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  1. emmar set a ban on freia!*@*.
  2. [8:54pm] emmar set a ban on xrcn!*@*.
  3. [8:54pm] emmar set a ban on excirene!*@*.
  4. [8:54pm] NIkitaKitten: Hopefully that covers it.
  5. [8:54pm] emmar: I need her caltech address also
  6. [8:55pm] emmar: but i'll get that later
  7. [8:55pm] emmar: ZombieSparda: yeah, it's all irc commands, no bot here to allow people to kick
  8. [8:55pm] NIkitaKitten: Sigh. If only there was a simple solution to this problem.
  9. [8:55pm] • ZombieSparda hobbles off to refresh his memory
  10. [8:55pm] emmar was demoted from operator by emmar.
  11. [8:55pm] emmar: ZombieSparda: Lots of irc programs have built in commands
  12. [8:55pm] NIkitaKitten: I don't want to leave ##transreddit
  13. [8:55pm] Kellanium joined the chat room.
  14. [8:56pm] NIkitaKitten: Hello Kellanium.
  15. [8:56pm] hypnocharles: NIkitaKitten: we all want you to leave though
  16. [8:56pm] Kellanium: haldo
  17. [8:56pm] NIkitaKitten: hypnocharles: This is not true.
  18. [8:56pm] hypnocharles: yes it is
  19. [8:56pm] ZombieSparda: hypnocharles, do not bring drama from there here
  20. [8:57pm] hypnocharles: because it's not like you were talking about it before i came in or anything...
  21. [8:57pm] hypnocharles: or fucking blocking people you don't like
  22. [8:57pm] hypnocharles: nope, you're COMPLETELY innocent'
  23. [8:57pm] NIkitaKitten: HAHAHAHA
  24. [8:57pm] NIkitaKitten: Or kicking people we don't agree with?
  25. [8:57pm] ZombieSparda: we dropped it, and are trying to keep an area free fom coddling and drama
  26. [8:57pm] NIkitaKitten: That would be CRAZY!
  27. [8:57pm] NIkitaKitten:  ....                          ....
  28. [8:57pm] NIkitaKitten: ......                        ......
  29. [8:57pm] NIkitaKitten: ......                        ......
  30. [8:57pm] NIkitaKitten:  ....                          ....
  31. [8:57pm] NIkitaKitten:       ________________________
  32. [8:57pm] NIkitaKitten:       ------------------------
  33. [8:58pm] ZombieSparda: hypnocharles, if you don't like it LEAVE
  34. [8:58pm] NIkitaKitten: emmar: I don't think I'll be able to use that in ##transreddit now
  35. [8:58pm] emmar: Heh
  36. [8:58pm] emmar: so much win
  37. [8:58pm] NIkitaKitten: Sigh.
  38. [8:58pm] NIkitaKitten: So where do we go from here?
  39. [8:59pm] tapimfie joined the chat room.
  40. [8:59pm] hypnocharles: the same place we always go?
  41. [8:59pm] hypnocharles: back to our normal lives?
  42. [8:59pm] NIkitaKitten: Try to take over the world!
  43. [8:59pm] hypnocharles: or do you want to talk about it some more?
  44. [8:59pm] hypnocharles: get some more people angry?
  45. [8:59pm] hypnocharles: start some more drama?
  46. [8:59pm] • ZombieSparda ^5 NIkitaKitten
  47. [8:59pm] ZombieSparda: Pinky & the Brain FTW
  48. [8:59pm] hypnocharles: because that sure as hell seems like what you're trying to do
  49. [8:59pm] NIkitaKitten: hypnocharles: Really?
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