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  1. Mandatory Chat 16/5/18
  3. Meeting Strike System has been changed from 1/2 Strike to 1 Strike.
  4. Out with the old in with the new, handed over management and ownership to Nate and Russian.
  5. Staff who think their invincible and bullet proof because they have excuses to no get on the server etc and people who don't try in general and people who are not up to expectations will be chucked out and will be replaced. There is people keeping eyes on every staff member here including Aero, Nate and Russian. If anyone has any concerns about a Staff member go ahead and pm Nate or Russian.
  6. I'm (Aero) annoyed I have spent 2 years trying to make a successful community and you want to know what's failed most of the community's I've been in is because of the Staff Team and that's what's happening here. It's not me (Aero) who's fucking this up this time it's not my job to be on the server and baby sit you guys it's your job. I have done my upmost best for everyone here and for the server and network, I've done everything in my power and my wallet to make this good and what do I get back from this? Fuck all, malicious staff members etc. I've had it up to here, I've spent 2 years trying to make a community and what do I get back? A bunch of kids complaining. I've spent £5,000 and im not getting that back if we  become a good community. All we have right now is Staff Members who complain, moan and bitch about everything. If you don't like it then leave; I'm fed up with getting accused of failing the community it's you who is failing it by not trying and abusing and try turn it back on me. I don't get a thank you for this or anything like that I get Kids bitching. Right now Everyone needs to turn this shit around if not you will be dealt with. If you don't turn your shit around We will no longer be friends and banned from the community. If you disappoint me you're out the community and off my friends list and if someone fails me I cut communication with that person.
  7. Turning Shit Around, you're gonna turn all your shit around, go out your way and get players don't just invite them to the server actually go out of your way trying to get more people. This is the final straw, if this fails The Community Will Shut Down and all of you will be of my friends list. It's not my fault its failing, I've tried everything I possibly can but no one cares and no one is trying and the staff team and community is being changed around. I've Handed given Nate and Russian control. Now I think I deserve a break from this that's why I've left Nate and Russian in charge. I didn't visit my gran who was in hospital last week because I was trying to get this shit going. I've had enough, if you don't care then Leave and never come back. Actually do something to please me if not then you're spiteful rick and not my friend.
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