Short greens, Volume I

Nov 11th, 2016
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  1. Short Greens, Volume I.
  2. Volume I's contents are mostly the darker themed or bad-end things I've written. Often included are links to pictures that inspired the writing or were posted alongside it.
  6. [1] Overly controlling Twilight x Anon. Anon is cursed to pop anyone he fucks except for Twilight.
  7. [2] Apocalyptic compulsion magic causes the ponies of Equestria to fill themselves with whatever they can until they explode.
  8. [3] Rarity misuses a spell she thinks is for weight management. When it wears off she gains months worth of binge eating in minutes. She pops before it can be fixed.
  9. [4] Fluttershy's THICC ass screws up a stage magic act She volunteered for. Trixie panics as Fluttershy gets closer and closer to popping. Discord is not pleased and inverts the situation after the show.
  10. [5] Trixie goes a bit overboard with public punishments during her stint as ruler of Ponyville.
  11. [7] Alicorn ascension is actually done via giant futa dong, and will pop a pony if they aren't meant to ascend.
  12. [8] Various combinations of Celly-wonka products, most of which end in an explosion if more than a nibble is eaten. Probably requires context. Good thing there isn't any.
  13. [9] Trixie punishes Twilight and her friends for attempting to overthrow her rule in Ponyville
  14. [10] Sombra has Celestia and Luna stuffed and cum inflated for weeks before they pop.
  15. [11] Bloat-cola, a wasteland staple
  16. [12] The wonderbolts have some secrets and Captain Spitfire loves them.
  18. -
  19. [1]
  21. >Be Twilight's husbando.
  22. >As if you weren't lucky enough already, it turns out she is just as much into inflation and pushing limits as you are.
  23. >Her grasp on magic really let you explore the fetish together in ways you had always dreamed about.
  24. >The only drawback was that she was a bit more assertive than you'd prefer.
  25. >You know she'd never hurt you, but there were some times when you had genuinely worried that she would keep going until you popped.
  26. >And even more times when she demanded you keep going despite her own self being well past a safe limit.
  27. >Of course, with her magic at work both of you were made much more resilient against the kinds of damages getting so large and full can cause.
  28. >But even her magic has limits, and you're pretty sure both of you have found them more than a handful of times.
  29. >The other small bump in your relationship is that she's extremely possessive of you.
  30. >What little autonomy you have you fought tooth and nail for.
  31. >She still doesn't trust you to be around other mares.
  32. >Or more accurately, Twilight doesn't trust other mares to be around you.
  33. >To that end, she keeps you under a potent spell.
  34. >You're impossibly productive while it effects you.
  35. >Your balls ache constantly from their fullness, and you always leave a bit of precum wherever you go, but in return your orgasms last for minutes on end.
  36. >And once you start, the spell locks you to whoever you're in until you're dry.
  37. >With all her spells, Twilight has no problem holding in a twenty minute long stream of jism.
  38. >Anyone else?
  39. >Well, Twilight made the spell on you to ensure that any mare who wanted to take advantage of what's hers only got the chance to try once.
  40. >Of course her brilliant solution was pretty flawed.
  41. >Your always aching balls left you horny all the time, and the musk from your leaking precum didn't help to signal otherwise.
  42. >You had more mares try to come-on to you after the spell than before, and sometimes you just couldn't help yourself.
  43. >The last time had been with Vinyl Scratch.
  44. >She’d been looking for a little post-concert fun, and dragged you backstage.
  45. >In no small part from the smell of sex dripping from you.
  46. >Between the booze, the excitement of the show, and Vinyl’s perfect ass, you knew Twilight would forgive you.
  47. >You gave Vinyl the ride of her life in her greenroom.
  48. >And when you had your fill of her flawlessly shaped ass, you came with a vengeance.
  49. >Twilights magic made sure of it.
  50. >Magically anchored balls deep in the creme unicorn, your swollen balls released a torrent of spunk.
  51. >After less than a minute of constant pleasure your trembling knees gave out and you collapsed overtop the DJ, who was rapidly becoming a shuddering mess herself.
