Anon and his preggy doo

Feb 23rd, 2013
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  1. Fetishy thing, some preg-play and belly rubbing.
  3. Leave if you don't want that.
  5. My take on a 2nd person 'anon and a pony waifu' type story.
  7. Anon and his preggy doo
  10. >Its been a long day, Daring is tired, your arms are full of groceries.
  11. >Last minute supplies for the big day, which could be any day now considering it was month ten
  12. >You remember the long journey to this point.
  13. >You had talked about adoption, but Daring really pushed for self-surrogacy.
  14. >She said no matter what she'd consider them yours. Pony-scout's honor.
  15. >After going through the rather lengthy process there was a long time when you weren't sure it had worked.
  16. >The doctor's said that even with multiple eggs that the chance of one actually accepting the process was low.
  17. >That day when you woke up after Daring had jumped on top of you shouting
  19. It worked! It worked!
  21. >It was still the happiest day of your life, and you still liked it when she nuzzled your cheek like that.
  25. >You look down at your little pony waifu, a lot farther along now, her gut tremendous with a family you'll soon share.
  26. >You remember the early months, when she started to pack away loads of food, her gut growing every day.
  27. >You hated to admit it, but you would always sneak a peek every morning. Noticing just how much bigger she had gotten while you both slept.
  28. >You thought it might taper off after a while, but when she started getting truly massive you wondered if something was wrong. A quick trip to the doctor's answered the question.
  29. >It seems the luck she had escaping dangerous ruins held up for pregnancy, all four of the eggs had been successful.
  30. >After you were done passing out the real work began.
  31. >Expenses piled up, but you managed. Equestria was very helpful to expectant parents.
  32. >You still couldn't believe the size of the stockpile of diapers you had in preparation for D-Day.
  36. >That was all a long time ago though, and the amount of food she ate only increased as the foals grew.
  37. > Her gut began growing inches every day instead of every week, you were amazed her body could keep up with it.
  38. >When the pregnancy was almost half over she asked for something from you.
  39. >Belly rubs.
  40. >You thought it was a strange thing to ask at the time, although you didn't complain about being able to lovingly stroke that tender mass growing between her legs.
  41. >She said she read that belly rubs could help relieve stress during pregnancy, but she still seemed to blush something awful the first time she asked.
  42. >You just laid her down on your bed, and carefully rubbed.
  43. >Based on her initial reaction you either had magical hands, or she just liked to be touched there.
  44. >Feeling how warm her womb was becoming as the fouls grew was astonishing to you, how smooth and soft her prodigious girth was, but Daring always seemed to enjoy it more than you. On more than one occasion you think you actually heard her moan.
  45. >The foals may have enjoyed it too, sometimes they would kick, much to Daring's amusement.
  46. >It all became a regular thing, so regular that you got some lotion for her belly because you thought it might start chaffing from how many times she asked you to rub it.
  50. >That was all in the past now, the present had your arms full of groceries, and you had to set them down.
  51. >With that done you feel Daring grab your attention.
  52. >She is looking up at you, smiling.
  53. >She'd given up the adventuring life before this whole talk of having kids even started, you remember that she said she was starting to get too old for it.
  54. >You always wondered if your admission of love had anything to do with that.
  55. >She then asked
  57. Would you mind making me a nice warm bath?
  61. >Of course you say yes.
  62. >It doesn't take long, you know just how she likes it, warm baths had also become a regular thing recently.
  63. >As the tub finally fills and you call her up she stands next to you, leaning all her weight upon you.
  64. >As you kneel checking the water temperature one last time she pokes her head out from under your arm, you look down in mild surprise.
  65. >She reaches up with her face, and gently rubs her nose against yours, and just smiles.
  66. >You swear that if cuteness was a weapon she'd of killed you with it by now.
  67. >After putting your life in danger with such a deadly weapon you think she deserves something special.
  68. >You pick her up and cradle her in your arms carefully. You may not have been the strongest anon ever, but you lifted a little.
  69. >At least enough for your little pony waifu and her precious cargo.
  71. Anon!
  73. >She says in mild surprise, it wasn't the first time you'd done this, but she always said your name in that same flustered tone when you managed to surprise her with it.
