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  1. Okay, i will try keep this as short as i can but this is the last report i am making on Jkoko after my other report has randomly dissapeared by iteself. Jkoko is an admin abuser and it is pretty clear that we need to deal with him and stop him from fucking people's expiriences up on the server. Jkoko has played this server for about maybe a year now from what i can remember. I came back after a while and found this new clan called 'Barjot' that at the time in my opinion was a zerg and Jkoko was in it. He had CM at the time and i thought he was there to actually calm down chat whenever things got out of control, but then he gives out random mute's to small things like someone typing in english and having a different letter in a different language in the same sentence. Later on after that he gets to be a trial moderator after somehow serving the server nicely or whatever. Now this is where i started to get pissed about him and the things he had done. The first thing he does as a moderator is build a massive maybe 10 story  high quality metal tower and cover it with christmas lights causing about a 60-80 fps drop near where i lived which made me not be able to pvp so i had to move locations. Then at a later stage we asked him for help to remove a door as we couldnt and someone who had placed it was offline in our clan and we didnt know the code. He kindly told us to deal with it ourselves - he is a moderator who is supposed to help people but has barely given out any help apart from messing everything up for others and telling people 'to go fuck themselves' most of the time and lots of people could agree to me with that. After that i didnt really pay much attention untill the recent few wipes where again he has been making my expirience on the server a living hell. I have played this server for 2-3 years and the name i used to use is Rookie or MooGoesCow and you could even ask Extreme, Crushed, Shiro (Unicorn) and Privatecrabs (not sure he remembers me, i used to play in atom - that could jog your memory of remebering me, again i dont know if you do). Now this started about maybe 3-6 wipes ago, something like that. Me and my friend 'Jamie XD' which was his name when we got banned - we had been reported by Andrea's clan and because of that Privatecrabs banned us as he thought we were cheating. I had posted a unban appeal online which was accepted by Privatecrabs and he told us he was sorry and that he didnt realise we were 'PvP gods' - and i am blushing over that as i dont think i am a PvP god. I had been unbanned by Privatecrabs after that and when i joined Jkoko had been banning me over and over again and i told Crushed/Extreme to unban me and i did. I joined and i had been banned again by the lovely Jkoko. After that i wasn't getting banned - i dont know if the admins told him to stop or anything but that was that. Now this is where the good part begins. Lets say a wipe or two ago i had been banned by Privatecrabs, he says i cheat and that is that. So i had contacted Crushed and let him know what has happened. I got unbanned and i went back but got banned for 'Ban Evade'. Ok, i understand reasonable - as Crushed didn't tell them i had been unbanned. But then after like a week or two,  me and 'Trash Player' have a conversation and we get myself unbanned. I dont know if he wants me to include his name but what can i do. Crushed had unbanned me and i had hoped back on - we played for a bit untill again banned by Jkoko. Okay so i make a new account and tell crushed to unban me - so he does and i go on and banned again by the lovely Jkoko. So i get kinda annoyed and tell Crushed to tell him to leave me alone which he didnt do and told me to make a new account and get VPN which i have done to hide the fact that it has been me. But again somehow he finds out it was me and bans me again. Now here is the interesting part, what jkoko has been doing is clearly abusing his rank to i guess give advantages to other players. - here is a photo of the stuff that Jkoko had spawned in for us. Now me and miicro had gotten pissed at that as we dont like it that some idiot spawns stuff in for us - we like to get it ourselves and i told Crushed about it and he told me that he had taken permissions away to spawn in stuff. Now here is where he blatantly lies and says a bunch of lies - After he flies in our base and we see him put the stuff in the crate he tells Kitty that broniix had taken the stuff off his body - i mean who does that? He blatantly lied to another moderator. He told us that broniix had taken the stuff from his body. I mean that is some clear and strong evidence that he should not be a moderator - he BLATANTLY LIES about it. It is disgusting behaviour coming from a moderator. That can be seen in number 2. He is trying to hide the fact that he had spawned things in. Why would he randomly be carrying 2 sets of gear, 2 aks, 2 pythins and 3k scrap on him if he was testing/making jail? And why would he be at our base whilst he is doing that? Ask broniix yourself she will tell you the truth. And i agree with kitty on the last part that he is a mental fuck and that he has to go to hell because it is fucking stupid behaviour coming from a moderator that is supposed to be looking after the server and helping out the admins - and i am not sorry for disrespecting him any any shape or form because he has disrespected so many people and he deserves the disrespect back. So please can we get this nonsense resolved, and for your interest i am not cheating - i dont get what i have to do to prove it. Ive played the server for 2-3 years and Crushed+Extreme know i am not cheating and Crushed himself is basically trying to help me by telling me how i can play the server again. It is absolutely redicilous that this keeps happening. I am really annoyed. He is useless as a moderator and you'd rather give it to someone who will actually look after the server. Thank you for reading this and i hope this nonsense can get resolved.
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