  52. >Your dick kept throbbing and pulsing, each time jetting more and more hot cum into her.
  53. >Ounces turned into pints, pints turned into gallons.
  54. >All the while, the continuous sensation of orgasm blinded you to anything other than the pleasure Vinyl Scratch was giving you.
  55. >Five minutes in and backwash was starting to jet out with each spurt.
  56. >Both of your lower bodies were covered in your cum.
  57. >Ten minutes in and you were barely conscious, just a grunting and twitching body atop a pulsing white balloon.
  58. >Vinyl was worse off, able to do little more than gurgle while her body tried its best to milk you dry.
  59. >She made it to twelve minutes before she painted the greenroom white.
  60. >Twilight ended up forgiving you.
  61. >Just like she had about Limestone Pie, Coloratura, Harshwhinny, Moondancer, Cherry Jubilee, and the dozens of others.
  62. >Of course getting forgiven usually involved a lot of bloating and creaking on your part.
  63. >If you didn't know better you would almost think Twilight enchanted your balls just to give you an excuse to break a mare's limits, and herself an excuse to nearly break you.
  65. -
  67. [2]
  70. >It swept across Equestria.
  71. >No one knew what it was, or why it was happening.
  72. >More importantly, no one knew how to stop it.
  73. >All across continent the ponies' minds were grasped by dark magic from parts unknown.
  74. >Over the course of weeks a whisper at the back of everypony's mind would repeat one idea, over and over again.
  75. >Fill.
  76. >Fill.
  77. >Fill.
  78. >Even now it echoes in your mind.
  79. >The weaker willed were the first to break, giving in and finding ways to fulfill the urge.
  80. >A garden hose.
  81. >Food.
  82. >Even raw magic if they were talented enough.
  83. >Some wandered off and sought dangers they knew would fill the need and embraced them like an old friend.
  84. >Many pegasi gorged themselves on gas and soared until the lowered pressure of the upper reaches claimed them.
  85. >The urge was different for everypony.
  86. >But it always ended the same.
  87. >One by one the ponies of Equestria had happily burst themselves, as if it was all they had ever wanted in their life.
  88. >Even your sister fell to the curse moments ago, conjuring a conduit of starstuff and aether inside herself.
  89. >At her end she had stared deeply into your sorrowful eyes while she wore a serene smile.
  90. >The portal is still open in front of you, sputtering out a stellar flow into your now flooded throne room.
  91. >You are likely the only one left, sparing the few now-mad ponies who immobilized themselves before they could meet their fate.
  92. >Fill.
  93. >The curse gnaws at you.
  94. >Fill.
  95. >There's nothing left to save.
  96. >Fill.
  97. >If you fall to this, you fall on your own terms.
  98. >All of Canterlot will be your kingdom's grave marker, an echo of symbolic destruction to be heard for millennia.
  99. >You close your eyes and prepare to become one with your sun.
  100. >A smile spreads on your face as you feel the familiar fiery warmth flow through you.
  101. >It feels right to let it in.
  103. -
  105. [3]
  108. >While cleaning up the castle of the two pony sisters, Rarity had lent Twilight a hoof sorting the libraries.
  109. >One particular book seemed to be of pretty good interest to her.
  110. >Sage Spring’s Secret of Beauty.
  111. >Twilight had insisted that no pony try anything from the books they found without proper testing, something about modern academic safety standards.
  112. >But what could possibly go wrong with a book on makeup and fashion spells?
  113. >Flipping through the book later that night, Rarity stumbled across a nifty looking spell.
  114. >Neolin’s Metabolic Stasis.
  115. >If she was reading it right, she could eat anything she wanted, without gaining a pound.
  116. >The spell would pin her weight in place for as long as it ran.
  117. >Sure it looked hard to cast, but it lasts for months.
  118. >For a full four months Rarity ate whatever she wanted, and the spell worked flawlessly.
  119. >She began to eat until her stomach hurt, and gave in to her gluttony whenever she could.
  120. >After years of a carefully maintained diet, it felt good to finally let go.
