to save mine. It tells me that she's got some good in her. If there was a way to bring it out. Then everything would be fine."
  328. >"Then let me ask you a question. Do you think you could convince her to come to the castle tonight? We could all sit down, and try to work things out"
  329. >Wut?
  330. "Twilight. I don't even think she's supposed to know that you know. Didn't Celestia say not to mention that? I don't really remember actually. Either way, Chrysalis hates your guts. She'd never agree."
  331. >Twilight sighed. Suddenly, she cringed and shivered. "....what if....I slept over at Discord's then? And tried talking it out there with her?"
  332. >Oh...god.
  333. "Twilight. Ok, look. I have my problems with you sure. But that's ridiculous. Forget Chrysalis. My Dad , no joke, would take full advantage of that. I mean, sometimes I think you deserve a good prank. But, you'd be dealing with a double whammy. Just, forget about ok? And remember your promise."
  334. >"Anon. Are you sure you don't want my help? I think-"
  336. >But you didn't. There was nothing she could do but just make Chrysalis even angrier and more spiteful. There was no way Twilight would be able to handle it. Nor could you allow it. Since it may give away your secret.
  337. "It's fine Twilight. Really, thanks for the concern. I actually appreciate it. But, just leave it alone. Ok? I gotta go tell Scoots that everything is ok anyway."
  338. >Twilight really didn't seem like she'd accept that answer. But with no way to make it through your barricade of secrets. She felt like all she could do was just wait on standby in case you ever did need her. "Ok. But Anon, if you even need a pony to talk to about this. I'm willing to listen and understand. ok?"
  339. >She wasn't being too troublesome. Or dickish. But you just wanted her to leave things be. You'd be fine.
  340. "Alright, thanks Twilight. You have a good day, ok? And don't worry about it so much. I got it."
  341. >Twilight leaned forward. And gave you a hug. And with a reluctant goodbye. She teleported away. Leaving you alone.
  342. > That was tough. And it made you think that maybe you should have explored her offer. But, at least you got her to agree to back off. Which, was sort of amazing in itself.
  343. >That love explanation was still bullshit though. Time to go see Scoots.
  344. >Also, speaking of friends you care about. You realized Starlight never mentioned Trixie. You do remember sending her her way. Hmm, maybe she hadn't made it yet.
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