Sympathy Pain

Dec 4th, 2014
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  1. Name: Sympathy Pain
  2. Age:23
  3. Gender:Female
  4. Race:unicorn
  5. Class:Surgeon
  6. Skills:-Triage
  7. -heal
  8. -Penitence
  9. -Mend
  11. Talent:A vaccine (mend gets a 1+ and can be used in combat)
  12. +1 Physical Spam
  14. Inventory:
  15. -a tight white suit with modern red stripes
  16. -an odd machine on her back which is a portable R.E.S.T. brewer
  17. -many Vials filled with R.E.S.T (Regeneration Enchanging Symbiotic Tissue)
  18. -A specialized visor build for medical professionals (Shows heartbeat, blood type and purity, neural activity, damaged body parts, details on R.E.S.T samples like if it is proper for use and such)
  19. - a neon/energy shield built in the suit (because cmon man medics need protection)
  20. -a bag of bits
  21. -Her mother's Amber earrings
  23. Description: a tall unicorn mare with a curly dark blue mane and a very light aquamarine coat with green eyes
  24. she has a few bags under them but tries to always have a smile on her face. She is rather thin and lanky though
  26. Sympathy is a mare that lost her mother to complications with childbirth after bringing her brother into the world. Raised only by her father who was a renowned medic. After he passed away of old age she inherited his last project: The R.E.S.T. which she promised she would would perfect and sell to the world. But producing and working on it costs her a hefty amount of money...And to make matters worse her brother, Open Seam is suffering from terrible illness. And his medical bills are high as well
  27. she is divided between the R.E.S.T and Seam, and she is willing to do what it takes for her father and her brother
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