  121. >One day, in late summer, the spell ended.
  122. >At first, Rarity mistook the discomfort in her stomach as a result of the three tubs of ice cream she’d eaten to cool off.
  123. >It was when she felt the first wobble that she panicked.
  124. >Looking down, she found her waist line inching out at a visible rate.
  125. >She ran upstairs and pulled the book from below her bed, rapidly searching for the spell as she grew.
  126. >Finally, as her now huge gut scraped the floor, she found the spell’s passage.
  127. >And in her horror she finds she missed a line.
  128. >”Do not eat while under the spell’s effect. At the spell’s conclusion any halted or suppressed digestion will be carried out within an hour to potentially lethal results.”
  129. >“potentially lethal results”
  130. >Rarity panicked, knowing full well how much she’d stuffed her face at every chance she’d gotten.
  131. >She had to get Twilight.
  133. >Clambering down the stairs, and fighting her bloating body, Rarity waddled out the front of Carrousel Boutique.
  134. >She made it five steps before she collapsed.
  135. >Rarity’s fat stuffed body was too heavy to move, and growing heavier every minute.
  136. >Looking back at her blubbery flanks wobble as she tried to reach the ground, Rarity screamed in terror.
  137. >All she could do was jiggle, scream, and cry as she grew larger and larger.
  138. >A crowd of ponies began to form, as her body sank into itself.
  139. >She could feel herself tightening as her skin struggled to contain the mountain of fat expanding from within.
  140. >Soon Twilight came out of the crowd, shocked astonishment on her face.
  141. >”Rarity!? What happened? What’s going on?”
  142. “… I’m sorry. You were right, Twilight.”
  143. >A deep groaning emanated from her stretched self.
  144. >”Right about what?”
  145. “The books from the castle. I… I stole one.”
  146. >Small red marks blossomed across her white hide as small tears began to spread.
  147. >”That’s what’s doing this? Were’s the book? I can help!”
  148. “Its in my room, open to the page. Hurry Dear… I feel too… full.”
  149. >Rarity watched Twilight run inside the boutique, but she knew there was nothing that could be done.
  150. >Every inch of her felt like it wanted to go in a different direction.
  151. >And soon, it was unbearable.
  152. >With a final pulse outward she gave, the small tears across her body spreading wide.
  153. >Rarity chunked apart like a fatty white melon with one final protest.
  155. -
  157. [4]
  161. >This is bad.
  162. >Really bad.
  163. >Keep it together Trixie, you've salvaged worse derailments.
  164. >Okay maybe not worse, but bad ones.
  165. >Your volunteer was too large for the trick.
  166. >And getting bigger.
  167. >Think.
  168. >What happened, how can Trixie work this back into the act?
  169. >First her butt sealed on the vents hidden in the back.
  170. >Then the vacuum chamber started actually doing it's job.
  171. >Not good.
  172. >The inside of the thing was still covered in exploded watermelon from the dramatic pre-demonstration.
  173. >At least Riptide's Respiratory Renewal was doing what it was supposed to.
  174. >The volunteer grew way too fast.
  175. >The safety panel was already jammed against her breasts, no use playing with it.
  176. >Try to break the seal on her cheeks?
  177. >Can't.
  178. >Pressure has her stuck tight.
  179. >Break it?
  180. >It would ruin the act.
  181. >Might save her though.
  182. >No, it wouldn't save her, the glass shards would just implode.
  184. >Keep cool, keep it going.
  185. >Just keep talking.
  186. >If she paints that box red it'll make the Ursa incident in hicksville look like a loitering charge.
  187. >So. Pull. It. Together. Trixie.
  189. >"You're pretty lucky, you know."
  190. >Trixie wasn't sure how, but the voice carried just fine through the thick panel glass.
  191. >Then again, Trixie has learned that its best not to question the draconequus.
  192. >And boy, does he seem mad about fluttershy.
  193. >"If you weren't the good friend of my good friend's good friend's good friend, they'd never find all the little bits of you by the time I was done."
  194. >Why does this only happen to Trixie?
