Indoctrinating Sluttershy 1

Aug 13th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Sluttershy gets gifted a bunch of slutwear by Rariwhore. Something lewd happens on the way to her boutique.
  3. >be you
  4. >.... Sluttershy.
  5. >n-no, stop!
  6. >you're not a slut, you swear
  7. >that night was just a heat of the drunken moment
  8. >but your friend Rarity won't let you live it down
  9. >you and her had went to a bar for your 21st birthday celebration
  10. >she was in her usual revealing splendor, drawing all the male gaze to herself
  11. >some infernally short dress with plunging v-neckline that went almost down to her navel
  12. >you were just wearing your normal clothes
  13. >white tank top, teal shorts...
  14. >but one thing led to another, and soon you were stumbling drunk and letting guys grope all over you
  16. >you tell Rarity that you "don't remember" any of it
  17. >but the truth is, you recall at least some of it
  18. >you also remember how liberating it was to be treated like that
  19. >those calloused, thick fingers brushing against your tummy, cupping your breasts, digging into your panties...
  20. >just thinking about how they felt makes you feel hot and your knees wobble
  21. >you suspect that Rarity knows you enjoyed it
  22. >she's taken to calling you "Sluttershy" with a wink when everyone's out of earshot
  23. >it makes your face hot with embarrassment
  24. >but also with a deep primal desire to do it again....
  25. >! bad Fluttershy!
  26. >you're not a slut like Rarity!
  27. >right?
  29. >Rarity is a... strange friend
  30. >you can't remember when the change happened, but she's flaunting her body more than she did back in CHS
  31. >stranger still, you feel like Rarity's slutty antics have rubbed off on some of your friends
  32. >not all of them are like that, oh no
  33. >but a few of them have had their wardrobe "adjusted" by her, and even their demeanor changed too
  35. >Pinkie dresses like she's just asking for it all the time: tight denim shorts that fit more like panties, tube tops without bras, thongs pulled up above the waistline like a porn star from the 90s
  36. >on top of that, you don't have the heart to tell her that she smells like... o-oh, my...
  37. >there's always a faint odor of... cum... when Pinkie is nearby
  39. >Rainbow Dash was always obsessed with herself
  40. >but now, it's gotten a little ridiculous
  41. >you swear she stares at her own ass in yoga pants more often than doing the actual yoga
  42. >her athletic tank tops, loose fitting and with giant holes for arms, always seem to fail to cover her breasts
  44. >and Sunset, oh gosh--
  46. >*knock konck*
  47. >Rarity interrupts your slut-friend musing
  48. >she stands in the doorway of your bedroom, smiling ear to ear
  49. >she hands you a pink shopping bag with frilly tissues overflowing at the top
  50. >Rarity smiles and tells you its your belated birthday gift
  51. >you thank her and take the shopping bag from her
  52. >you walk to your bed and sit on the mattress, ready to see what's inside
  53. >Raritys still watching, but she looks gleeful
  55. >oh
  56. >oh no...
  57. >you forgot you've been lounging around in your skirt all day
  58. >you stand up, tug your skirt down, brush down your rear, and sit back down
  59. >"it's too late, darling, I already saw everything~"
  60. >you blush
  61. >"my little Sluttershy, a lady shouldn't twirl around like *that* when she's wearing such an airy skirt, especially not in front of your roommates..."
  62. >you meekly stutter something about not meaning to do that
  63. >"go on, open it up!"
  65. >the shopping bag is filled to the brim but feel very light
  66. >you soon discover why
  67. >it's full of frilly underthings
  68. >some of them could hardly be called panties or bras
  69. >entire halves of the cup missing, see-through lace where your private parts would be
  70. >some of them have way too many straps, like they're designed for strippers
  71. >they're obviously Rarity's handiwork
  72. >y-you can't possibly wear these!
  73. >a stray wind blowing up your skirt would let everyone see your... y-you know...
  74. >you hold one of them up in your hands
  75. >it's a g-string with credit card sized coverage
  76. >"oh yes, you'd look ravishing in that one, Sluttershy"
  78. >you blush furiously
  79. >god, you hate that you love being called 'Sluttershy'
  80. "they're... they're for me?"
  81. >"why of course!"
  82. >Rarity walks in and sits next to you
  83. >"when i saw you getting absolutely ravaged by those men last weekend, i *knew*"
  84. "knew what?"
  85. >"that you're just like us. me, Sunset, Pinkie, Rainbow..."
  86. >Rarity takes the shopping bag from you and dumps the rest of it on your bed
  87. >"and the way you blushed and your eyes darted when I called you your favorite nickname--"
  88. >she knew!
