91.0 changelog part 3

Sep 30th, 2015
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  1. Fixed:
  2. Fix buginess / crash with ctrl+x in textboxes
  3. Fix crash with sim.loadStamp which was sometimes breaking TPTMP
  4. fix crash with sim.floodWalls(1,1,4,0)
  5. Fix some other small bugs in some lua functions
  8. Changed:
  9. Allow DRAY to copy energy particles
  10. Adding a comment updates the total number of pages
  11. No longer error when opening saves from a newer version
  12. You can now use any key shortcut when loading / saving stamps
  13. Massive overhaul the mouse drawing code, fixes many issues it had with modifier keys / zoom / stamps
  14. Related: Flood fill now triggers on all mouse events which fixes it sometimes not working during lag
  15. Lots of changes to support better TPT Multiplayer syncing and also alternate update servers
  18. Added:
  19. Added ambient heat to the HUD, which is shown only when ambient heat is on in debug mode
  20. Wall identifiers (only visible from Lua)
  21. New Lua function tpt.confirm (to display a confirm prompt)
  22. tpt.getscript now uses the script server
  23. New Lua mouse events which trigger when mouse drawing is canceled, or when going into another interface
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