  195. >"But you are. So I've decided to play nice. Shocking, I know. Fluttershy made me promise to keep you together. That's what the box is for. I made it a bit sturdier than your old one. I figure that what ever happens, you'll keep together inside there. For better or worse you'll be in one place, if not piece."
  196. >Oh no.
  197. >"I mean, really, whatever happens after I leave can't be blamed on me. YOU are the one in the box. If anything it's Fluttershy's fault, she should have been more specific."
  198. >This thing is even more insane than you thought.
  199. >There was a snap and a rush of air.
  200. >Valves. Great.
  201. >A casting of Riptide's Respiratory Renewal can make one breath last for hours.
  202. >Not that it will matter past five minutes.
  203. >"Oh good. You've got the air taken care of. It must have slipped my mind. Oh well."
  204. >"Well, I'll be seeing you around. Ta ta."
  205. >Teleporting bastard.
  206. >If ever there were a time you wish you could.
  207. >And he's back, with a stupid cape.
  208. >Can Trixie stare things to death?
  209. >Might as well try.
  210. >"Oh, I almost forgot about this. Here you go."
  211. >poof
  212. >That was the single sloppiest cape-drop legerdemain you've ever seen.
  213. >The cape didn't even cover himself.
  214. >He clearly teleported.
  215. >Wait.
  216. >Is that?
  217. >Lever!
  218. >He added a lever!
  219. >It even says OPEN.
  220. >Not that it does any good outside the box.
  221. >The vacuum's taking a toll.
  222. >Things are getting bit too thin, and -!
  223. >Okay, that hurt.
  224. >Implants were a bad idea.
  225. >REALLY BAD.
  226. >How have these things not popped?
  227. >Somepony better walk by soon!
  228. >I don't want to...
  229. >Don't think about it.
  231. -
  233. [5]
  235. >When Trixie took over Ponyville, she set some rather unusual rules.
  236. >The punishments for breaking those rules were just as strange and nonsensical.
  237. >Mares caught wearing sunglasses, cleaning windows, or eating green vegetables between the hours of 1:08 pm and 2:47 pm were sentenced to 'The Stretch.'
  238. >They would be bound, blinded, and stimulated.
  239. >Lastly, their bottom would be plugged with a hoofpump.
  240. >Then the pony is posted on the side of a well traveled road for twelve hours.
  241. >Everypony who passes them is required by Trixie's decree to pump the mare at least five times.
  242. >Usually the mares were a creaking and dripping mess by the time the plug came out.
  243. >Often the outfit and bindings on the stretched pony would burst off before the day was complete.
  244. >Sometimes a mare or stallion with an interest in rounder things would have their way with them, pumping them far more than the minimum five.
  245. >Trixie was one such mare.
  246. >Twice, the pony's belly had failed to last the day.
  248. >Of course there were a small number of mares in town who this punishment as something else entirely.
  249. >Rarity, in particular, found it exhilarating.
  250. >She did every thing she could to make sure she got caught breaking the rules, and spent nearly half of Trixie's reign in The Stretch.
  251. >She loved every bit of it.
  252. >The tension, the humiliation, the stimulation.
  253. >The stallions in town picked up on that pretty fast.
  254. >After all, who would turn down the chance to fuck such a beautiful mare.
  255. >By mid day there were often lines.
  256. >By the end of the day she was always a shuddering white bubble of air and cum.
  257. >Her belly marred with stretchmarks and stains.
  258. >Navel protruding and red.
  259. >Rolling, creaking, and orgasming right up until the plug was pulled out and the pressure started to leave.
  261. -
  263. [6]
  266. >The Alicorn apotheosis process is much messier than most imagine.
  267. >Most ponies think someone like twilight is chosen, and poof- wings.
  268. >There's more to the ritual than that.
  269. >Despite what history has recorded the princesses are not infertile, they just breed differently.
  270. >A primal instinct awakens within the existing alicorns, along with a notable physical change.
  271. >When this happens its a sign that somewhere in equestria, a pony is ready for ascension.
