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  1. # Make the strongest case for your promotion. Focus on specific contributions you can make toward server management/development.
  2. #### I Consider I qualify for staff on the E-Chat Lounge because of I what's best and what's wrong and I don't recognize my self different from anybody else on these E-Chat Related Server/s. As well as I believe that I would make a Great staff because I've spent a lot of time here. I am going to answer a few questions you might have.  
  3. _______________________________________________________________
  5. Username/s:
  6. Walkingdog365, Cragr, Satan, Destroyer of Egirls, Shaggy, Bear, DjBear, SadBear, Emily
  8. Contact Info:
  9. not Check Daily Warning)
  11. Reasons why I wouldn't make 5 Partnerships:
  12. My Great Grandmother is in rehab at the moment after falling and hitting her head while trying to get out of bed.
  13. Family issues,
  15. _______________________________________________________________
  16. Some other Information you might need.
  17. _______________________________________________________________
  18. I have ADHD it isnt uncommon in humans therefore,(This is not an Excuse, i beleive mistakes can happen but should be an Excuse) I Get Moody Around 7pm When my Medications begin to ware off.
  21.                                                 -Lucas, Aka Bear
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