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  3. Originally Posted by hydrarulz
  4. I believe you know about the thread I created against you.
  6. I do not want to troll, and I believe I created unnecessary tension on the forum.
  8. It's not like I hate you or anything, it's just I believe you are an real otaku that got out of the cage. Love your colleagues and try to be a little more soft with them. I don't think you have bad ideas, just be sure your guys and girls finish their ideas before you start expression yours.
  10. Cheers, and good luck
  11. ---------------------- END quote  ------------------
  12. I don't know where to begin. Seeing that thread is not what I call a good start to anyones day. However I appreciate the criticsm stated herer. There is a poster by the name of RDpillz who would most likely agree that I should go and he has wasted no time in making sure I was criticized... Needless to say my skin has gotten thick.
  14. I always encourage everyones opinions to be heard if only for the fact that I am allowed to do the same online.
  16. I did not delete your thread, and while I saew that op as nothing more than. A personal attack, only an ass would only allow positive words to see the light of day and hoide the flaws. Most of the time I interrupt and its edited that way. They made me moderator for their own reasons, and that gundam bit was a joke, nothing more than something me and others thought would be funny to put in.
  18. I honestly don't know where to go with this- like pillz, pepople eventually stopped paying attention to what he was saying... Even the valid points. If you don't want to troll then don't make titles looking for it. Tere is no termination slip in my future, so come at me like you would anyone else my man. This post was polite concise and far moe helpful than ninety percent of anything that was given so far... That was the post I could use. Read my posts, I try my best to enourage al types of criticsm wether or not they are positive. Just... I don't know... If you wanted people to read it you succeeded, so I suppose you did your job. But telling me to leave won't help the show, certainly won't help me be. Better.
  20. Take it easy man and I hope you continue watching and posting your concerns.
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