  89. >"--made me realize that you actually remember what happened, and you secretly enjoyed it"
  90. "i-i didn't!"
  91. >"of course you didn't"
  92. >Rarity puts on a smug face
  93. >your face is red now
  94. >all you can do is stare at your knees and breathe heavily
  95. >you've always known she likes to... umm, "slut" up her friends who share her interests
  96. >and you've always secretly wanted to be like them
  97. >so confident in their sexual powers
  98. >unafraid to show skin
  99. >you've always wanted to ask to be one of her slut friends, but couldn't find the courage
  100. >but now...
  101. >"of course, we'll have to work a bit hard to bring out your wild side. you're kind of like Twilight, in a way"
  102. >Rarity covers her mouth
  103. >"oops! darling, let's keep that last part a secret between us, shall we?"
  105. ---
  107. >you gasp
  108. >Twilight is a... slut?
  109. >gosh, that's such a lewd word!
  110. >"anyway, she's an ongoing project of mine. much like you're about to become~"
  111. >Rarity runs a finger down your arm
  112. >"say, why don't you get dressed? we'll take a stroll outside and drop by my boutique to get you fitted for *proper* clothes"
  113. >b-but you're already wearing clothes?
  114. >"ohhh no, darling. i meant get *dressed*"
  115. >Rarity eyes at the frilly pile of underthings and winks
  116. >"it's windy outside, so be sure to wear something *appropriate* over them"
  118. >you... you can't possibly do this!
  119. >at Rarity's insistence, you give up and dig through the frilly pile, trying to find the least revealing set in that pile of slutwear
  120. >your heart is pounding, and you almost forget again that you're wearing a skirt
  121. >"my, my~ already so eager as to bend at your waist?"
  122. >you squeal and jolt up
  123. >y-you didn't mean to do that!
  124. >"of course, darling. hurry now, we've got lots to do today."
  125. >you sigh and keep searching
  126. >there are things you didn't notice before: garter belts, stockings, fishnet things, ringlets and chains, odd looking belt with pleated frills...
  127. >...wait, that's a skirt
  128. >oh my goodness...
  129. >your secretly wonder what it'd be like to sneak outside at night wearing some of these
  130. >your ass barely covered by a "skirt" barely 10 inches long
  131. >your breasts exposed to the night air underneath that fishnet tube top...
  132. >o-oh my, there are chokers in here too
  133. >you feel dizzy with arousal
  134. >you hate that you're getting slightly damp in your plain panties
  135. >but you also kinda like it
  137. >you're...
  138. >you're Sluttershy...
  139. >you walk out of the bathroom clutching a bundle of still-warm underthings that you wore minutes ago
  140. >Rarity's slutty handiwork hugs your shame tightly underneath your white tank top and green skirt
  141. >you had picked out the least revealing set you could find from the "slut gift" pile
  142. >a pink bikini set
  143. >it fits similar to what you've seen Rarity wear to the beach before
  144. >patches of fabric no larger than your phone half-covering your breasts, tied up behind your neck like a halter top
  145. >frills adorning the top corners of the cups and making your breasts look even larger than your natural size
  146. >bikini bottom resting at your hips, scrunched back and fitting more like a tanga
  147. >the side ties are long curly ribbons almost reaching your lower thighs
  148. >you resist the urge to reach under your skirt unladylike to fix it digging into your ass
  149. >gosh, it keeps riding up with every step you take...
  150. >you tug your midthigh length skirt down trying to keep the side ties from showing, but it's futile
  151. >"well, darling? do they fit you well?"
  152. >you have to admit, they fit perfectly
  153. >"excellent! shall we head out, then?"
  154. >your knees wobble
  155. >you're in your normal clothes and all...
  156. >but the thought of going outside, everyone watching you, you and your slutty affair hidden under your normal clothes like a stealth mode harlot
  157. >you try to say "no" but it comes out more like a moan
  158. >wh-what's happening to you?
  159. >Rarity smirks
  160. >"was that a yes, Sluttershy?"
  162. >you try to protest, but it's no use
  163. >Rarity finds your purse from somewhere and thrusts it into your hands
  164. >and before you know it, you're outside in your apartment's hallway
  165. >Rarity locks the door and tosses the key into her own purse
  166. >n-no, please
  167. >you can't... you can't go out like this!
  168. >you tug down your skirt, almost catching your bikini's side tie and accidentally undoing the whole thing
  169. >"the elevators are to the left, yes? come along!"
  170. >Rarity urges you forward and struts in front of you
  171. >her scandalously stripper-like heels clip clop on the fake marble floor of the hallway
  172. >you shuffle along in your slightly less tall heels
  173. >you feeling a slight breeze wrapping around your thighs and up under your skirt
  174. >please, you can't....
