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The woods.

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Dec 8th, 2019
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  1. >Chara walks across the pale white snow with Anon, each step on the icy ground takes them deeper into the woods and further from home, Anon isn’t fully on board with this.
  2. >Chara looks to Anon and beckons him to come, they knew he wasn’t the adventurous nature type.
  3. >Chara takes Anon’s hand firmly but reassuringly, Anon quietly mumbles and groans letting him be guided by Chara.
  4. >They wonder the deep baren woods, losing themselves to the scenery and nature.
  5. >A raven, it’s dark black feathers and beady eyes looked down at the two, it’s head follows the two. Eyes unrelenting staring deep into them as if the eyes of God cast judgement upon them.
  6. >Anon feels intimidated by the ravens almost intense stare and loud call.
  7. >Chara gently shakes Anon bringing him back into reality as the bitter cold bites their spirits.
  8. >Anon lets out a twitch as the cold brushes against his spine teasingly.
  9. >Chara breathed out, their breath steaming before drifting into vicious cold, Anon sneezes and rubs his now newly red nose, like a tomato in the spring.
  10. >Chara smirks and pokes Anons nose, he let of a soft grunt and laugh as they want to a clearingClearing,with a snow-covered log there for them to rest on.
  11. >Anon began to collect twigs and sticks as Chara pulled out her tin coffee pot and hot Chocolate.
  12. >Anon builds the fire, using a lighter and dead leaves to start the flame, the smell of oak wood and smoke fills the forest as Anon knelt by the fire as Chara set up the pot and slowly watches it boil.
  13. >Anon sat back and watch the flames crack and pop as if they danced in the wind.
  14. >Chara looks to the tree tops seeing the raven, it’s judgemental eyes looking down upon the two.
  15. >Chara stares into the raven with their eyes full of a fire, burning with life and youth.
  16. >Anon eventually nudges Chara to bring them out of this trance and pours them a cup of Hot Chocolate.
  17. >It’s sweet smell tickling Charas nose, a smile growing across their face. They took a moment to admire the sweet liquid, it’s perfect creamy brown color and steaming warmth.
  18. >The little things like this, the powdered snowy earth, the raven's call, and the delicious Hot Chocolate make the struggles of existence bountiful and worth the struggle.
  19. >Anon looks to Chara with longing eyes, like if it has been years since they last saw, Chara walks up to him and gives a hug.
  20. >”Thank you Anon, this is nice.” They said with a mixture of sincerity and an air of heavenly bliss.
  21. >Anon hugs them back but couldn’t help but notice the raven from across the clearing on a tree Branch, it’s eyes piercing through the two of them.
  22. >Anon wondered if he truly deserves his heart tells him of course but the cold unforgiving truth Is that nothing is truly deserved only kept.
  23. >Anon keeps Chara with love, or perhaps Chara keeps Anon with loyalty.
  24. >But for now it feels as if all of their misery and strive stop, just here in these empty lonely woods.
  25. >They both can appreciate this,each other, and the ghostly peace.
  26. >For now it feels like the world revolves around them and them alone.
  27. >The raven’s call, snow, and woods are all that matter here.
  28. >As they sit on the log and watch the hours go by sitting together drinking the warm hot Chocolate, no words shared just taking in the quiet and woods earthy orchestra.
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