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Audax SCP info

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Oct 26th, 2019
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  1. <align="center"><size=20><b>Audax <color=red>SCP</color></b></size>
  2. <size=15><b></b>
  4. <color=lightblue>Join our discord <u><link=>by clicking here!</link></u></color>
  6. <color=green>Rules:</color></align>
  7. 1. We do allow memeing, music, and singing in voice chat, but if another player asks you to stop, please do.
  8. 2. Do not stall a round on purpose.
  9. 3. Do not impersonate/disrespect staff.
  10. 4. Cheating WILL result in a permanent ban. Exploits CAN result in a permanent ban.
  11. 5. Don't be toxic or use racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs. Staff has discretion.
  12. 6. No ghosting/telling 939 where to attack from a call. This just ruins the atmosphere of the game.
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