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  1. from pdpbox import pdp
  2. import plotly.offline as py
  3. from import mpl_to_plotly
  4. py.init_notebook_mode(connected=False)
  6. for f in feats:
  7.     pdp_dist = pdp.pdp_isolate(model=model, dataset=X, model_features=X.columns, feature=f)
  8.     fig, axes = pdp.pdp_plot(pdp_dist, f, figsize=(8, 6), plot_params={
  9.         # plot title and subtitle
  10.         'title': f,
  11.         'title_fontsize': 15,
  12.         'subtitle_fontsize': 10,
  13.     })
  14.     py.iplot(mpl_to_plotly(fig))
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