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Moth Silk Options

Donmindme Jan 17th, 2019 (edited) 62 Never
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  1. //Moth silk uses
  2. //Both clothing articles will have gifting scenes. The dress'll play into a future scene (spoilers), and the panties will allow you to ask for them back (you're welcome).
  4. //Dress
  5. id: MSDress
  6. shortName: M.Silk Dress
  7. longName: a moth-silk dress
  8. desc: This flowing, pure-white dress was made from the silk of your daughter's cocoon. Its beauty and elegance give its wearer an air of unapproachable eminence.
  9. value: 1000
  10. Stats: no defence, should be pretty decent at teasing given the whole "lust woven in" thing. Maybe some special effect, I'll have to think on it.
  12. //Panties
  13. id: MSPanties
  14. shortName: M.Silk Panties
  15. longName: moth-silk panties
  16. desc: These intricately designed panties were woven from your daughter's silk. Although their pure-white color makes them look fairly innocent, something about them seems strangely sensual.
  17. value: 500
  18. Stats: pretty decent sexiness
  19. Effect: Increases lust gains for both you and opponent (like Sadist but for fags)
  21. //Bedding, increases virility/fertility
  22. Cabin>Furniture
  23. You swap out your old bedding for the silken sheets you received from Marielle. When you're done, you feel a sense of satisfaction, but can't quite shake the impression that there's some kind of presence here with you. [b: You feel oddly more potent.] //Perk added
  24. //Currently considering making it a bodypillow in sillymode
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