  272. >The pony must be exposed to raw alicorn essence.
  273. >Lots of it.
  274. >Once the process is started, there's no stopping it.
  275. >Intense pleasure and lust cloud the mind of participating alicorns and they will keep filling the pony until one of two things happens.
  276. >If the pony is the one deemed worthy for ascension by the powers that be, the massive pool of alicorn essence will fuel an apotheosis.
  277. >Or if they have chosen a pony that fate did not, the pony will burst under the strain of so much magic inside them.
  278. >Being around an alicorn in this state can be dangerous, as their lust-tinted mind sees the best in everypony and ignores the flaws.
  279. >It's for this reason that Celestia began to cultivate particularly heroic personalities and keep them nearby.
  280. >She burst fifteen ponies before she found Luna.
  281. >With her plan in place it was only two before she uplifted Cadence.
  282. >And with all that Twilight Sparkle had accomplished, there was no way that she would burst.
  284. -
  286. [8]
  287. [Necro's wonka set] Due to necro being DNP on Derpibooru there's no easy way to link them.
  289. Fizzy lifting drink's carbonation applied to the fatness shake
  290. >Bloats the consumer up huge with fat, before the rest rounds out from gas.
  291. >Added weight keeps her roughly neutrally buoyant with the air.
  292. >She doesn't float off, but will bounce around as easily as an old party balloon.
  293. >Carbonation gets into the fat, the fat cells acting like hydrogen cells in a dirigible.
  294. >This keeps the chance of popping to about what the fizzy drink on its own is.
  295. >Can't shrink down until the fat is burned off, which is hard to do as a flabby ball.
  297. Cube of Blueberry sports gum with pop rocks folded in
  298. >Expected result of the gum.
  299. >Juice becomes carbonated, resulting in a strange full body tickling.
  300. >Emergency juicing required in about half the time.
  301. >The normal juice leaks are more like high pressure sprays.
  302. >Do not swallow the gum.
  303. >Failure to juice in time results in a splatter zone about three times as wide as normal.
  304. >The carbonated juice makes for a good beverage.
  306. Self fluffing marshmallow-fudge
  307. >Tastes amazing, makes a great topping on icecream.
  308. >Should not be sold in larger than four ounce jars.
  309. >Much like the self fluffing marshmallow, the expansion follows a slow acceleration gradient.
  310. >Taste testers often ate themselves full to bursting before the expansion had reached 5%.
  311. >The mess was a terrible pain to clean up, considering it kept expanding after the tester burst.
  312. >Small amounts work great, though.
  314. Fizzy lifting blueberry flavored self fluffing fatness bar, coated in fudge and rolled in pop rocks
  315. >Results as expected.
  316. >Celestia has most of the first production run in cold storage, as the last time she tried to dispose of it through the normal means fish started exploding in the local watershed.
  317. >Tested recently on a visiting EPA official.
  318. >No change from previous tests.
  319. >Subject did request another three while she could still talk though, so it's presumed to taste good.
  321. >Micro-doses of the same active ingredients have been highly successful in testing, but Celestia considers the results too "boring" to continue pursuing.
  322. >Bored Apploompas have found some tasty and mostly safe combinations.
  323. >One such favorite is the ice-cream floater
  324. >Start with a tall frozen mug of 40% dilution fizzy cola, and add a scoop of self fluffing marshmallow streaked ice cream
  325. >A heated layer of addictive fudge is poured over the ice cream.
  326. >Then it is topped with a whipped cream mixed with 6% strength fatness powder for a richer flavor that diffuses into the concoction as the whipped cream melts on the fudge.
  327. >The dessert is topped off with a mildly treated maraschino cherry from the gum labs, and a dozen pop rocks are sprinkled over the top for some added punch.
  328. >On the more tasty, but less safe, side of the scale was The Cheesecake.
  329. >It really did deserve the capital lettering.
  330. >The base was a blueberry cheesecake, with about a shake and a half worth of fatness shake mixed in.
  331. >The cream-cheese / blueberry / fatness shake was then treated to be self fluffing before baking.