  76. Somewhat relevant image from here on in:
  78. >You gently lay her down upon her back in the tub, she always had a hard time climbing in herself anyway.
  79. >She sighs deeply as the warm water begins to wash away the aches and pains of lugging around her tremendous girth all day.
  80. >She lays back and relaxes with her arms propped up on the sides of the tub, her gut a large solitary island surrounded by warm water.
  81. >You ask if she needs anything, or if you should just go and finish painting the foal's nursery.
  82. >She looks up at you, those beautiful eyes staring into your heart and soul.
  83. >You know that face, that smile, it's the “Belly Rubs, please?” look.
  84. >How could you say no?
  88. >The belly rub lotion isn't far, she usually wanted them while she bathed anyway.
  89. >You do your best to get on a nice even coat, even though you usually manage to always use too much.
  90. >The worries are moot as you feel the tingle begin to take affect, Daring leans back, eyes closed as her throat makes a sound of satisfaction.
  91. >She told you a while ago why she always asked for belly rubs, why she sometimes made noises when you worked on her.
  92. >She thought it was weird, and wrong.
  93. >You just told her that you could never stop loving her.
  94. >You continue to rub, amazed at how soft she still was, how truly awe inspiring the rise of her belly had become.
  95. >A miniature continent rising out of the ocean.
  96. >You pass over a nub where her navel should be, she moans.
  97. >You knew about her outtie, it had happened a while back but her fur managed to keep it hidden.
  98. >You pass over it again.
  99. >Daring with her eyes still closed moans and twists her head about.
  100. >You decide to have some fun.
  101. >Your palm traces back to her navel, and with your palm you gently start rubbing it in a circular motion.
  102. >Daring starts to squirm a bit, disturbing the water as her gut rocks about, she may have also bit her lip.
  103. >You continue and her noises become a little less private as she no longer cares if you hear.
  104. >You feel her pressing her gut into your palm, the nub a rather distinct protrusion into your hand.
  108. >Meanwhile your other hand is working the great northern expanse.
  109. >As you work it up and down her gut you can feel her getting warmer, her gut pressing into your palm a bit harder as she gets more excited.
  110. >One time you got curious and asked her what this felt like, she told you, and you had to admit you were a little jealous.
  111. >One part of you also wondered if she was lying just to get you hot and bothered, she knew you as well as you knew her.
  112. >Back to the rubbing, you knew that it was driving a feeling deep through her gut, the entire mass between her legs moving about as you carefully rocked it about with your strokes.
  113. >She kept pressing against your palm, she knew what you were about to do and wanted you to.
  114. >You stopped playing around and began circling your palm upon the nub at a much faster rate, with just a little more pressure.
  115. >Daring Doo's mouth opened wide in a wordless cry as you drove an indescribable feeling deep into her gravid girth.
  116. >You don't stop, only continuing as you noticed Daring's telltale leg start to twitch incessantly in the tub.
  117. >Her gut is in full motion as it moves about from her labored breathing, you take the advantage and time your rubbing to apply more pressure to her navel when you can.
  118. >Daring's back arches slightly as she thrusts her belly into your palm, the tingling from the lotion cascading to such an extent that even your hand can feel it.
  119. >Something in the lotion sparks and she can feel it arc through her womb, the bigger it had become the greater the surge of unknowable pleasure became.
  120. >This time you watch as her eye's flutter and she lets out a long winded moan as she slowly relaxes back into the tub, the rush of the experience clearly shown across her face.
  124. >With the moment passed she looks up to you again.
  125. >Such moments as the belly rub were nice, but the look you would receive from her in the end was always the best part.
  126. >Sometimes you wondered if she questioned your love, if she thought deeply why a human would treat her in such a way.
  127. >It didn't matter to you, not in the end. So long as she gave you that look, with that spark in her eye, you knew.
  128. >You gently kiss her on the forehead and leave her to relax, off to prepare your home for the eventual arrival.
  129. >You hear her call to you.
  131. I love you.
  133. >A smile crests upon your face as you continue on to do your work, thinking of you and your pony waifu.
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