  175. >from behind her, you can see Rarity dressed to kill and her hips swaying like she's trying to get jumped and raped with every strut
  176. >her severe dark purple dress comes barely down to her upper thighs
  177. >it's very formal, like she just walked out of a courtroom, and yet it fits tightly like it's made of spandex
  178. >are those wrinkles over her tailbone?
  179. >o-oh my gosh, that's her thong pantyline...
  180. >there's a split running from the hem of her dress all the way up to her ass
  181. >you think you can see the slight curvature of her underass in the slit
  182. >you blush furiously
  184. >the two of you wait for the elevator
  185. >Rarity eyes you up and down
  186. >"hmm, maybe I should've paid more attention to your outerwear, I was so caught up on making you wear my underthings..."
  187. >she walks up behind you and wraps her hands around your waist
  188. >you yelp
  190. >"such a lovely skater skirt... you even pull off that dreaded green color so well~"
  191. >she pulls up your skirt higher around your waist
  192. >no! if you wear them that high...
  193. >the side tie straps...
  194. >you try to pull her hands away
  195. >"hold still darling, skater skirts are meant to be worn around the waist, not hanging loose around your hip. honestly, you're just as bad as Rainbow sometimes when it comes to fashion..."
  196. >you cover your face in embarrassment
  197. >it feels hot in your hands
  198. >"see? all better"
  199. >you move a finger aside to see your blurry reflection in the elevator door
  200. >your green skirt is now billowing out around you from the waist, enhancing your hourglass figure
  201. >also it... it fits scandalously short!
  202. >the pink side tie curls are plainly visible under the hem of your skirt
  203. >"hands by your side, darling. or you'll ruin your makeup."
  204. >you meekly pull your hands away
  205. >you swear Rarity rolled up the waistband while you weren't looking, the hem is an inch or two away from your fingertips
  206. >your hands wander to the waistband, trying to make yourself more modest
  207. >something inside you hesitates
  208. >you look at your blurry reflection again
  209. >you're gonna look like... like *THAT*
  210. >and you're going outside?
  211. >even if you could run back to your apartment, Rarity has your keys...
  212. >maybe you could hide behind that potted plant?
  213. >before you can make up your mind, the elevator doors open
  214. >Rarity drags you inside and hits the ground floor button
  216. >you've never thought you'd go out like this
  217. >parts of your underwear hanging out visible for everyone
  218. >they're just fabric straps, but still...
  219. >you're both at the ground floor now
  220. >Rarity extends her elbow to you, and you cling to her arm like a scared damsel
  221. >at least that's a relief...
  222. >you could maybe hide partially behind her!
  223. >the lobby is kinda empty
  224. >Rarity's heels clip-ciop echo draws few gazes
  225. >you shrink behind her, trying to hide
  226. >soon you realize that it's no use
  227. >more than one gentleman walk past you two and crane their neck behind to get a good gander at your rear
  228. >th-the skirt!
  229. >you stand upright
  230. >you were slouching, bent forward, trying to hide behind Rarity
  231. >o-oh no, how much did they see?
  232. >you brush down your butt with one hand and feel the skirt ending a few inches shorter than you're used to
  233. >oh no, they probably saw glimpses of your neon pink bikini
  234. >they're just swimwear, but it's all about the context, right?
  235. >with how much the scrunched rear is riding up your ass now, they probably thought you were some lesbian harlot wearing a thong under her skirt, just like the other skank in her arm
  236. >oh no...
  238. >you glance at Rarity
  239. >is she.. drooling?
  240. >her face looks kinda red
  241. >there's even more sway to her hips now, and every step she bumps her hip against yours
  242. >you notice some wrinkles around the waist of her dress
  243. >she's... ohmygosh, yeah she is
  244. >she's walking more exaggerated to let her tight fitting dress ride up higher
  245. >you don't even have to look to guess how that rear slit looks on her now
  246. >you feel a mix of horror, disgust, jealousy
  247. >...arousal
  248. >here you are, almost having a heart attack over how someone might've seen your bikini under your skirt
  249. >and Rarity's intentionally trying to flash people
  250. >her thong-clad ass probably visible through the slit whenever she takes a wider step
  251. >what kind of person is this?
  252. >you almost don't recognize your friend
  253. >well, she was always kinda showy even in CHS, but now...
  254. >she's a slut through and through
  255. >Rarity's eyes roll up like she's in the middle of a sexual ecstasy
  256. >her confident voice gives away and she mewls quietly, almost like you
  257. >such depravity!
  258. >but if she's so depraved, why is it that you secretly wish you could be more like her?
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