  332. >A half-inch layer of addictive fudge was spread over the top of the cake after baking, and the cake is left to cool overnight.
  333. >It's guaranteed to be the best thing you've ever tasted.
  334. >Just remember that the serving size is 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch for a reason, no matter how good it tastes.
  335. >Also remember that juicing is mandatory within ten minutes, this isn't something that can be just ridden out.
  336. >Apploompas have tried.
  337. >Self fluffing blueberry juice gets foamy fast.
  339. -
  341. [9]
  342. >Twilight Sparkle choked down another large mouthful of water, throat bulging under the strain.
  343. >Her cheeks filled up again almost instantly.
  344. >This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.
  345. >Trixie was supposed to take the bait and accept her duel, not rip Zecora’s fake amulet off Twilight’s neck and overpower her.
  346. >Twilight’s attempt to overthrow the mad unicorn finally pushed Trixie past the edge.
  347. >The Great and All Powerful Trixie demanded that Twilight, and everypony who had helped her, be made an example of.
  348. >Now, she and her friends found themselves stripped nude and tied to stakes in the center of town.
  349. >A hose was magically sealed into each of them, pouring water down their gullet at unbearable rates.
  350. >Trixie straddled Twilight from the side, her wet sex grinding on the captive unicorn’s thigh as she whispered in her ear.
  351. “You wanted a contest didn’t you?”
  352. >”GRK!”
  353. “So how about this one… The last one to burst wins.”
  354. >”Mmmph!”
  355. “Getting full? So are they. Just look at that yellow friend of yours thrash.”
  356. >”MPH!”
  357. “But Trixie seems to have forgotten something… Of course! You’re a cheater! Well, how about Trixie helps you with that.”
  358. >Trixie’s eyes lit up a malevolent red, and Twilight’s belly pulsed with the same color.
  359. “There you go, now there’s no way you’ll pop before the others.”
  360. >Trixie continued to grind herself on Twilight as she grew gulp by gulp.
  362. >Even with Trixie’s dark magic, the pain in her belly was unbearable.
  363. >Twilight hosted a taut and reddened dome below her perky breasts.
  364. >Every single gulp made her feel like it was going to split right down the middle.
  365. >She wasn’t alone.
  366. >All her friends hung on their own poles, heavily weighted and visibly straining bellies protruded from their nude forms.
  367. >Trixie continued to whisper in her ear.
  368. “Do you hear that creaking, Twilight? I think one of your friends is about to lose… The white one is looking awfully full.”
  369. >Trixie pulled Twilights chin and forced her attention to Rarity.
  370. >Rarity was hanging limp against her bonds.
  371. >Her eyes closed and breathing like a mare in labor.
  372. >All at once her eyes shot open and she let out a deep throated groan.
  373. >Rarity’s stretch marked stomach burst with a wet plop.
  374. “Wipe away those tears, Twilight. Trixie wants to enjoy this with you. Besides, there’s still plenty to see.”
  375. >The insane unicorn thumbed away Twilight’s tears before wiping them on her swollen belly.
  376. >Not completely content with the sensations she was getting from rubbing on Twilight, Trixie moved the hand to her nethers.
  377. “Everypony’s looking ripe, now. Trixie wonders who’ll be next.”
  378. >Trixie gave Twilight’s belly a firm press with her other hand.
  379. >It was rock hard.
  380. “Probably you, if you weren’t a cheater.”
  382. >One by one Twilight watched the rest of her friends pop like overfilled balloons.
  383. >Next was Applejack.
  384. >She still had a determined gleam in her eye right up until she split down the middle.
  385. >Then Fluttershy, twisting and thrashing in her binds until inertia carried her her round and heavy belly too far and she popped.
  386. >Pinkie Pie came next, fighting her hose until the end, belly wobbling less and less at her movements until it finally burst.
  387. >All that was left was Rainbow and Twilight.
  388. >Rainbow stared back at Twilight, with a confused pleading in her eyes.
  389. >She grunted into her hose, then screamed into it.
