D2 Database FAQ

Jan 24th, 2023 (edited)
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  1. ---FAQ---
  3. **How exactly is a weapon's score calculated**
  5. - I've written up an in-depth explanation of the Calculation on the Info & Sources tab of the sheet
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  9. **Can I request access?**
  11. - I keep the same sheet running to maintain the same link, I usually test anything new on a copy of the sheet for myself before updating the master sheet. Please make your own copy of the sheet to make your own edits and use the different selector options (link at the top of this post).
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  14. **Why does Opponent HP say 192.01, what's the .01?**
  16. - This comes from the amazing testing done by Castle and friends; the [video here]( is well worth a watch.
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  19. **Why did you do this?**
  21. - Originally this was a project for myself to learn more about advanced Excel and how to use different formula. I absolutely love the Massive Breakdowns and originally just wanted to add a Search function to it, so I started figuring out how I could add a search function, then a comparison function then it just grew from there bit by bit, adding more as and when I wanted to learn something new. I have also learned a bit of SQL with Google Sheets awesome Query function!
  22. - At the stage we're at now, we have a wealth of data to play with, and many possible tools that can be created, so I'll keep going until I run out of ideas!
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  25. **Wouldn't this be better as a website or app?**
  27. - That would be amazing, and if I knew how to create those things then I would!
  28. - I suppose the positives of using a sheet is how instantly everything loads, no adverts etc.
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  31. **What is the date format?**
  33. - Any dates used in the sheet use [YYYY-MM-DD](
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  36. **Can I use the data in my own projects?**
  38. - Definitely! This resource is free to use for anyone
  39. - Here's 2 ways to extract the data:
  40. 1. Create a copy of the sheet, copy the full data that you'd like and paste as Values only to avoid copying over all the formula
  41. 2. In a new Google Sheet copy this formula into a cell to pull the data main bulk of the data from the 'STAT LIST' tab: *=importrange("","Full Stats List!A2:BH1500")*
  42. - If making a copy of the sheet to work on yourself, make sure to un-hide the Reference tab, as this feeds most of the data in the sheet
  43. - Let me know if I can help, and if you'd like, let me know about the stuff you're working on, I love that shit :}
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