Swapping in Company Chapter 5

Apr 13th, 2018
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  1. Swapping in Company Chapter 5
  2. App.base TL not accurate
  3. Mc: [Choi Jun-ho 27 Marketing team representative]
  4. FMC: [Park Mi Young 24 Head of marketing team]
  5. Support Director Kim Han Jun 32 Human Resources Team (Mr.Kim) Song Min Hye 32 Deputy Director of Human Resources Team (Ms.Song)
  7. Chapter start after they do it on the rooftop Mr.Kim tell her it was great Ms.Mi Young your pussy tightening I think its the best Fmc ask Mr.Kim I guess Director you already did this to several women in the company which one in the swapping circle club? Then Mr.Kim remember there first sex and tell her Huh the recently promoted female employee Most of them are club members I don't know and then turned around saying I'll go back first get dress and come back. After that fmc goes back to her sit Mc notice her Fmc trembling and almost want to cry thinking Were not couple and its was not swapping either that is just a wind nothing its was all an act but I like it too much that I could not even refuse it, While remembering what Mr.Kim did to her Fmc wonders why She is excited about those things. and suddenly a hand hold her shoulder Mc asking if she is okay? and Mi young look at him saying Huh its nothing and Mr.Kim secretly looking behind them.After that the original couple goes home and talk fmc tell him Oppa what are you? today after work you give me your time. Mc laugh and say he was concerned about her after saying that Mc hugs her and say We need to celebrate because of are promotion. Fmc goes Oppa and Mc tell her about swapping I am sorry to ask you to do it Thank you for believing and trusting me first time is the last time I will not ask you again to do that after hearing it Fmc say Honey and Mi Young remember what happen in the rooftop quick flashback of what happen between her and Mr.Kim and She hugs Mc tight while trembling and crying saying "Honey" Mc hold her tight and whisper Because of that memory I was a bit pained I will not ask you such a request again. While Mc holding her Fmc think  No Oppa its not like that it was me who is a garbage I want to apologize to you I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry Oppa.
  9. Moment later They make love Fmc is the one who is on the move Mc just being laid telling her to take it slowly Honey Fmc kiss him lick his nipple and give him fellatio. Mi Young looks at him and on her mind she tell I will do better Oppa really I'll do better for you and a quick Flashback of her and Mr.Kim Fmc do the same position She did with Mr.Kim riding the "D" of the protagonist. Mc feel the sensation and got all red telling her that Sigh! slowly Honey I'm about to cum. Fmc goes moaning here and say Oppa its a safe day you can fill me inside and they both feel it after that they rested Mc looking at the ceiling and say Honey why your so good? Mi Young tell him When I am with you I am always good.
  11. TBC.
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