  390. >The scream ended with a wet splat and a splash.
  391. “One little pony left. Trixie thinks the winner deserves a prize.”
  392. >The insane unicorn forced Twilight into an openmouthed kiss, pressing her own body hard against Twilight’s painful belly.
  393. >When she was done, Trixie cut the bindings at Twilight’s feet with a flick of her horn.
  394. >The unicorn collapsed to the ground, sliding along the pole as her legs crumpled.
  395. “Trixie thinks she’ll leave you here for a while.”
  396. >She rubbed her hand over the distressed orb of Twilight’s belly, and turned off the flow of water.
  397. >She saddled herself across Twilight’s belly, rolling the purple mare’s perky tits in her hands.
  398. “You really should have popped a long time ago, cheater. Your little edge in the contest should wear off in a few hours. Trixie is going to have a lot of fun with you until it does…”
  400. -
  402. [10]
  404. >Sombra was always one for ironic punishments.
  405. >When his conquest ended and the two Eternal Sisters lay captive at his hooves, the Shadow King told them he would have mercy on them.
  406. >That they would still be treated as royalty should be.
  407. >And above all, they would still be loved.
  408. >In fact, their subject’s love would only grow.
  409. >In the end his words were true, twisted in a way only he could manage.
  410. >Luna and Celestia wore the finest silks in the kingdom as their bindings.
  411. >Silver and gold ornaments adorned them from dozens of new piercings.
  412. >But above all, they were loved.
  413. >And loved.
  414. >And loved.
  415. >Countless former subjects and guards now beneath Sombra’s terrible mental control tended to their princesses.
  416. >Subjects brought them meals enough for dozens, forcing the two to swallow muzzleful after muzzleful of fine and courtly food and wine until their stomaches ached.
  417. >Their loyal guard stallions showed their love in a more primal way.
  418. >Every waking hour the princesses were lain over and over again until their bellies swelled with seed.
  419. >And every day the love of their old citizenry grew.
  420. >More food with every subject
  421. >More cum from each guard.
  422. >By two weeks in, The princesses feared they might soon burst from the strain.
  423. >Sombra began to torment them with nightmares of watching each other split from the torture.
  424. >They each watched their beloved sister or themselves thrash and burst dozens of times, never sure if it was real or one of Sombra’s dark illusions.
  425. >Every time, they looked to each other with watery eyes not sure if it was the end.
  426. >When Celestia’s overstressed sides finally splattered apart on the first day of the third week, Luna refused to believe it was real.
  427. >It wasn’t until her own sides started to tear that she knew.
  428. >Celestia was gone.
  429. >And so was she.
  430. >With one final spurt from the nightguard inside her, Luna screamed as her tightened sides rent.
  432. -
  434. [11]
  436. >Before the war Bloat-cola was forced into a copyright suit by Sparkle Cola due to similar logos and packaging, which was expected to end in Sparkle Cola's favor.
  437. >The script logo was a poor choice on Bloat-cola's part, and the used injection mold they had purchased was a first generation machine for Sparkle Cola bottles that had been sold for scrap.
  438. >Even before the war when literacy was nearly universal, ponies would easily confuse the two.
  439. >Of course back then the worst that would result from that was an unexpected taste and usually some belching.
  440. >Bloat-cola's main selling point had been that it was three times more carbonated than its competitors.
  441. >They did this with a clever cantrip sealed on the cap of the bottle.
  442. >The magic used to add the extra dose of bubbles did not react well to taint.
  443. >Taint kicked the carbonation magic into overdrive.
  444. >The more taint the bottle was exposed to, the worse it got.
  445. >Well preserved and lightly tainted bottles, such as one left in a safe, still worked more or less as intended, with a lot more fizz.
  446. >Any bottles less preserved than that were dangerous to consume.
  447. >The soda would reach a state of "supercarbonation" where the gas density got so high that it no longer acted like normal carbonation.
  448. >In fact it would appear to have gone flat.
  449. >Once ingested, the effervescence would seep out into the bloodstream and work it's way into a pony's fat and muscle fibers.
