Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (C3 intro)

Dec 28th, 2019
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  1. Chapter 3
  3. Lost Lamb
  5. Intro
  7. Spring break, In a blink of an eye we arrived on the 30th before April.
  9. I haven't done anything for the past few days, just enjoying some of my vacation time in the room. I thought I would spend time just relaxing ... But ...
  11. When I woke up before 8 am, I found a text message on my phone. The sender was a first-year class B student, [Ichinose Honami].
  13. And the content is about wanting to meet somewhere during spring break. Looks like I can't spend the rest of my seminary in a simple way.
  15. For the day it's fine anytime, but if possible she asks me to be able to meet Horikita as well. From the words it can be interpreted that I'm just a giveaway and the main one is Horikita.
  17. Yes ... Anyway, I can already guess what the contents of the conversation.
  19. She might want to gather some information about the special end-year exam for grade 1. To find out more details about how we got three wins and four losses when fighting against class A.
  21. In addition, It is estimated that the topics about the 2nd grade will be discussed.
  23. Will such a relationship continue, or will it be canceled? She should want to confirm this. Rather than just talking about one of those topics, it's more likely to talk about both.
  25. Especially the latter, should be thoroughly discussed about it during this spring break.
  27. "Has Ichinose recovered or not ?"
  29. I remembered a girl who hadn't seen outside once after spring break. The previous special exam results must have left an impression on Ichinose's mind.
  31. 2 wins and 5 losses. That was a very painful defeat for class B for sure..! Although our class fell to class D, the difference in points was clearly not that far apart.
  33. Maybe in the following special exam class position will change. It is no exaggeration to say class B is currently in a difficult situation, sooner or later they need to discuss it immediately.
  35. The cooperative relationship we had at the beginning of the year wasn't so bad. If we continue to have a good cooperative relationship like this, the mental burden will be reduced.
  37. But in the near future, this relationship will become an obstacle.
  39. When the situation becomes more urgent, there will be cases of forced dissolution of the cooperative relationship. This can be an expression of [ungrateful].
  41. Anyway ... To clarify that section, guidelines for the future are needed, not only the lower classes but also the upper classes ...
  43. Judging from Ichinose's approach ..., maybe Horikita thought the same thing. This is not just a mutual discussion, but this will be an important turning point in the future.
  45. Even if the situation wasn't on Ichinose's mind, it was likely that Horikita would raise the topic.
  47. What I want to say is that there is no choice but to talk about it.
  49. The rest depends on the two of them. Today, it doesn't matter to me, but what about Horikita? According to Horikita's brother, he said he would leave this school on the 31st.
  51. She should expect from the bottom of her heart to be able to talk to her brother at this short time. At least for today, they can spend time together as siblings.
  53. This also depends on whether her brother allows it or not and whether Horikita can meet him or not, that's another story.
  55. For now, Should I send a chat to Horikita? 'Have you talked to your brother?' I also added a message with a sentence like that. When I sent a message about Ichinose who wanted to meet, and it was read after a few seconds.
  57. And the reply is coming soon. [I can do it at any time.] The answer is like that. No, it's not always possible.
  59. I wonder what kind of answer will come, if I determine the date and time tomorrow, but deliberately poking the part which she cared would only cause trouble.
  61. She might completely ignored to answers the topics about her brother.
  63. [What about April 2? ]
  65. I will try not to enter today and tomorrow date.
  67. [Today I am free. ]
  69. She immediately replied to his message, which meant that I should not be bothered.
  71. Although it is hard for her to say 'it is really difficult to spend with my brother', but if you already have a plan you should just give it up.
  73. If I say, I already have a plan today ... It seems hard for her to believe it.
  75. [Yeah, Of course I want to get rid of things that are troublesome early. ] If you oppose it now it might be troublesome later, so I decided to follow it.
  77. Even if the discussion was finished in the afternoon, she still had enough time to meet with her brother.
  79. "Yes ... That's impossible."
  81. It seems that apart from tomorrow's separate moments, it is estimated that the two will not meet in secret.
  83. I sent a reply to Horikita and decided to make an appointment with Ichinose today.
  85. After that, I planned to meet with Ichinose at 10 o'clock at the second floor cafe of Keyaki Mall.
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