  450. >As the gas started to leave it's supercarbonated state and expanded, it acted on the body like an extreme and slow mockery of decompression sickness.
  451. >Within minutes most drinkers were too big and too sore to move, often having torn their way through any clothes or protection they may have been wearing.
  452. >Five to ten minutes after that point, or sooner if they're shaken around or massaged, the effected pony almost always explodes into a bloody mess.
  453. >Now that literacy rates have plummeted in the the wasteland bloat-cola has become a deadly trap.
  455. -
  456. [12]
  457. At some point along the way the wonderbolts picked up some strange traditions. Centuries of history can do that to an elite organization. Nopony is quite sure when, but somewhere along the line the Wonderbolts became the Wonderbloats; if only behind closed doors.
  459. The Wonderbolt’s only want the best, and their traditions certainly ensure only the most steadfast flyers make it to their ranks. Once the reservists’ recruitment separates the wheat from the chaff, the real test begins. One part hazing, one part trials, and one part induction, the Wonderbolts’ final tryouts are always a mess. Usually literally. Each captain sets their own test for admittance, some of them in the past gaining almost legendary notoriety, but the theme has been the same for centuries. You pass, or you pop. It didn’t just end after the induction. Certain other traditional activities sprang up around the same themes, some even taking on lewder bends. Were it only reserved for new recruits, they never would have taken to calling themselves the Wonderbloats.
  461. Spitfire, in particular, found her loins taking a liking to all the strangeness she found herself thrust into. By the end of the fateful day she was called out of reserve she found herself drifting skywards with another dozen recruits, all filled with enough helium to float a moose. She was told there were ten cloud rings, pass through seven of them on the way up and they’ll send somepony to catch her. Fail and… well, most pegasi learned as foals what altitude did to balloons. It led to the greatest thrill of her life, and one of her fondest memories. Soaring higher and higher on lift that wasn’t her own, flapping her frantic course with haphazard wings and tightening hide. Fear and determination melded together as she rose, bumping others off of the path to ensure her own success. And succeed she did. Spitfire was the only pony to earn a perfect score that day. Pulled aside to a cloud by the final ring, the winners watched the losers drift past. With bated breath Spitfire watched them pop one by one, not ten meters higher than she was now. Each one shook something primal inside her. It was then she knew, in her very soul, that her previous passion for the wonderbolts had been little more than an ember. Each thundering bang fanned the ember a little hotter, until she finally caught. That was the day Spitfire decided she wasn’t just going to BE a Wonderbolt, she was going to LEAD them.
  463. And the fiery little filly wasn’t wrong. She was in charge now, and the rules were hers to enforce. Nimbus Gel, normally found in emergency weather kits, quickly became a favorite of hers. She used it for everything from trainings, to punishments, to her own induction test. She’d learned to use it ages ago in Cloudsdale, like most weather Pegasi. It was simple enough to use: pour the pack of powder into the rubber bladder, add half a canteen of water, shake well, then add pegasus weather magic until the bladder pops. The resulting splash of aerogel quickly stabilizes into a nice raincloud with a day’s worth of precipitation. By now, of course, Spitfire had learned why those kits always had “do not eat” labels on every surface. Without a counter-agent on hoof to stop it, turning your stomach into the kit’s bladder was a good way to end up with one more cloud and one less pony.
  465. Most recently, Spitfire used it for the prestigious ten-year Preening. Every decade the Wonderbloats captain gets to issue a new challenge, this time for all current members. It was traditionally used to cull the ‘Bloats unable to keep up, and remove elements from the elite group that caused trouble. Spitfire arranged for a simple race through the training ground’s impressive obstacle course. The only complication was that everypony, even herself, was given a bellyful of Nimbus Gel. Everypony had a dose of cloud-stabilizer waiting for them at the finish line. Touching the ground even once means their vial gets tipped over. Go too fast and a careless mistake means failure. Too slow and the ever-growing weight of the sloshy gel eventually grounds them. Soarin’ was one of many who only discovered at the finish line that he had gotten a bit too reckless.
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